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Europe (London), 1924

Description: This photo shows Ruth Roach, and other horsemen, riding a horse into the front door of a building before a crowd of onlookers.
Date: 1924
Item Type: Photograph

[Fort Worth Construction]

Description: Photograph of three men working in a dug out area. There are homes visible in the background at the top of the ditch. There is a truck visible in the right side of the frame.
Date: 1920
Creator: Williams, Byrd, Jr.
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

Geologic Map of Denton County, Texas

Description: Geologic map of Denton County, Texas that has color-coded sections. Scale [ca. 1: 170,000].
Date: 1925
Creator: Winton, W. M. (Will McClain), 1885-1960; Hawley, John B. & Winton, H. T.
Item Type: Map

[Historical Building and Science Building at North Texas State Normal College]

Description: Photograph, facing southwest, of the Historical Building (in center background) and Science Building (on right) at North Texas State Normal College. In the right of the photograph, a man and woman are looking at a book and sitting on a bench next to the ground floor windows of the Science Building, while another man can be seen leaning out of the first floor window above the man and woman on the bench. In the left of the photograph, several trees, a fence, and a gate can be seen lining one of the campus walkways. The number "53" is written in bold ink in the bottom right corner of the photograph. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "Campus, inner, 1922".
Date: 1922
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Horse drawn cart and car]

Description: Photograph of a city street scene taken from a rooftop. A horse drawn cart and automobile travel along the same street while a man and woman cross the street.
Date: [1929..]
Creator: Williams, Byrd, III
Item Type: Photograph

[Houston skyline]

Description: Photograph of the Houston skyline. The Esperson building is the tallest building on the right and the Gulf Building is the tall building located to its left.
Date: [1929..]
Creator: Williams, Byrd, III
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[In Soldier's Field, Chicago], 1927

Description: This photo shows a group of eleven cowgirls standing in Soldier's Field, Chicago, with a row of classical columns behind them. From left to right, they are: Fox Hastings, Donna Cowan, Marie Gibson, Florence Hughes, Tad Lucas, Grace Runyan, Ruth Roach, Rose Smith, Bonnie McCarroll (possibly), Vera McGinnis, and Mabel Strickland.
Date: 1927
Item Type: Photograph

[Inez Evans North Texas State Normal College diploma]

Description: Diploma from North Texas State Normal College certifying that Inez Evans has completed the necessary coursework to earn a degree of Bachelor of Arts. At the top of the document is an illustration of the Texas Coat of Arms; a star of five points, encircled by a wreath of olive and live oak branches The Certificate is signed by President William Herschel Bruce and President of the Board of Regents M. O. Flowers. At the bottom of the diploma it is embossed with the North Texas State Normal College seal.
Date: August 25, 1922
Creator: North Texas Normal College
Item Type: Text

[Invitation for the Inauguration of Robert Lincoln Marquis, May 24, 1925]

Description: Invitation for the inauguration of Robert Lincoln Marquis as President of the North Texas State Teachers College. The invitation is printed on card stock paper in black ink and states "The Regents and the Faculty of the North Texas State Teachers College have the honor to invite you to be present or to be represented at the inauguration of Robert Lincoln Marquis as President of the North Texas State Teachers College Sunday evening, May the twenty fourth nineteen hundred and twenty-five eight o'clock. It is requested that a reply is sent to Dean W.J. McConnell Teachers College Station Denton, Texas."
Date: May 1925
Creator: North Texas State Teachers College
Item Type: Pamphlet

Julia Smith, Composer

Description: North Texas State Normal College, Julia Smith, composer of Alma Mater, "Glory to the Green," 1922. Woman posing.
Date: c. 1922
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter from Irene Williams to B. M. Williams, February 11, 1923]

Description: Letter from Irene Williams to her husband, complaining that he has not been writing to her and updating him on family and local news. She also enclosed clippings of four newspaper articles on various topics related to El Paso, Texas. The envelope is addressed to Mr. B. M. Williams in Long Beach, California.
Date: February 11, 1923
Creator: Williams, Irene
Item Type: Letter

[Main Building and Science Building]

Description: Photograph of the Main Building (Old Main) and the Science Building prior to the Main Building's demolition. The Main Building was constructed in 1904, the second permanent structure on North Texas Campus. It housed an auditorium that seated 1,200, library, administrative offices, and classrooms. Sometimes referred to as the Old Main building, the structure was demolished in 1923 to make way for the new Administration Building, which is now the Auditorium Building.The Science Building was built in 1910 and demolished in 1967 to make way for the Language Building.
Date: 1923
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info: