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[Pressed flower]

Description: Pressed leaf and flower bud that was probably included in the letter from Alice McGee to Charles, Mary, and Linnet Moore of June 23, 1890. In that letter Alice McGee writes "I send you a piece [of] Grandma's Mother Hubbard...."
Date: 1890~

[Fabric Samples]

Description: Three fabric samples. The first is brown and white with red and black circles. The second is light brown and white striped with small blue accents. The third is dark brown.
Date: unknown

[Paper Craft Hand Holding Heart]

Description: Paper craft blue hand holding white heart.The heart and hand have been woven together. There is some faint writing in pencil on the thumb that cannot be read.
Date: unknown

[Human Rights Campaign sticker]

Description: Sticker for the Human Rights Campaign. Sticker is blue with a yellow equal sign. Back of sticker contains mission statement and contact information.
Date: 19uu
Creator: Texas Human Rights Foundation

[Human Rights Campaign sticker]

Description: Sticker for the Human Rights Campaign. Sticker is blue with a yellow equal sign.
Date: 19uu
Creator: Texas Human Rights Foundation

[TSDC sticker]

Description: Shannon Bailey TSDC presidential campaign sticker.
Date: June 2004
Creator: Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus

Bracelet: World War II Souvenir (Italy)

Description: Aluminum bracelet formed as 1 large and six small oval plaques joined by flattened links. Large plaque with engraved images of eagles framing a view of the bay of Naples, inscribed "NAPLES". Other links with engraved views of various locations in Italy and one with a view of a camel and a palm tree labeled "AFRICA". One link with date 1944.
Date: 1944

Spoons : World's Columbian Expostion, Chicago, 1893

Description: A group of 6 spoons from the 1893 Chicago "World's Columbian Exposition" world's fair. Silverplated souvenir teaspoons, each with scrolling forms on handle. Bowl of each spoon is engraved with a view of a different building from the exposition: U.S. Government Building; Horticultural Building; Mines and Mining Building; Machinery Hall; Transportation Building; Manufacturers & Liberal Arts [Building].
Date: 1893
Creator: Leonard Manufacturing Company

[World War One Small Box Gas Mask]

Description: World War One-era "small box respirator" gas mask, consisting of a canvas or cloth face piece, with inset glass or resin eye lenses, and straps that wrap around the back of the head. The front of the mask has a valve located behind a cloth-covered tube that goes over the mouth and attaches to a small yellow metal box containing activated charcoal (made of peach pits or the pits from other stone fruits). The wearer would have breathed only through the mouth, inhaling air scrubbed clean by the charcoal in the box, and had their nose squeezed shut by a clip inside the mask.
Date: [1914..1918]

[World War One Doughboy Helmet]

Description: Doughboy helmet owned by Alvin Mansfield Owsley during World War One, made of steel with an anjustable leather chin strap. Officially known as the M1917 Helmet, it was also known colloquially as the dishpan hat, tin pan hat, washbasin, battle bowler, and Kelly helmet.
Date: unknown

[John Thomas Bell Wall magnet]

Description: Magnet for the John Thomas Memorial Bell Wall, a National AIDS Memorial, at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. It has an image of three bells bordered by the words "Justice," "Hope," and "Remembrance."
Date: unknown

[PFLAG Sticker]

Description: Sticker for P-FLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). The sticker has a purple background and white text; there is an illustration of an interlocked heart and triangle in the center with the text "Family" above and "www.pflag.org" printed below.
Date: unknown
Creator: Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays

[Vials of Medication]

Description: Two vials of the drug Compound Q. This non-FDA approved medication was acquired by the Dallas Buyer’s Club for the treatment of AIDS. The vials have serial numbers and words written in Chinese characters as well as dosages written on the sides.
Date: unknown

[Medals from the Gay Games]

Description: Six medals from Gay Games III, an LGBT event similar to the Olympics. They are arranged in a rough star shape against a blue background, with a bronze medal in the center and five gold medals in a ring around it. Each medal has a colored cord attached at the top and stretched toward the edges of the background.
Date: 1990