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[The first train at the Gainesville, Texas station]

Description: Photograph of men standing on and around the first train to roll through Gainesville, Texas. A year later after this photo was taken, Byrd Senior's wife Mary Alice Johnson, and his son would arrive from Tennessee to begin their life in Texas.
Date: 1880~
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Sr.

[House on Denton Street]

Description: Photograph of a house on Denton Street in Gainesville, Texas.
Date: 1890
Creator: Williams, Byrd Moore, Sr.

Joshua Crittenden Chilton

Description: Joshua Crittenden Chilton, President of Texas Normal College and Teachers Training Institute, 1890-1893. Man in a suit.
Date: [1890..1893]

[Rose Window]

Description: Photograph of the Rose Window on the Mission San Jose church in San Antonio.
Date: [1890..1951]
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Jr.
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[A stove in Byrd Williams' hardware store]

Description: Photograph of a stove in Byrd Williams' dry goods/hardware store on the south side of the square in Gainesville, Texas.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Sr.

[Normal Building]

Description: Photograph of the Normal Building at North Texas State Normal College in Denton. Constructed in 1891, this was the first building on campus. In 1907, it was demolished. Students can be seen gathered outside in this image.
Date: [1891..1907]

[Students standing on the steps of the Normal Building]

Description: Photograph of students posing on the steps of the Normal Building. Built in 1891, the Normal Building was the first building built on the North Texas Normal College campus, on what is now the corner of Oak and Avenue B. In 1907, the building was struck by lightning and destroyed. The photograph shows the front entrance stairs of the building, with two women and a man seated on the ground in front, and a group of 46 men and women standing on the stairs. Photograph taken between 1891 and 1907.
Date: 1891/1907
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John Jackson Crumley

Description: John Jackson Crumley, President of North Texas Normal College, 1893-1894. Man in suit
Date: [1893..1894]

Menter B. Terrill

Description: Menter B. Terrill, President of North Texas Normal College and North Texas State Normal College, 1894-1901. Man in suit
Date: [1894..1901]

Students and President Kendall

Description: North Texas Normal College, Students and President Kendall, 1894. Individuals in suits and dress seated and standing in a room.
Date: 1894

[Graduating class 1895]

Description: Photograph of the graduating class of 1895. Students and faculty can be seen sitting and standing in front of the building. Some are looking out of the classroom windows.
Date: 1895

Student body, 1895

Description: Student body, 1895, North Texas Normal College. Students standing in front of a brick building.
Date: 1895

Normal Building

Description: North Texas Normal College, Normal Building, ca. 1896. Brick building and trees
Date: 1896~

[Students and faculty, Spring 1896, North Texas Normal College]

Description: Photograph of students, faculty, and others posed along the south side of the Normal Building, North Texas Normal College, Spring 1896. The 69 men and women are seated or standing outside, while 11(?) are hanging out of or looking out of windows in the background. Photographic print mounted on card backing. Handwritten notes on reverse: "Mrs. Will M. Smith Frisco Tex. Spring of 1896", "312" and "Class 1896". The group is posed against the Normal Building, constructed in 1891 as the first permanent building on the NT campus. It stood until being struck by lightning in 1907, when it burned to the ground.
Date: Spring 1896
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[Students and Faculty in front of the Normal Building, ca. 1896-1897]

Description: Photograph of students and faculty of the North Texas Normal College, 1891-98. Men, women, and children are seated and standing and sitting before the front entrance of the Normal Building, some on the steps, and some in the window looking out. The first and second men seated at far left are tentatively identified as (1) Jesse A. Sanders, Treasurer, and instructor of mathematics and bookkeeping, and (2) Menter B. Terrill, President, and instructor of Pedagogy, Psychology, Ethics and Logic. Photographic print mounted on card backing. Handwritten notation at lower right of mount: "The School Group about May 1897 or '98". Reverse of mount with offset image from another photograph, and handwritten note "Class 1897 or 1898". The Normal Building was constructed in 1891 as the first permanent building on the NT campus, and served until 1907 when it was struck by lightning and burned.
Date: 1897/1898
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College orchestra, 1898

Description: North Texas Normal College, college orchestra, 1898, President Terrill, left, back row. Men and women, seated and standing, holding stringed musical instruments.
Date: 1898