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The Passing of the West #1

Description: This photo shows a row of seven standing cowgirls, with seven mounted Indians behind them, in an arena. The cowgirls are, from left to right: Ruth Roach, Florence Hughes, Bea Kirnan, Bonnie Gray, Rose Smith, Kitty Canutt, and Ruby Roberts.
Date: 1923

The Passing of the West #2

Description: This photo shows eight women on horses, standing in a row, in an arena. From left to right, they are: Mabel Strickland, Florence Hughes, Bea Kirnan, Kitty Canutt, Rose Smith, Bonnie Gray, and Unknown. There are rodeo Indians on horses behind them and large buildings, including the dome of the nation's capital, in the background.
Date: 1923

Cowboy Group Photo

Description: This photo is an interior shot of a group of men and women posing behind a table. It was taken somewhere in Europe. The back row, from left to right are: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Tommy Kirnan, Nowata Slim Richardson, Unknown, Rube Roberts, Unknown, and Unknown. Seated from left to right are: Unknown, Vera McGinnis, Bea Kirnan, Ruth Roach, and Unknown.
Date: 1924

Cowboy Group Photo in Arena

Description: This is a group shot of ten riders, posing in a row. From left to right they are: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Vera McGinnis, Unknown, Red Sublett, Ruth Roach, Nowata Slim Richardson, Bea Kirnan, Unknown. This photo was taken while on a European tour and is believed to be in Paris, France.
Date: 1924