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[Chef with documents and tray of food speaks to students]

Description: Photograph of a man wearing a Chef's hat standing in front of a tray of food and holding documents while speaking to a group of students. The man in the Chef's hat is making a gesture with his hands while the students pay attention and take notes.
Date: 1992

[Four students in classroom cooking]

Description: Photograph of four students in a classroom with kitchen equipment working on a cooking assignment. A female student pours liquid from a beaker into a bowl while a male student mixes some ingredients in a bowl behind her.
Date: unknown

[New faculty]

Description: Photograph of new faculty in the Clothing, Textiles, and Housing area - Dr. Victoria Seitz and Christy Crutsinger.
Date: unknown

[School dance]

Description: Photograph of students at an informal dance. A handmade poster in the background says "welcome".
Date: unknown

[Stanley Marcus]

Description: Photograph of a group of five people including Stanley Marcus.
Date: unknown

[Group of women]

Description: Photograph of a group of 8 women: Lucy Powell, Polly Cummings, Miss Acheson, Ruth Peterson, Virginia French, Verne Lou Moore, Mary K. Barnett, and Nancy Roberts.
Date: 1943

[Group of women at the McAlister House]

Description: Photograph of Katherine Holt, Correnne Hicks, Edith Hamilton, Mona Keeter, and Natalie Carter at the McAlister House. It is labeled on the back "2nd Group - sec. sem.".
Date: [1937, 1938]

[Guest list]

Description: Photograph of a guest list sheet with photo of women labeled "House Group - Second Term."
Date: 1937