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[Anything Goes, Against Aids]

Description: An advertisement for the upcoming theatrical production "Anything Goes". The proceeds of the show will go to the AIDS Resource Center.
Date: February 2, 1990

[Appendix, December 10, 1894]

Description: Appendix from C. B. Moore's diary, dated 7:30am December 10, 1894. The reverse side contains a bill of groceries from H. S. Moore.
Date: December 10, 1894
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Army regulations Par. 1031]

Description: Slip of paper containing an army regulation regarding affidavits. Text: "Army Regulations, Par. 1031.--Affidavits or depositions may be taken before any officer in the list as follows, when recourse cannot be had to any before named on said list, which fact shall be certified by the officer offering the evidence: 1st, a civil magistrate competent to administer oaths; 2d, a judge advocate; 3d, the recorder of a garrison or regimental court martial; 4th, the adjutant of a regiment; 5th a commissioned officer."
Date: 186u

[Associated Press wire release report on United Airline's federal appeal for domestic partner ordinance exemption]

Description: AP news wire release reporting on a case heard by the US federal appeals court regarding a San Francisco city ordinance mandating benefits for domestic partners of employees. Although United Airlines asked for an exemption, the court denied the request; in response, United Airlines announced it will offer domestic partner benefits to San Francisco employees to comply with the law, with benefits available to employees nationwide in May 2000.
Date: July 31, 1999
Creator: Schiffmann, WIlliam

[Assorted Documents: Confide]

Description: A series of informational packets, fact sheets, photos, and advertisements discussing and promoting Confide, a home HIV test.
Date: 1996
Creator: Direct Access Diagnostics

[Assorted Documents: OraSure]

Description: A series of press releases, charts, and research about HIV/AIDS and the need for simpler and more confidential HIV testing and counseling like the kind of testing that OraSure provides.
Date: 1996
Creator: OraSure

[At-Home Card for Newlyweds]

Description: An at-home card for an unknown newlywed couple. Text reads, "At Home after December the fifteenth, 4464A McPherson Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri."
Date: unknown


Description: A document discussing the effectiveness of AZT, a drug designed to slow the progression of HIV to AIDS.
Date: February 1993

[August Election]

Description: Clipping from St. Louis, Missouri showing the candidates from the August 1851 election for three Supreme Court Judges, Judge of the Circuit Court, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Judge of the Criminal Court, Law Commissioner, Jailor, and Assessor.
Date: August 1851

[Ban on Sex Acts]

Description: News paper articles about Judge Jerry Buchmeyer ruling that the Texas statute prohibiting same-sex intercourse as unconstitutional.
Date: August 18, 1992

[Bank Note for Bob Perryman and J.S. Bowers, August 16, 1907]

Description: Bank note for Bob Perryman and J.S. Bowers to the Citizens National Bank of Roswell, New Mexico. This note is for the payment of $275 to be paid by February 16, 1908. On the back of this note, it states that Levi Perryman made a payment on March 19,1908 in the amount of $276 and received $1 back.
Date: August 16, 1907
Creator: Citizens National Bank (Roswell, N.M.)

[Bank Note for Bob Perryman, April 9, 1908]

Description: Bank Note for Bob Perryman and E.W. Perryman for the amount of $830 to the First National Bank of Bowie, Texas. To be paid on December 1, 1908. Stamped paid on December 1, 1908.
Date: April 9, 1908
Creator: First National Bank (Bowie, Tex.)

[Bank Note for Bob Perryman, August 31, 1907]

Description: Bank Note for Bob Perryman, E.M. Stallworth, E.W.Perryman, for the amount of $530. Due on February 29, 1908 to the First National Bank of Bowie, Texas. On back it mentions on March 3, 1908 Bob Perryman paid $182 to the Bank. It is also signed by J.C. Phillip Prash.
Date: August 31, 1907
Creator: First National Bank (Bowie, Tex.)

[Bar Money Advertisement]

Description: Printed advertisement for the horse Bar Money. The ad features a side view of the horse, and markets a guaranteed live foal for $600.
Date: 1968
Creator: Bankston, Ray

[Ben Roney]

Description: The author writes about Ben Roney and his life. On the other side, the author says how he hated Ben and now he is dead.
Date: unknown

[Big Brothers, Big Sisters]

Description: This article deals with the positive impact that Carlos Linares and the organization Big Brothers, Big Sisters had on a younger individual. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
Date: February 15, 2006
Creator: Castillo, José L.

[A bill of a loom]

Description: A bill of a loom from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The bill details the materials and the dimensions necessary to construct a loom.
Date: unknown

[A bill of scantling for a loom]

Description: A bill of scantling for a loom from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The bill details the materials needed for a loom and the dimensions for the construction of the loom. The document was written by James Stewart.
Date: unknown
Creator: Stewart, James