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Brigadier McDowell division

Description: A pass issued to Corporal Redway to be in charge of the remains of a deceased private of his company being sent home.
Date: March 2, 1862
Creator: [Brigadier McDowell's Division

[Tax Receipt for Levi Perryman, November 1, 1873]

Description: Tax Receipt for Levi Perryman for the amount of $27.04. For 640 acres of H.G. Perryman, 160 acres Austin Morris, and 160 acres W.T. Williams. Signed by W.T.Waybourn Sheriff of Montague county and W.F. Grimes Deputy.
Date: November 1, 1873
Creator: Waybourn, W. T.

[Tax Receipt for Elizabeth Webb, July 28, 1874]

Description: Tax reciept for Elizabeth Webb for the amount of $59. By the Sheriff of Montague county Levi Perryman and Deputy Wm. C. Turner. This is a resident example.
Date: July 28, 1874
Creator: Perryman, Levi

[Advertisement Card for the Memphis and Little Rock Railway, 1875]

Description: An advertisement card for the Memphis and Little Rock Railway which tells the traveler about its direct connection, "Pullman's Palace Sleeping Cars" which are available on night trains, and the names of ticket agents. On the back of the card is a list a stations, time, and fares.
Date: 1875~
Creator: Memphis and Little Rock Railway

[Receipt for T. B. C. White, 1875]

Description: Record of Levi Perryman Sheriff costs for M. W. Costers vs F. C. Taylor $3.25, J. S. Hagler vs J. M. Bryant $4.25, A. Perryman vs R. P. Hunter $0.60,and Johnnas Barley vs F. C. Taylor $3.25. signed by F. B White.
Date: 1875-uu-27
Creator: Perryman, Levi

[Receipt from Job Holmes, April 10, 1875]

Description: Receipt of Levi Perryman oue (1) note - dated February 21, 1874 for $50 payable to Mess. Crump and Hoosman by Richard Griffin and Oue (1) note dated January 14, 1874 payable to Bogges and Howell of St.Joe by Bessy Garm for $97. From Job Holmes, constable Precinct No. 3, Montague County.
Date: April 10, 1875
Creator: Holmes , Job

[Receipt, July 3, 1875]

Description: Receipt for William Tarning regarding witness fees in the amount of $8.47. The fees were for the C. Wardelroh vs A. Perryman case.
Date: July 3, 1875
Creator: Tarning, William

[Receipt from Levi Perryman, October 11,1875]

Description: Reciept for Levi Perryman paying $10 on three executions: C.C. Scrugs vs Wm. Freeman, J.R. Harper vs Wm. Freeman, Rob Braher vs Wm. Freeman. Signed by L.B. White.
Date: October 11, 1875
Creator: White, L. B.

[Receipt for G. R. Harper, November 1, 1875]

Description: Receipt of Levi Perryman who is Sheriff of Montague County for the amount of $60. This is for the G. R. Harper vs Wm. Freeman case.
Date: November 1, 1875
Creator: Harper, G. R.