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Item 4: World War I (1)

Description: This film is the 1st of 5 reels in the US Army Signal Corp produced film, "America Goes Over," documenting the activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. The film was produced in 1918 and this print was likely produced ca. 1927. The footage features the sinking of a ship from the vantage point of a German U-Boat, Woodrow Wilson signing letters and addressing Congress, British and French troops firing and being fired on, and Italian troops scaling mountains and firing guns in the snow. Halfway through the video the focus turns to the American effort with cantonments, guns, and ships being built, then draft numbers being picked out of a bowel by Secretary Baker, Theodore Roosevelt watching a parade of draftees, draftees leaving on a train and being examined by doctors, soldiers being trained near Liberty Island, naval drills, King George of England welcoming the American Navy, Pershing and Foch paying a visit to Lafayette's tomb, and trench warfare training in France. Also, interspersed in the footage are cartoons by "Wally" the famous A.E.F. artist.
Date: 1927