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[A Thank You Letter]

Description: A letter from "The Fourth Graders" to a Mr. Snapp for letting them visit his gin. Watermark on paper: "Erasable; Plover Bond; 25% Cotton Fiber; USA"
Date: 186?
Creator: The Fourth Graders

[Transcript of List of Taxable Property]

Description: A list of all taxable properties: 1 tract land 350 acres. John Emberson fenced 105 acres, and has 90 acres in cultivation. 1 tract 15 acres unimproved, 1 aged mare, mules, 2 milk cows and calves. Pigs, plows wrighting tools, a harvester and cultivator and other things. The Deputy Assessor assessed it at $2,360.00.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Receipt]

Description: Transcript of the collections of wheat for the first six months of the year. Dividing between bushels to sow and to grind.
Date: unknown

[Letter, January 20]

Description: This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a letter by Charles B. Moore which discusses agriculture, news about the health of family, details concerning his community's school and his neighborhood, and notes about mail he has received. He also notes that he will decide to respond to the mail soon, discusses the amount he spent on fruit trees, and mentions that a healthy baby girl was born to Whillis and Ginny that morning. It is dated January 20th in an unidentified year.
Date: unknown
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter, July 2, 1872]

Description: This document is from the Charels B. Moore Collection. It is a letter by Charles B. Moore that is badly torn and unintelligible. Keywords deciphered from the visible writing include: Ziza, bushel weight, thrasher weight, number of bushels which was 38, Rowlett Creek, wheat, Baltimore, cotton prospects, emigration, Henry and Clarence, and Mill. In the letter's closing, Moore states that the receipeint should write to him and Ziza.
Date: July 2, 1872
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from Walter Wallace to Charles B. Moore, October 31, 1901]

Description: This letter is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Walter Wallace. The letter details the family lineage of Moore's grandmother, Elizabeth Wallace Lanius. It notes family members and the places of death. Wallace furthers that a remaining family member, Uncle James, is in bad health. In the letter's closing, he mentions that Moore's daughter and her husband will visit him and his family. He states that they will do what they can to make her visit a pleasnat one. He also urges Moore to visit and mentions that his home is always open to C.B. The letter is dated October 31, 1901. It was written Denison, TX.
Date: October 31, 1901
Creator: Wallace, Walter

[Letter from Linnet Moore to Mary Ann Moore and Birdie McGee, January 23, 1902]

Description: This document is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Linnet Moore to her mother, Mary Ann Moore, and to her cousin Birdie McGee. In the letter, Linnet details the happenings in her life since her last letter to her mother and they include: receiving her mother's most recent letter and photographs; detailing the rainy weather in Denison; and noting that she and Mrs. P went to church on Sunday morning, then for a walk on Sunday afternoon in the country. She describes the city people and how all they want to do is put on their best and gallivant up and down Main street on Sunday. Linnet details her visit to cousin Walter, mentions a real estate prospect that may have her and Claude moving in the future, and remarks on how windy it is which has made her embroidery and table pieces dirty rom hanging to dry on the line. She notes that she and Claude are planning a visit to Mr. White's home and will be there visiting for two weeks, if all goes well. She remarks on how lovely it is for her mother to have gotten a new dress and comments on Birdie's courtship with a young man named Will. She states that she wished she could see Birdie that day. She discusses their Grandmother's home and how it hasn't changed a bit. Also, she expresses her concern for her cousin Jennie who is losing her mental faculties. In the closing of her letter, she informs her mother of the illness of family friends and how she received a good meal because they could not eat the food that was made for them by Mrs. Goldman. She tells her mother that she should visit her soon and promises that they ...
Date: January 23, 1902
Creator: Moore, Linnet

[Letter to Charles B. Moore]

Description: Letter to Charles B. Moore from an unidentified author (possibly Claude White). The letter thanks Mr. Moore for the letter he sent the writer and states that Dr. Miller no longer has an age limit "for the association," so Mr. Moore can now join. The writer states that he and Linnet have left their Tennessee friends and are headed home. It goes on to give the details of their trip.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Claude White to C. B. Moore, January 1902]

Description: Letter from Claude White to his father-in-law, C. B. Moore, in which he gives his views on the loss of friends or their injury in war. He says that he has not changed his view of Miss Minny, "the old maid school teacher." He also states that Linnet married "not wealth but brains education industry and morals...."
Date: January 1902
Creator: White, Claude

[Letter from G. W. Duncan to Mary Ann Moore, January 6, 1903]

Description: This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a letter written by G. W. Duncan and is addressed to Mary Ann Moore. Duncan details that he has deposited twenty-five dollars in the Collin County Bank for Moore and he is enclosing the receipt for the money. In the letter's closing, Duncan mentions that his family is well and he hopes that the letter finds Moore well too. He closes by stating that they may visit Moore in the summer. The letter is dated January 6, 1903 and was written in Princeton, TX.
Date: January 6, 1903
Creator: Duncan, G. W.

[Letter to Linnet on June 24]

Description: Letter that appears to be to Linnet Moore and dated June 24th. The paper is torn, but it appears to cover the weather, the health of family and friends, and the news that George is coming to Texas and wants help finding a farm. A letter of introduction was written to Will Wallace.
Date: 19uu-6-24


Description: This document if from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a letter from an unknown writer to an unknown recipient about how they intended to make arrangements concerning their marriage and children. The letter describes the writer's personal sentiments on life at this moment in time. It is undated.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Joseph Wallace]

Description: Letter from Joseph Wallace in which he requests more letters, and gives updates on family and friends. Add is working with the surveyors of the Cumberland and Ohio Rail Road. Gran became a father. He also says that one member of the Robberts family is building a grist and sawmill at Edgefield Junction. Frank Wilson is headed to Texas. He ends by relating that the weather is dry and what crops have been planted.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wallace, Joseph

[Letter from Belle to her friends and family, 1898]

Description: A letter from Belle in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, to her friends and family (the "home folks") in 1898. In the letter, Belle describes the events that took place during a great rain storm and subsequent river flooding in Tellico Plains, near the Tellico Lumber mill. While trying to secure her belongings and escape the home of Mr. Heyser, the general manager of Tellico Lumber, Belle fell into the water beneath a rearing horse ("Joe the horse"). She was saved by John Ballon, a black preacher, whom she called her "hero." Belle mentions that she plans to join Ballon's church and send him a poem entitled "John Ballon and the Flood of '98." Many of the belongings of all involved families were destroyed, but everyone made it out of the flooded area alive.
Date: 1898
Creator: Belle

[Transcript of Letter to Charles B. Moore, September 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter to Charles B. Moore from an unknown sender discussing recent news of family and friends, farming, and news related to the war and military preparations. The letter was written over several days from September 9, 1861 to September 15th.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Claude D. White, June 11, 1910]

Description: Letter from Claude D. White to the United States Health and Accident Insurance Company in Saginaw, Michigan. The letter outlines the terms of the sale of a piece of White's property to R. H. Landeryou.
Date: June 11, 1910
Creator: White, Claude D.

[Letter of Recommendation to Provost Marshall for Ziza Moore, August 12, 1863]

Description: A letter of recommendation to the Provost Marshal at Shelbyville, Tennessee, on behalf of Ziza Moore. The petitioners attest to Moore's good character and recommend him for consideration of allegiance to the government of the United States.
Date: August 12, 1863
Creator: Taylor; Tarpley, T. D. & Tarpley, J. A.

[Transcript of Letter to Charles B. Moore, March 21, 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter to Charles B. Moore of the Southern Confederacy from an unknown person in Dyer County, Tennessee discussing the state's recent decision not secede from the Union, slavery and abolitionism, and the possibility of other countries becoming involved in the coming war when the supply of cotton from the South has stopped.
Date: unknown