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[Alkavis Coupon]

Description: An advertisement flier for Alkavis, a product manufactured by the Church Kidney Cure Company.
Date: June 23, 1896
Creator: Church Kidney Cure Company

[Appendix, December 10, 1894]

Description: Appendix from C. B. Moore's diary, dated 7:30am December 10, 1894. The reverse side contains a bill of groceries from H. S. Moore.
Date: December 10, 1894
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[At-Home Card for Newlyweds]

Description: An at-home card for an unknown newlywed couple. Text reads, "At Home after December the fifteenth, 4464A McPherson Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri."
Date: unknown

[August Election]

Description: Clipping from St. Louis, Missouri showing the candidates from the August 1851 election for three Supreme Court Judges, Judge of the Circuit Court, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Judge of the Criminal Court, Law Commissioner, Jailor, and Assessor.
Date: August 1851

[Ben Roney]

Description: The author writes about Ben Roney and his life. On the other side, the author says how he hated Ben and now he is dead.
Date: unknown

[A bill of a loom]

Description: A bill of a loom from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The bill details the materials and the dimensions necessary to construct a loom.
Date: unknown

[A bill of scantling for a loom]

Description: A bill of scantling for a loom from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The bill details the materials needed for a loom and the dimensions for the construction of the loom. The document was written by James Stewart.
Date: unknown
Creator: Stewart, James

[Births of the Bratney Family]

Description: Paper listing "Births of the Bratney Family" from 1784 to 1819. Text: James Bratney Son Feb. 6th 1784 Elizabeth Bratney Nov. 26th 1784, Married Dec. 17th 1805 Anna Bratney June 28th 1807 Erlem Bratney Oct. 15, 1815 Matilda Bratney March 9th 1815 James Bratney Dec. 13th 1819
Date: unknown

[Blank Subscription]

Description: Note written by Charles B. Moore discussing his life and how the boycott affected his work as a millwright and how he finds more freedom as a farmer with the help of his wife and daughter. Other side of the page is an order form for a book: The Cyclopedic Review of Current History, to be published in 1893.
Date: 1893
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Book title list]

Description: List of religious books with T. R. Lee, Gallatin, Tennessee at the top. Other side of paper is a note about glasses for Ida Montresson in San Antonio.
Date: unknown

[Business Card for T. M. Brown & Co.]

Description: A business card for T. M. Brown & Co. from the C. B. Moore Collection. This business card details the company's products which were wind mills; well casing, pipe, and fittings; and a full line of engineer's supplies. The card notes that this company manufactured Louisiana Cypress Tanks. The store was located on the corner of Front and Rusk Streets in Fort Worth, Texas. The name John Bryant is stamped on the card.
Date: unknown
Creator: T. M. Brown & Co.

C. B. Moore Tax List

Description: A list of taxable items; including acres of land, animal stock, equipment, cash on hand, and notes on hand.
Date: January 1, 1897
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[C. B. Moore taxable property, January 1, 1877]

Description: A list of taxable property belonging to C. B. Moore. Current money on hand was $72.30. The estimated value of Moore's property as of March 30 was $2,960.00.
Date: January 1, 1877
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

C. B. Moores expences

Description: Expenses for Charles B. Moore, including dates and costs from June 23, 1862 through December 27, 1865. Watermark on paper: "Erasable; Plover Bond; 25% Cotton Fiber; USA"
Date: unknown
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

C. B. Moores Individual Expences

Description: Individual expenses for Charles B. Moore including an itemized list with costs and dates from January, 1867 through April 7 1868. Watermark on paper: "Erasable; Plover Bond; 25% Cotton Fiber; USA"
Date: unknown
Creator: Moore, Charles B.