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[Affidavit of Stefanie Held]
Affidavit of Stefanie Held's statement on Dallas Gay Alliance v Parkland Hospital.
[Agenda 1991: Queer Nation]
1991 agenda for Queer Nation, Texas chapter.
[Agenda: Commissioners Court Dallas County]
The December 20, 1994 agenda for the Dallas County Commissioners Court.
[Agenda: General membership meetings]
Agendas from Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance's general membership meeting for April and May of 1994.
[Agenda: Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition meeting Feb 1991]
Meeting agenda for the Feb 1991 meeting of the LGPC. Includes handwritten markings.
[Agenda: Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas
Meeting agenda for the February 1989 meeting of the Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas. Includes handwritten notes.
[Agenda: Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas meeting November 12, 1990]
An agenda from the Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas for their November 12, 1990 meeting.
[Agenda: Los Angeles]
An agenda from the National Commission on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome providing the details for the upcoming meeting in Los Angeles, California.
[Agenda: March on Austin Lesbian/Gay Community College]
An agenda for the March on Austin Lesbian/Gay Community College, providing an outline and brief descriptions of lectures.
[Agenda: March on Austin meeting 1991]
Meeting agenda for March on Austin 1991 in August.
[Agenda: NIAID AIDS Agenda]
An agenda from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) that charts out the organization's hopes for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.
[Agenda: NIAID AIDS Agenda - Funding]
An agenda for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease for November 1989 that discusses funding and research.
[Agenda: NIAID to Evaluate Safety of AZT in HIV-Infected Pregnant Women]
An agenda from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease discussing their goals including to investigate the safety of AZT for HIV positive pregnant women.
[Agenda: Oak Lawn Ordinance review task force meeting]
Agenda for meeting discussing regulation amendments for a local Dallas community.
[Agenda: Texas Association of Lesbian and Gay, Elected and Appointed Officials]
A document announcing the a meeting for the Texas Association of Lesbian and Gay, Elected and Appointed, Officials. The document also includes an agenda listing a timeline of the meeting.
[Agenda with handwritten notes: Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas]
An agenda with handwritten notes for the March meeting of the Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas.
[Agreement between C. B. Moore and Charles Gnope, 1889]
An agreement between C. B. Moore and Charles Gnope regarding costs for 1889. Moore agreed to pay Gnope 75 cents a day for all work not done by Moore on the farm.
[AIDS Action Network: Ryan White reauthorization]
A document from the AIDS Action Network urging community members to reach Senators and Representatives to reauthorize the Ryan White CARE Act.
AIDS and the Law: Training for Volunteer Attorneys
A training packet from Haynes and Boone about the federal and state laws concerning individuals with HIV/AIDS for volunteer attorneys.
[AIDS Arms Network]
A document explaining the progress that AIDS care has made and the increased compassion that has come about with time and education.
[AIDS Arms Network 1990 Board of Directors]
A list of the AIDS Arms Network's 1990 Board of Directors and brief descriptions of their positions within the community.
[AIDS Coordinating Committee]
A brief description of the ideas and information Buck Buckingham presented to the AIDS Coordinating Committee to further improve the AIDS ARMS Network.
AIDS funding in the proposed 1988-89 budget
Approved AIDS funding in the 1988-89 budget. Includes handwritten notes on the front and back.
[The AIDS Quarterly: Important Facts about the AIDS Pandemic]
Informational sheet from the AIDS Quarterly with talking points on the AIDS pandemic from the Center for Disease Control.
[AIDS Resource Center PSA]
Flyer for the AIDS Resource Center advertising services that the organization provides as part of its community outreach and educational programming.
[AIDS Service Dallas vs. Paul Von Heeder]
A document containing the plaintiffs original petition in the PWA Coalition of Dallas and the AIDS Services of Dallas and Donald J. Maison Jr. versus Paul Von Heeder.
[AIDS Service Workers Being Targeted]
An announcement and a newspaper clipping documenting three Dallas AIDS service workers being the targets of arson that has displaced five children and eight adults whose homes were burned down.
[AIDS Services of Dallas: Romer v. Evans]
Documents from the AIDS Services of Dallas summarizing the Romer v. Evans court case and the implications of Colorado's Amendment 2.
[Alert: HIV Immigration Act]
An alert from the Center for Disease Prevention Services, addressing the CDC's opposition to HIV being on the list of communicable disease for The Immigrations Act (P.L. 101-649).
Alice Gray
Author speaks of Alice and how he would do anything for her.
[Alkavis Coupon]
An advertisement flier for Alkavis, a product manufactured by the Church Kidney Cure Company.
[AMA Information Sheet]
Faded information sheet about the American Motorcross Association, including names of staff and officials. Includes handwritten markings.
[Amended response and brief in opposition to plaintiffs' motion to certify class]
Amended opposition documents against the plaintiffs' motion to certify class from the case Dallas Gay Alliance v Parkland Hospital. Includes handwritten markings.
[Amendment 2 victory means no rest for the righteous]
A text from Elizabeth Birch urging the civil rights movement to continue to fight for gay rights.
[American Shorthorn Breeders' Association Registry Certificate, December 13, 1917]
This is a certificate from the American Shorthorn Breeders' Association. The registry form has not been completely filled out.
[Amount of Forage Received for April 27, 1863]
Report of the amount of forage received for April 27, 1863. A total of 36 sacks of corn, 32 sacks of oats, and 37 bales of hay were received. The report was created on May 1 as indicated on the back page.
[Analysis: AIDS Health Education Program]
A report of compiled information from 1987-1990 surveys about students knowledge of HIV/AIDS.
[Announcement: Dallas Gay Pride Week]
Photocopy of an announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services inviting its employees to attend the Dallas Gay Pride Week to continue to celebrate the diversity of the Department.
[Announcement for press conference at Austin, Texas]
A document announcing a press conference at the State Capitol Building in Austin, Texas pertaining to Baker v. Wade final verdict.
[Announcement of Commencement for Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, June 13, 1899]
Commencement program for Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College Corps of Cadets. It lists the class roll and committees.
[Annual Diva Fall Classic]
An announcement with the details about the upcoming Annual DIVA Fall Classic IV premier tournament.
[Answer to interrogatory number 3]
List of expert witnesses for trial.
Anti Gay/Lesbian Defamation Lowlights in 1991
Document chronicling the anti-gay remarks of presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan.
[Anti-immigration protest march]
This article mostly contains captions of photographs of a Minuteman Project March held in Denton .Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
[Anything Goes, Against Aids]
An advertisement for the upcoming theatrical production "Anything Goes". The proceeds of the show will go to the AIDS Resource Center.
[Apartment's history]
A brief history and data of the Junius Height apartments owned by Craig Daniel and Ron Ruggles.
[Appeal to the Board of Adjustment]
A document of Appeal to the Board Adjustment requesting to terminate apartment use in a single family zoning.
[Appeal to the Dallas Board of Adjustment]
Appeal to the Dallas Board of Adjustment about Craig McDaniel's alleged drug house.
[Appendix, December 10, 1894]
Appendix from C. B. Moore's diary, dated 7:30am December 10, 1894. The reverse side contains a bill of groceries from H. S. Moore.
[Appendix to cross-petition for writ of certiorari]
An appendix to cross-petition for writ of certiorari on Baker v. Wade lawsuit case challenging 21.01 and 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code.