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[Normal Building and Frame Building, 1903]

Description: Photograph of part of the North Texas State Normal College campus, showing (right) the Frame Building and (left) The Normal Building, c. 1903, set among trees. Photographic image mounted on gray card backing. Handwritten caption on lower margin of photograph: "North Texas State Normal as it was in 1902-3". Handwritten notation on right margin of photograph: "College of Vera Churchill". Reverse with handwritten notes: "From Alice Potter, Jan. 10, 1903, To Vera Churchill, North Texas State Normal School, Denton, Texas" and "84.12.1". Considered the first permanent and the second buildings built on campus, the Normal Building was constructed in 1891, and was struck by lightning and destroyed in 1907. The Frame Building was constructed in 1901 to provide extra space for an auditorium and classes, and was torn down about 1904 to make way for what would become known as the Old Main Building. The buildings were located facing Hickory Street, east of Avenue B.
Date: 1903
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[Normal Building from the south]

Description: Photograph of the Normal Building from the south side. The photograph shows an unidentified male driving a small horse-drawn wagon, with a second, younger unidentified man standing behind. Photographic print on mount. On reverse of mount is extensive handwritten note with list of professors and courses: "Annie Webb Blanton Eng, Hauslein, Latin, Dr. Bruce, Geometry, Sanders, Penmanship, Match [Math], Borden, Physics, Mrs. Lewis Geography, Long, Biology, Physiology, Mrs. More, Algebra, & Composition, Mrs. Simpkins [Simkins] Art, Mrs. Emma Mitchell, A. History, J.S. Kendall President. Sessions 1901 & 1902 1902 & 1903 Hickory street". The Normal Building was the first permanent building on the campus of the Texas Normal College and Teachers Training Institute, built in 1891. It occupied the site about at the corner of Hickory and Avenue B. In 1907, the Normal building burned down following a lightning strike. At that time, the institution was known as the North Texas State Normal College.
Date: 1903~
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[North Texas State Normal campus]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State Normal College campus, with buildings (L-R) private property, Education building, the Library and the Science building. The photograph was taken in the street and automobiles are visible parked or driving down the road. A few students can be seen standing on the sidewalk near the parked car on the left.
Date: [1901..]

[President Menter B. Terrill's house]

Description: Photograph of President Menter B. Terrill's home on Oak Street, Denton, Texas. A view in winter, showing the front of the modest house, with a light dusting of snow on the roof, ground, and railings. Photographic print mounted on dark mount with embossed "frame". Handwritten note along lower margin of photograph: "Home of M.B. Terrill, Denton 1895-1901". Reverse with handwritten notes: "The home of M.B. Terrill 1895-1901" and " ST 253-12". Label taped to back of mount: "Dr. Terrill's Home". Menter Bradley Terrill (1868-1931) is considered the third President of North Texas, serving from 1894 to 1901. Under his administration, the North Texas Normal College became a state educational institution, the North Texas State Normal College, and the first permanent buildings were constructed to house the institution. The exact location on Oak Street of his home is unknown.
Date: 1901~

[President William Bruce holding a book]

Description: Photograph of NTSNC President William Bruce leaning against a shelf that holds several books and a photograph of two women. There is also a hand-mold with the word "Mongol" written on it. In one hand Bruce is holding a thin notebook. He is wearing a suit and a pair of wire-framed glasses. Bruce is looking into the distance.
Date: 1906/1923

[Students, North Texas State Normal College, c.1904]

Description: Photograph of a class of students standing on the stairs to an entrance to the Main Building of the North Texas State Normal College, c.1904. The 39 men and women stand or sit in rows on the stairs looking at the camera. Photographic image mounted on card backing. Handwritten notes on reverse: "Class of Teachers College - Denton Tex.", "Gift of Mrs. Adkinson[?]", and - partly defaced - "From Mrs. Bat[illegible] Atkins[?] 200 Ave D Denton". Image is undated, but must have been taken between 1904 when the Main building was constructed as the second permanent building on the NT campus, and 1923 when it was torn down. Most likely taken ca. 1904.
Date: 1904~
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