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Group on the wing [of a bi-plane], c. 1915

Description: This photo shows a group of people with a bi-plane airplane in a field in Oklahoma. Sitting on top of the wings, from left to right are: Mabel Strickland, Bonnie McCarroll, Florence Hughes, Fox Hastings, and Ruth Roach. The men on the ground are involved in some kind of escapade involving a sword and turbans.
Date: c. 1915
Item Type: Photograph

Mayor of Boston with Ruth Roach and Tad Lucas, c. 1930

Description: This photo shows a group of cowboys and cowgirls standing around the mayor of Boston outside the Federal Building in Boston, Massachusetts. Ruth Roach is the second cowgirl from the right. It's believed that Tad Lucas is the first cowgirl on the right.
Date: c. 1930
Item Type: Photograph

Ruth Roach and Kitty Canutt, c. 1920

Description: This photo shows Ruth Roach, on the left, and her associate, Kitty Canutt, on the right. They are leaning over a wooden fence, smiling at the photographer, and Kitty Canutt has a rope in her hands.
Date: c. 1920
Item Type: Photograph