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[Students Gathering]

Description: Photograph of several students gathered in what appears to be a park. One student stands shirtless and another wears a fringed vest. The group stands by a tree with an advertisement for "transcendental meditation." The tree also has a faux deer head mounted to its trunk. Children are playing in the background of the image.
Date: unknown

[Students in Art Business Class]

Description: Photograph of three artists, a women and two men, paper mâchéing a 3-D art form using chicken wire,wood, and newsprints during an art business class on two separate tables. There are 3 different paper mâché art forms: a giraffe being worked on by the woman on a table, a head resting on a different table, and a full body person standing.
Date: August 1961

[Students in chemistry library]

Description: Photograph of students and faculty in the chemistry library. Two students, one male and one female, are sitting at a table reading. The male student is reading "Chemie." Another student is browsing the card catalog while a female student behind him is looking through a flip chart. The chemistry professor is standing on a stool pulling a book from the shelf.
Date: 19uu