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[Tribute: Bill Nelson]
A tribute from Diane Ragsdale about their friend and peer, Bill Nelson.
[Newsletter: Pastor's Corner]
A newsletter featuring a letter from Jean Nelson, about hospice care for persons with AIDS and her son, Bill Nelson, who fought to ensure that programs like this were available to those in need.
[Obituary: William H. Nelson, Gay Advocate, 40]
A New York Times online obituary for William H. Nelson.
[HIV Services Planning Council]
A fax containing two letters discussing the duties of the HIV Health Services Planning Council.
[Faxed Letter: Judge Lee Jackson]
A letter to Dallas Judge, Lee Jackson, from Michael Witkowski discussing how the Dallas County Commissioners' Court is handling the Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act.
[The Volunteer Monthly]
A list of upcoming volunteer and charity events that assist LGBTQ and AIDS relief organizations in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.
[Voting Record: United States Senate, 100th Congressional Session]
A voting record from the U.S. Senate's 100th Congressional Session compiled by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
[Voting Record: United States Senate, 100th Congressional Session]
A voting record from the U.S. Senate's 100th Congressional Session compiled by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis Threat Addressed
An article from the Emerging Infectious Diseases, describing and explaining the cause of the recent cryptosporidiosis outbreak.
What's On Tap: Cryptosporidium in U.S. Public Drinking Water
A scan of a May 1996 special report from the National Association of People with AIDS discussing cryptosporidium levels in U.S. public drinking water.
[World Conference Board Meeting]
A series of documents discussing the conflict arising from Beth El Binah, a Jewish lesbian and gay group, planning on hosting their conference in Dallas.
[Shelter Plus Care Grant]
A series of letters about the Shelter Plus Care program being awarded a grant to house homeless people with disabilities.
Sodomy Law Repeal
A corrected list of the states that criminalize same-gender sodomy from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
A Special Message For All HHS Employees
An announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services that discusses the importance of diversity in the organization.
Surveillance for Waterborne-Disease Outbreaks - United States, 1993-1994
A report from the Center of Disease Control describing and discussing the various forms of water-borne outbreaks in the United States.
[A Survey: Gay and Lesbian Dallas Community]
A compilation of the information gathered from a survey of the gay and lesbian community in Dallas.
[Survey: Gay Men Only]
Compiled information gathered from a survey of gay men and their experiences.
[Survey: Lesbian and Gay Women]
Compiled information from a survey of lesbian and gay women over 18 years of age.
[Survey Results: Dallas Voice/Election]
A copy of the survey results of the Dallas Voice election of 1992.
[Typed and Written Notes: Art District]
Typed and written notes discussing the Dallas City Council seeking new ways to further improve the Art District and the heavy involvement of the gay and lesbian community.
[Typed Notes: Interview with Chris Luther]
Typed notes from an interview with Chris Luther, the president of the Coalition of Lesbian/Gay Student Group, discussing the maintenance and expansion of the group and goals for the organizations future.
[Proposal for Extra District Funds]
A proposal from the Dallas Independent School District's Board of Education seeking outside funding for School Health Education to Prevent the Spread of AIDS.
[Press Release: Dallas Gay Alliance - DGA Survey]
A press release from the Dallas Gay Alliance announcing the findings of a recent survey of LGB individuals showing that they were at high risk of being threatened with bodily harm or being assaulted.
[Informational Document: Adult Dare Care for PWAs Transportation]
A document containing the goals and policies of the Oak Lawn Counseling Center's transportation procedures for the people with AIDS program.
[Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 1994]
A document from the Human Rights Campaign Fund that explains the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 1994 and why supporting this piece of legislation is not only important but necessary.
[Magazine Article: Wheels of Fortune]
A scan of an Out Magazine article about the Tanqueray's American AIDS Rides, an over 400 mile bike ride that is now the largest fund-raising endeavor for the AIDS epidemic.
[News Article: Humor in the Ruling]
Photocopy of a newspaper article with handwritten notes discussing District Judge, Jerry Buchmeyer, incorporating satire into a case ruling.
[Letter & Newspaper Article: Gay Voter Analysis Article]
A letter from "Keen" at the Washington Blade to Dennis Vercher with an attached newspaper article from the Washington Blade about a nationwide survey of gays and who they plan on voting for in the presidential election.
[News Article: Judge Buchmeyer's Ruling Footnote]
Photocopy of a section of a newspaper article about District Judge, Jerry Buchmeyer, and a the satire he incorporated into one of his case rulings.
[Document: Voluntary Leave Transfer Program]
A document explaining what the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program is and what the circumstances are for eligibility.
[Announcement: Dallas Gay Pride Week]
Photocopy of an announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services inviting its employees to attend the Dallas Gay Pride Week to continue to celebrate the diversity of the Department.
[Document: Dan Martin Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship]
Statement or letter about churches and the condemnation that the black, gay community faces in the religious sphere.
[Letter to Lyndon Turner About MCC Music]
Statement that appears to be a draft letter to Lyndon Turner discussing the AA services and the music present at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in Dallas.
Chamber Music Marathon Offers Wide Varitey of Musical Experiences
About Dallas hosting the Second Annual Chamber Music Marathon to benefit the AIDS Resource Center.
[Notes: Re:AIDS Bill by Kennedy & Hatch]
Handwritten notes about the AIDS bill by Kenendy and Hatch.
[Notes: Statements from John Thomas]
Research notes on "Kennedy-Hatch AIDS Bill 1988" discussing future action to properly handle the AIDS epidemic.
[Press Conference: Statement by Senator Alan Cranston]
A copy of a statement made by Senator Alan Cranston at a press conference to discuss the Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency Act of 1990 (C.A.R.E Act).
[Press Release: Activist Plan Two Days of Protest in Atlanta]
A press release from ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power), discussing the convergence of lesbian, gay, and AIDS activist on Georgia's State Capitol to demand the repeal of sodomy laws.
[Press Release and Abstract: McCaster Brain Study]
A series of press releases and an abstract form all discussing the recent study that found that sexual orientation is most likely linked with biological factors.
[Press Release: Dallas Gay Alliance Forms Credit Union]
A press release announcing the planned opening of the Dallas Gay Alliance credit union for its members and the gay community in Dallas.
[Press Release: DGA Credit Union]
A press release and an attached photocopy of the press release announcing the state giving the Dallas Gay Alliance Credit Union a two with the best being one and the worst being five.
[Press Release: National Lesbian Conference Set to Usher in the Gay 90's]
A press release from the National Lesbian Conference discussing the plan to host a conference for lesbians to set an agenda and goals for the future of the demographic.
[Press Release: NGLTF Issues Report Cards of 100th Congress]
A press release from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force showing the voting record of members of congress and which congress members have been supportive of the LGBT community.
[Press Release: NGLTF Issues Report Cards on 100th Congress]
A press release from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force discussing the distribution of Congressperson's voting records for legislation that impacted the LGBTQ community.
[Press Release: Safety of Nation's Drinking Water Questioned]
A press release from the National Association of People with AIDS citing the low and high risk areas for cryptosporidium in the drinking water.
[List with handwritten notes: Texas House Delegation]
A list of members of the Texas House Delegation and how they voted with handwritten notes on the scanned list according to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
[Media Advisory: ACT UP - Silence=Death]
A media advisory from ACT UP supporting an upcoming protest called STOP THE CHURCH where thousands will surround St. Patrick's Cathedral in protest of the lack of separation of church and state.
[Media Advisory and Notes: Minority Community Leaders in HIV Field to Convene in Washington D.C.]
A media advisory from the Department of Health and Human Resources announcing the first national congress for ethnic minorities on the challenge of AIDS in Washington D.C. with handwritten and typed notes.
[Member List: HIV Planning Council Composition]
A printed list of members of the HIV Planning Council with hand checked names.
[Memorandum Response: Rehibilitation Act to HIV-Infected Individuals]
A response to Arthur B. Culvahouse's request for an opinion on how to apply the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and a second attached letter from the Surgeon General discussing his concern with the way those infected with HIV were being treated.