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Ruth Roach and Kitty Canutt, c. 1920

Description: This photo shows Ruth Roach, on the left, and her associate, Kitty Canutt, on the right. They are leaning over a wooden fence, smiling at the photographer, and Kitty Canutt has a rope in her hands.
Date: c. 1920
Item Type: Photograph

Ruth Roach, Lucyle Roberts, and Tad Lucas, c. 1934

Description: This is a photo of a group of men and women around a table. Standing at the back are three men, whose identify is unknown. Seated at the table from left to right are: Ruth Roach, Lucyle Roberts, and unknown woman, and Tad Lucas. This picture was taken in New York City.
Date: c. 1934
Item Type: Photograph

Tad Lucas and Ruth Roach, February, 1949

Description: This photo shows Ruth Roach and her cowgirl associate, Tad Lucas, riding together on the same horse in what appears to be a train yard in Fort Worth, Texas. Ruth Roach is in the front.
Date: February 1949
Item Type: Photograph