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[News release: Stonewall 25 Telephone Card Makes Calls From Massive Gay, Lesbian March Easy]
A news release from 10 PERCENT magazine about a prepurchase long distance telephone card that will allow participants of Stonewall 25 to call home while in New York for the events.
[Press Release: 7 Major Demands of the 1993 March Finalized]
A press release discussing, planning, and announcing the details of the 1993 March on Washington in protest of the discrimination that the LGBT community faces and the community's demands for equal rights.
[Copies of Letter and Newstories: Paul Cameron]
Copies of a letter and two newspaper clippings discussing Paul Cameron's false claims and distorted citations that he used to unjustly link homosexuality to pedophilia.
[Legislative Briefing Series: Domestic Relationship]
A legislative briefing about domestic partnership, the lack of benefits they receive, and policies that should be implemented regarding them.
[News release: Ninth Circuit Rejects Army's Request for Rehearing En Banc in Pruitt v. Cheney]
A joint news release from ACLU Foundation of Southern California and Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. addressing the Ninth Court of Appeal's rejection of a petition that called for a rehearing of the U.S. military's landmark decision to ban LGBT from the U.S. Armed Services.
[Fax: ACT UP/ Presidential Project]
A fax from ACT UP addressing independent presidential candidate, H. Ross Perot, saying he was planning on avoiding the controversy surrounding LGBT cabinet appointments.
[Letter: ACT UP, Are you postive?]
A letter from ACT UP encouraging the reader to become involved in their organization and participate in the redefining of the AIDS epidemic.
[Media Advisory: ACT UP - Silence=Death]
A media advisory from ACT UP supporting an upcoming protest called STOP THE CHURCH where thousands will surround St. Patrick's Cathedral in protest of the lack of separation of church and state.
[Press Release: Activist Plan Two Days of Protest in Atlanta]
A press release from ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power), discussing the convergence of lesbian, gay, and AIDS activist on Georgia's State Capitol to demand the repeal of sodomy laws.
[Press release: First AIDS treatment activists conference to be held in Washington, D.C.]
Press release announcing the first national conference on AIDS/HIV treatment.
[Press Release: Marlboro/Miller Beer Boycott]
A press release from ACT UP addressing the recent allegations from the Conservative Campaign Fund (CCF) and the Federal Election Commission (FCE) that LGBT organizations were boycotting Marlboro cigarettes and Miller beer as a way of keeping Jesse Helms from being re-elected.
[Release: Protests in Atlanta, Urging Repeal of Antisodomy Laws and Expanded AIDS Epidemiology at CDC]
A release from ACT UP about the two days of protests being organized in Atlanta to oppose anti-sodomy laws and to push for the expansion of AIDS epidemiology at the CDC.
[Document with Handwritten Notes: AIDS ARMS Network]
A summary of caseload statistics from the AIDS ARMS Network listing out the number of clients and information about those clients. This document is followed by a map.
[Hand Drawn Map and A Proposal: AIDS ARMS Network]
A hand drawn map followed by an AIDS ARMS Network proposal advocating for the expansion of care structures to accommodate the HIV epidemic in North Texas.
[Handwritten List of Expenses and AIDS Arms Network 1989 Budget Overview]
Handwritten notes and graphs charting out expenses and a typed 1989 budget overview for the AIDS ARMS Network.
[Memorandum: AIDS ARMS Network]
A memorandum from Buck Buckingham at the AIDS ARMS Network to some of Network's partners discussing improvements to the organizations case management services for peoples with HIV/AIDS.
[News Release: Firscal Reports Approved]
A news release from the AIDS ARMS Network announcing that their fiscal reports had been accepted and that the Network's partners will continue to be able to assist persons with HIV/AIDS but that some employees of the Oak Lawn Counseling Center could no longer be compensated for their work.
[Project Description: AIDS ARMS Network]
A project description for the AIDS ARMS Network that outlines the goals, objectives, and how the organization plans on reaching these expectations.
[Proposal: AIDS ARMS Network]
A proposal from the AIDS ARMS Network for federal funding to continue the expansion of services provided for persons with AIDS.
[Media Release: AIDS Action Council HUD Initiative]
A media release from the AIDS Action Council discussing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's recent announcement that they would launch a new initiative that would provide federally funded housing for peoples with HIV/AIDS.
[News release: AIDS Action Sets 1992 Priorities: Funding, Health Care Reform, Drug Development]
A news release from the AIDS Action Council discussing their priorities, policies, and strategies to further address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
[News release: HUD Ends Hold Up on AIDS Housing Money]
A news release from the AIDS Action Council about the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) releasing $50 million in AIDS housing money at the urging of AIDS activist organizations.
[Press release: AIDS action council launches grassroots lobby project]
Press release announcing the intention of the AIDS Action Council to begin a grassroots campaign connecting people living with AIDS across the country.
[Press Release: Care Bill]
A press release from the AIDS Action Council discussing the organization's Executive Director, Dan Bross, testifying on behalf of the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act.
[Press Release: Housing and Urban Develpment Secretary Promises AIDS Housing Intiative]
A release from AIDS Action Council discussing the recent U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's announcing the federal funding of housing for individuals with HIV/AIDS.
[Press release: Jeff Levi joins AIDS Action Council as director of government affairs]
Press release announcing the new hiring of a director of government affairs.
[Press Release: Madonna Film to Benefit AIDS Action Foundation]
A press release from the AIDS Action Foundation promoting the premiere of Madonna's new film, the event and after party will benefit the AIDS Action Foundation.
AIDS Arms, Inc. Board Organizational Chart
Board organizational chart for the AIDS Arms organization.
[AIDS Arms Network 1990 Board of Directors]
A list of the AIDS Arms Network's 1990 Board of Directors and brief descriptions of their positions within the community.
[Informational Document: AIDS Arms Network, Inc. (A Texas Nonprofit Corporation)]
An informational document outlining the details of the AIDS Arms Network as a nonprofit corporation.
[HIV Health Services Planning Council]
A reactive publication from the HIV Health Services Planning Council in response to the Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act of 1990.
[News release: Promoting Visibility of Lesbian/Gay & AIDS Issues During the Presidential Primaries]
A news release from the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) discussing their organization utilizing the presidential primaries to forcefully promote their agendas and encouraging other HIV/AIDS and LGBT rights organizations to do the same.
[Press Release: National AIDS Lobby Days]
A press release from the National AIDS Lobby about the organization's plan to lobby on Memorial Day to push for improved funding and support from the government.
[AIDS Coordinating Committee]
A brief description of the ideas and information Buck Buckingham presented to the AIDS Coordinating Committee to further improve the AIDS ARMS Network.
[Flyer & Photos: AIDS Prevention Project Dallas]
A flyer and photos from the AIDS Education Bureau promoting a four hour training program taking place in Dallas to educate community members about HIV/AIDS.
[The Gift]
A summary of the AIDS Interfaith Network's first year of expanding the operation and helping persons with AIDS in the North Texas region.
[News Release: AIDS Interfaith Network Full Year of Service]
A news release from the AIDS Interfaith Network serving the community for a full year as of January 1, 1990 and what was done the first year.
[News Release: New Board Member]
A news release from the AIDS Interfaith Network about Rev. Charles Carnhan being elected to the Board of Directors of the AIDS National Interfaith Network.
[Photo and News Release: AIDS Interfaith Network]
A photo from an HIV coping retreat and a news release from the AIDS Interfaith Network about their first retreat for people with AIDS in North Texas.
[Letter: From Robert E. Hensley to Frank Wise]
A letter from Robert E. Hensley, at the AIDS Interfaith Network, to Frank Wise, Dallas Parks Director, offering his support of the proposed AIDS Memorial project for Robert E. Lee Park.
[News Release: AIDS Interfaith Network]
A news release from the AIDS Interfaith Network Inc. about being recognized as a model ministry to people with HIV/AIDS at the 2nd annual Conference held in Chicago.
[News Release: AIDS Interfaith Network AA Community]
A news release from the AIDS Interfaith Network about how the organization hosting AIDS service providers from the African American community to develop a coalition.
[Press release: New staff members]
Press release announcing the hires of several new staff members to the organization.
[Sample: Resources and Funding]
A sample of AIDS awareness and assistance organizations along with their sources of funding. This is followed by an AIDS glossary, defining illnesses and medical terms.
[What's a Cohort?]
A brief description of how to become a cohort in a voluntary study for the AIDS Prevention project of the Dallas County Health Department.
[AIDS Resource Center PSA]
Flyer for the AIDS Resource Center advertising services that the organization provides as part of its community outreach and educational programming.
[Educational Document: Am I You? I Had Unsafe Sex.]
An educational document sharing the personal experience of an HIV positive individual that advocates for practicing safe sex.
[Introduction: HIV Risk-Reduction Program]
An introduction from the AIDS Resource Center about homosexual and bisexual men often relapsing into high risk behaviors that are linked to the contraction of HIV and why these habits are repeated by men.
[Letters: Jamie Schield to Tammye Nash and John Thomas to Alan Ross]
A letter from Jamie Schield, at the AIDS Resource Center, to Tammye Nash, at the Dallas Voice, seeking to garner support for the execution of National Condom Awareness Week. A similar letter was sent from John Thomas to Alan Ross, at the Dallas Tavern Guild.
[Charts: Listing of EMAs by amount of formula FY 1995 award]
A series of charts and graphs showing the EMAs by change in formula award based of city.