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[First note]

Description: Document that says "first note", showing equations. The document lists several numbers, with no indication of what they are for.
Date: 191u

[Quit Claim Deed, Januray 29, 1906]

Description: Quit-claim deed from P. M. Price and his wife, Cora M. Price to Levi Perryman for land in Montague County, Texas. The land is described in the document.
Date: January 29, 1906
Creator: Rugeley, R. D. Jr.

[Receipt for G. R. Harper, November 1, 1875]

Description: Receipt of Levi Perryman who is Sheriff of Montague County for the amount of $60. This is for the G. R. Harper vs Wm. Freeman case.
Date: November 1, 1875
Creator: Harper, G. R.

[Receipt for T. B. C. White, 1875]

Description: Record of Levi Perryman Sheriff costs for M. W. Costers vs F. C. Taylor $3.25, J. S. Hagler vs J. M. Bryant $4.25, A. Perryman vs R. P. Hunter $0.60,and Johnnas Barley vs F. C. Taylor $3.25. signed by F. B White.
Date: 1875-uu-27
Creator: Perryman, Levi

[Receipt from Job Holmes, April 10, 1875]

Description: Receipt of Levi Perryman oue (1) note - dated February 21, 1874 for $50 payable to Mess. Crump and Hoosman by Richard Griffin and Oue (1) note dated January 14, 1874 payable to Bogges and Howell of St.Joe by Bessy Garm for $97. From Job Holmes, constable Precinct No. 3, Montague County.
Date: April 10, 1875
Creator: Holmes , Job

[Receipt from Levi Perryman, October 11,1875]

Description: Reciept for Levi Perryman paying $10 on three executions: C.C. Scrugs vs Wm. Freeman, J.R. Harper vs Wm. Freeman, Rob Braher vs Wm. Freeman. Signed by L.B. White.
Date: October 11, 1875
Creator: White, L. B.