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[Freight Receipt, December 12, 1891]

Description: Freight receipt made out to C. B. Moore for one box valued at $5.50 and sent to J. K Dodd in Pauls Valley, Indian Territory.
Date: December 30, 1891
Creator: Graves, G. H.

[Journal entries from C. B. Moore's Journal]

Description: Charles B. Moore's original journal entries. The first entry he talks about dotards. The next entry he talks about his failing health and his hope that he goes fast. He doesn't want to worry his wife and daughter and still wants to provide for them. He tells Joseph to not mention this to anyone and that he is open to suggestions on how to use his land after he dies. He repeats the entry on dotards twice. He then writes directly to Joseph K. Henry.
Date: 1899
Creator: Moore, C. B.

[List of Names]

Description: A list of about 19 names. The reverse side contains a stamp reading, "CB Moore Chambersville Tex jan97."
Date: January 1897

[Loan Repayment Contract to C. B. Moore]

Description: A loan contract in which the recipient promises to repay a loan to C. B. Moore within a year from 1 July, 1897. Watermark on paper: "Erasable; Plover Bond; 25% Cotton Fiber; USA"
Date: July 1, 1897
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Money Receipt, July 23, 1891]

Description: Money Receipt received from C. B. Moore and valued at $175.00. It was addressed to J. K. Dodd in Pauls Valley. The back of the document lists the services available fro Wells, Fargo & Co's Express.
Date: July 23, 1891
Creator: Lewis, W. H.

[Nettie Williams North Texas Normal College diploma]

Description: Diploma from North Texas Normal College certifying that Nettie Williams has completed the necessary coursework in English to achieve certification. At the top of the document is an illustration of the Normal Building, which was the only school building at the time. At the bottom of the diploma it is embossed with the North Texas Normal College seal. The Certificate is signed by President of Faculty Menter Bradley Terrill, President of Trustees William A. Ponder, President of the Board of Regents Colonel Thomas Walter Abney, Secretary of Faculty J.A. Sanders, Secretary of the Board of Trustees H. F. Schweer, and the Secretary of the Board of Regents Honorable Alvin Clark Owsley.
Date: June 3, 1897
Creator: North Texas Normal College

[Personal Notebook]

Description: A notebook containing loose-leaf pages with handwritten text that includes a discussions of American politics and the value of gold and silver as a standard for currency, duties on imported goods, and religion. It also includes at least partial letters to friends from Charles Moore, copies of letters from friends, and some practice in shorthand. There is a cover with an illustration of a fisherman steering a boat on the front, and it says "Pilot."
Date: 1892~
Creator: [Moore, Charles B.]

[Personal notes, July 1897]

Description: This document includes personal notes from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The notes are detailed numbered lists from July of 1897.
Date: July 1897
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Publisher's Circular with Written Notes]

Description: Circular produced by Garretson, Cox & Co., Publishers regarding Alden's Manifold Cyclopedia. The publishers announce that after July 1, 1893, subscribers of this publication should send their orders to them rather than Mr. Alden. An unknown person has written a note on the back discussing his appreciation of the Manifold Cyclopedia.
Date: 1893~
Creator: Garretson, Cox & Co., Publishers

[Rainfall in January 1898]

Description: Documentation of the amount of rainfall in January of 1898. According to the note, there were 2.18 inches of rain during the month of January 1898.
Date: January 1898

[Receipr from Otto Wettstein, January 30, 1899]

Description: Receipt from Otto Wettsein, "The Liberal Jeweler," for C. B. Moore of Chambersville, Texas for a watch ordered by Linnet Moore. There is a note regretting the delay in getting the watch to Linnet.
Date: January 30, 1899
Creator: Wettstein, Otto

[Receipt from A. J. Krause Grocers]

Description: Receipt from A. J. Krause, Staple and Fancy Groceries of McKinney, Texas that was filled out for C. B. Moore for the purchase of Alfalfa Clover in 1892.
Date: September 25, 1892
Creator: Krause, A. J.

[Receipt from T. J. Melton and Sons, July 1, 1895]

Description: A receipt from T. J. Melton and Sons, Fancy Groceries issued to C. B. Moore on July 1, 1895 for the purchase of rice. The back has an advertisement for Van Houten's Cocoa.
Date: 1895
Creator: T. J. Melton and Sons