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[Homecoming parade float 1959]

Description: Photograph of the Homecoming Parade float in 1959 with the slogan "BRAND A TEX-HEX ON WICHITA" visible on the front of the float. Onlookers gaze at the float as it proceeds down the parade route.
Date: 1959
Item Type: Photograph

[Military group photo]

Description: Photograph of Frank Cuellar, Jr. and a group of men wearing a green military uniform with a hat. All except for a man standing behind the bench, are wearing the uniform. The men in the front row are sitting on a bench while those behind the bench are standing. Cuellar served in the US Air Force, 5th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron from 1949 through 1953.
Date: June 2, 1953
Item Type: Photograph

[Frank Jr. next to a man and child]

Description: Photograph of Frank Cuellar Jr. (on the right side) posing next to Frank Sr. and a child (most likely Bob) in front of a parked car. Written on the back: "1954 - When Frank Jr. got out of service".
Date: 1954
Item Type: Photograph

[Woman and bride]

Description: Photograph of an old woman and a bride standing outside on a sidewalk.The older woman is wearing a short sleeved dress with a formal hat. The younger woman grabs the other woman's right arm with both hands.
Date: April 13, 1953
Item Type: Photograph

[Adelaida L. Cuellar portrait]

Description: Photograph of Adelaida L. Cuellar in front of a blank backdrop. The photograph shows her head to part of her torso. She wears a dark-colored jacket and smiles while looking at the camera. Written on photograph: "Para mis queridos abuelitos con cariño de su nieta, Lala - 11/7/51". ( *Translation from Spanish: To my dearest grandparents with love from your granddaughter, Lala - 11/7/51.)
Date: November 7, 1951
Item Type: Photograph

[Woman with child on lap]

Description: Photograph of Mary Louise sitting on the lap of an unidentified woman at a diner. Written on the back: "El festín de la despedida de la Caravana de Cadillacs - Mayo 20 - de 1957 - For Julia Cuellar - Mary Louise a la edad de 3 años." ( *Translation from Spanish: Farewell party for the Cadillacs' Caravan - May 20th, 1957 - For Julia Cuellar - Mary Louise at 3 years old. )
Date: May 20, 1957
Item Type: Photograph

[High school graduation announcement card]

Description: Photograph of a high school graduation announcement card for Sylvia Cuellar, class of 1950. The card has embossed lettering on the cover and the inside is written on black ink. The small photograph on the left corner is of Sylvia Cuellar wearing her graduating gown.
Date: 1950
Item Type: Photograph