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[Consent Form: AIDS Prevention Research]

Description: A partially filled out consent to research participation form from the University of Texas Dallas to assess high risk behavior that could lead to HIV infection.
Date: February 1987
Creator: AIDS Prevention Project Cohort

[Certificate of enlistment, September 7, 1863]

Description: A document certifying that Hamilton K. Perry's name appeared in the master roll of C.B 1st Vet Regiment NYS in the service of the United States.
Date: September 7, 1863
Creator: Adjutant General's Office

[List of Quartermaster's Stores, July 19, 1865]

Description: List of quartermaster's stores received from Captain H. K. Redway, Company F, First New York Veteran Cavalry at Camp Piatt, West Virginia. The list give the quantity, article, and condition of the items received.
Date: July 19, 1865
Creator: Alexander, John W.

[Receipt for dues, November 28, 1903]

Description: Receipt for dues for the Hall of Forestburg Lodge, No. 523. The dues were paid by Levi Perryman on November 28, 1903.
Date: November 28, 1903
Creator: Allgood, H. M.

[List of claims]

Description: Document from Atlas Assurance Company, Limited listing claims against the estate of Bob Perryman, deceased.
Date: 190u
Creator: Atlas Assurance Company

[Mortgage, September 7, 1906.]

Description: Mortgage between J. Andros Frye and Josephine W. Frye and George P. Bemis real Estate Company. The transaction involved a lot in Madison Square, Omaha, Nebraska.
Date: September 7, 1906
Creator: Bandle, Frank W.

[Warranty Deed, April 23, 1910]

Description: Warranty Deed for property from J. Andros Frye and Josephine W. Frye to Claude D. White. The land was sold for $2,250.00 in Douglas County, Nebraska.
Date: April 23, 1910
Creator: Bandle, Frank W.

[Warranty Deed, August 21, 1906]

Description: Warranty Deed for land from Elizabeth and Peter M. Tuttle to J. Andros Frye. The property was sold for the sum of $2000.00 in Omaha, Nebraska.
Date: August 21, 1909
Creator: Bandle, Frank W.

[Land Sale Document]

Description: Document selling 150 acres of land held by Ziza Moore to Elizabeth, M. B., and Nancy E. Damron. According to the agreement, the Damron family will pay $2,000 for the land in installments, including interest. The document is signed by Ziza Moore and two witnesses.
Date: September 11, 1866
Creator: Bedford County (Tenn.)

[Redemption Deed, May 2, 1882]

Description: Redemption Deed from Robert Bean to Levi Perryman on May 2, 1882, for land that was sold in a tax sale to satisfy delinquent taxes owed. The property is described in the document.
Date: May 2, 1882
Creator: Bellows, W. R.