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[Warranty Deed, July 3, 1895]

Description: Warranty deed for the sale of land from A. L. Priest and his wife, Eddie S. Priest, to Charles B. Moore. The document is damaged and much of the information has been lost.
Date: July 3, 1995
Creator: Walden, J. A.

[Legal Documents: Mark William Nelson]

Description: A group of legal documents pertaining to Mark William Nelson's case taking place in the Dallas division of United States Bankruptcy Court.
Date: 1994
Creator: United States Bankruptcy Court

[Consent Form: AIDS Prevention Research]

Description: A partially filled out consent to research participation form from the University of Texas Dallas to assess high risk behavior that could lead to HIV infection.
Date: February 1987
Creator: AIDS Prevention Project Cohort

[Account Statement]

Description: Statement of account from First State Bank in Forestburg, Texas, listing balances and deposits.
Date: 191u
Creator: First State Bank

[Collection statement, undated]

Description: Receipt for the State of Texas vs. John Fowles et al. The document was written by W. O. Davis. It is not dated.
Date: unknown
Creator: Davis, W. O.

[Deed, undated]

Description: Deed for the purchase of property by Leite T. Morris from Charles B. Moore in Collin County, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[List of claims]

Description: Document from Atlas Assurance Company, Limited listing claims against the estate of Bob Perryman, deceased.
Date: 190u
Creator: Atlas Assurance Company

[Request for Correction of Pension Voucher]

Description: A form requesting the correction of a pension voucher for Loriette C. Redway. The form states that a married woman must sign her maiden name, not her married name, and requests a signature correction.
Date: 191u
Creator: United States. Pension Bureau.

[Transcript of Agreement to Hire a Schoolteacher]

Description: Transcript of a legal document outlining the expectations of Uriah Cunning to become the teacher at an unidentified school. The document also includes a list of outstanding subscription fees; it is signed by Uriah Cunning and James Brown.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Copy of Land Sale Documents]

Description: Transcript of a copy of multiple documents for the sale of John and Sara Emberson's land. First document contains the Embersons' statement and the land sold to Charles B. Moore. Second document contains an affidavit for the Embersons' sale of land.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Land Grant Indenture Document]

Description: Transcript of a legal document for an indenture between James Winchester and Israel Moore of Sumner County, Tennessee which grants Moore land when he can pay $100 to the current owner.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Land Sale Document]

Description: Transcript of a document selling 150 acres of land held by Ziza Moore to Elizabeth, M. B., and Nancy E. Damron. According to the agreement, the Damron family will pay $2,000 for the land in installments, including interest.
Date: unknown