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[Check for Bookcase, December 21,1921]

Description: Check from Forestburg School Board and H.B Caddel as secretary to D. V. Birdwell in the amount of $23.35; the memo line says "Labor - book case". The back of the check is endorsed by D. V. Birdwell.
Date: December 21, 1921
Creator: Forestburg School Board
Item Type: Legal Document

[Check for Door Varnish, December 13,1921]

Description: Check from Forestburg School Board and secretary H. B. Caddell in the amount of $2.00 to Lyon Gray Lumber Company; the memo line says "Door, Top, & Varnish". The check is from First State Bank in Forestburg, Texas. The back of the check is stamped December 14, 1921 and is from the First National Bank in Saint Jo, Texas.
Date: December 13, 1921
Creator: Forestburg School Board
Item Type: Legal Document

[Check for Drinking Fountain, November 22, 1921]

Description: Check from the Forestburg School Board to the Practical Drawing Company for $21.00; the memo line says "Drinking fount." The check is signed "Forestburg School brd., HB. Caddell, Sec." The back of the check has 3 stamps. One of the stamps is from Southwest National Bank in Dallas Texas, another stamp is from the Banking or Trust Company, dated November 28, 1921 also in Dallas. The third stamp is dated November 29.
Date: November 22, 1921
Creator: Forestburg School Board
Item Type: Text

Texas and Oklahoma Boundary: Fort Augur Area, Map Number 4

Description: Map of the Fort Auger area around the Red River showing portions of both Texas and Oklahoma. Various areas are marked off into numbered segments and there are red lines radiating from specific points on either side of the river. A legal notice at the bottom of the page asserts that the map is accurate, verified by the Supreme Court of the United States. Scale 1:24,000
Date: September 3, 1924
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
Item Type: Map

[Speech by Sarah T. Hughes on being a female lawyer]

Description: Typescript of undated speech by Sarah T. Hughes discussing her experiences and people's expectations of her as a woman in the legal profession while practicing in Dallas. She gives her views on different aspects of the legal profession, including specialization, civil and criminal practice, winning and losing cases, and her enjoyment of appellate work and research in preparing cases on appeal. Before concluding the speech, Ms. Hughes describes her enjoyment of political participation via the legal profession. She also expresses her interest in campaigning for public office and entering politics in the future.
Date: [1928..1930]
Creator: Hughes, Sarah T. (Sarah Tilghman), 1896-1985
Item Type: Text

[Main Building Being Torn Down]

Description: Photograph of the Main Building (Old Main) and the Science Building prior to the Main Building's demolition. The Main Building was constructed in 1904, the second permanent structure on North Texas Campus. It housed an auditorium that seated 1,200, library, administrative offices, and classrooms. Sometimes referred to as the Old Main building, the structure was demolished in 1923 to make way for the new Administration Building, which is now the Auditorium Building.The Science Building was built in 1910 and demolished in 1967 to make way for the Language Building.
Date: 1923
Creator: Johnson, Echvard
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Man and Woman Posing with Caught Fish]

Description: Photograph of a man and woman standing in front of strings of caught fish. The woman stands to the left of the fish and the man to the right and both are holding fishing poles. There is an illegible caption at the bottom of the image.
Date: July 10, 1920
Creator: Nat Dickey Photo
Item Type: Photograph

[Commencement Program for Normal College Training School, May 27, 1922]

Description: Commencement Program for Normal College Training School on May 27, 1922. The program is printed on cardstock and the program reads, "Commencement Program. Normal Training School. Saturday, May 27, 1922. Nine O'Clock. 1. Opening Chorus...Ninth Grade. 2. Address...Mr. Keith. 3. Class Poem...Pauline Rogers. 4. Instrumental Solo...Dora Flyod. 5. Class Prophecy...Lora Blair. 6. Instrumental Solo...Loretta Newton. 7. Essay, "What the Training School Has Meant to Me"...Eugene Wilkins. 8. Class Rhymes and Cartoons...(Owsley Jones. Bill Edwards) 9. Class Prevention...Robert Lomax 10. Delivery of Diplomas...Mr. Odam 11. Closing Chorus...Training School."
Date: May 1922
Creator: Normal College Training School
Item Type: Pamphlet

[Inez Evans North Texas State Normal College diploma]

Description: Diploma from North Texas State Normal College certifying that Inez Evans has completed the necessary coursework to earn a degree of Bachelor of Arts. At the top of the document is an illustration of the Texas Coat of Arms; a star of five points, encircled by a wreath of olive and live oak branches The Certificate is signed by President William Herschel Bruce and President of the Board of Regents M. O. Flowers. At the bottom of the diploma it is embossed with the North Texas State Normal College seal.
Date: August 25, 1922
Creator: North Texas Normal College
Item Type: Text

[Commencement Program for North Texas State Normal College, August 20, 1921]

Description: The commencement program for the 1921 graduating class of North Texas State Normal College. The program is printed in black ink on a plain sheet of card stock. The cover reads, "Annual Summer Commencement. North Texas State Normal College. Denton, Texas. Auditorium. Nine o'Clock, Saturday Morning. August 20, 1921." The program includes the order of service and a list of graduates receiving their degrees.
Date: August 1921
Creator: North Texas State Normal College
Item Type: Pamphlet