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[Drafted letter: Ed Oakley to Bob Sloan]

Description: Drafted letter from Ed Oakley to Bob Sloan, Dallas City Secretary, about the lack of an Early Voting Location in Oak Lawn. Includes handwritten notes.
Date: March 4, 1993

[Email: Regarding Bill Nelson]

Description: An email from Karen Estes to William Waybourn sharing a message she received from one of Bill Nelson's previous students.
Date: February 4, 2002
Creator: Estes, Karen

[Email: Stories]

Description: An email from Sue G. Highland to Allison Sitton, Cathy Thomas, Jackie Oncken thanking them for their willingness to share their stories with a congregation.
Date: June 11, 2009
Creator: Highfield, Sue G.

[Email: Vt. Court Backs Gay-Couple Benefits]

Description: An email with a press release announcing the Vermont Supreme Court ruling equal benefits and protection on same-sex couples in the state of Vermont. Questions are raised on how same-sex marriages would be implement in Legislative form.
Date: December 21, 1999

[Fax: Cedar Springs Business Organization]

Description: Fax from Alan Ross of the Dallas Tavern Guild to Dennis Vercher with proposed plans to bring together some of the businesses in Oak Lawn.
Date: June 30, 1994
Creator: Alan Ross

[Fax: Handwritten Letter from Lori Palmer]

Description: A faxed letter from Lori Palmer to Karen Estes or John Thomas to account for her inability to attend Bill Nelson's memorial service.
Date: February 22, 1990
Creator: Palmer, Lori

[Fax letter from Law Offices of James C. Barber]

Description: A fax letter from the Law Offices of James C. Barber pertaining to the Fifth Circuit denying an appeal for Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code and moving the court case to the Texas Supreme Court.
Date: October 30, 1985

[Fax: Letter from Vic Basile]

Description: A fax from Vic Basile to John Thomas reflecting on Bill Nelson's life and the relationship Basile had with him.
Date: February 21, 1990
Creator: Basile, Vic

[Fragmented Letter]

Description: Letter does not say who it is for or who it is from. The author talks about what he has been eating. He has plenty of milk and mentions farming. He says that Claude wants to go, but the boss wants him to stay. He talks about being sick.
Date: unknown