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1543: 209 Firing, Fort Sill

Description: Footage from a body-mounted camera showing the AH-1 Cobra firing rockets and its main gun pod. No sound. At the beginning of the film, six uniformed men can be seen standing with the helicopter on the ground.
Date: 1966
Creator: Bell Helicopter Textron

[1920s typing class]

Description: Photograph of a 1920s typing class at North Texas State Teachers College. The young men and women of the class are seated in rows at a small desk, each with a typewriter, in a classroom in what was then the Administration building. Photograph is a photograph of a photograph. The Administration Building was built in 1923-24, and was renamed the Auditorium Building in 1957 after the construction of what would be later known as the Hurley Administration Building.
Date: 192u
Location Info:

[1941 Homecoming Game]

Description: Photograph of the 1941 Homecoming game on the North Texas campus in Denton. Players engage in play on the field, while spectators watch in the background. The scoreboard lists the Eagles with 15 points and visitors with 8.
Date: unknown