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Feria Estatal
A brief article and captions to the four photographs of the Texas State Fair. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
[File folder: Handwritten notes]
File folder with handwritten notes on it.
[Film Text: Ecce Homo]
Film narrative for "Ecce Homo", a short film that sought to reclaim homosexual sex.
[Financial note, December 15, 1879]
Personal notes from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The document has a financial note on the front of the paper. The financial note states that C. B. Moore is to pay H. S. Moore $22.50 after seven months from December 15, 1879. This fragment of paper appears to have been re-used for the financial note. The back of the document has "C. B. Moore Note $22.50" scrawled over handwritten text about going to the mill.
[Financial notes]
Personal notes from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It was created by H. S. Moore. The document has lists, financial information including shares and money owed to Moore, shorthand symbols, and calculations on the front and back of the paper.
[Financial report: Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas 1988]
Financial summary of the LGPC in 1988.
[Fire in Ringgold]
This article deals with the wildfire that destroyed the town of Ringglod, Texas. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
[First note]
Document that says "first note", showing equations. The document lists several numbers, with no indication of what they are for.
[Flyer: 7th Annual Creating Change Conference]
A flyer from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force about the 7th Annual Creating Change Conference taking place in Dallas, Texas.
[Flyer Advertising Diamonds]
Flyer advertising the sale of cheaper diamonds from Otto Wettstein in Rochelle, Illinois, a business founded in 1857.
[Flyer and advertisement: Queer Desires - speaking out for sex in the movement]
A flyer and typed advertisement promoting Queer Desires: Speaking Out for Sex in the Movement, an LGBT positive performance presented by On Our Backs and Steam.
[Flyer: Best Sex is Safe Sex]
An informational flyer encouraging safe sex, describing how to use condoms, and offering contact information for LGB resource centers.
[Flyer: Bill Nelson, City Council]
A campaign flyer announcing that Bill Nelson would be going door-to-door to meet residents and encourage people to vote for him in the upcoming city hall election.
[Flyer: Bill Nelson, City Council]
A campaign flyer encouraging people to vote for Bill Nelson in the upcoming city council election.
[Flyer: Burn, Baby, Burn!]
An event flyer for LIFEbeat, a themed fundraising event to raise money for AIDS.
[Flyer: City Council Place 9 Race]
A flyer from Bill Nelson's campaign comparing his political stances with his opponent's, Jerry Rucker.
[Flyer: Closing ceremonies at Yankee Stadium]
A flyer from Unity 94' announcing the Gay Games closing ceremonies taking place at the Yankee Stadium in New York. Other documents including more information about the ceremonies and a signing sheet for a group ticket.
[Flyer: Deaf Buddy Workshop]
A flyer from the Dallas County AIDS Task Force advertising a Deaf Buddy Workshop to offer specialized training to assist volunteers in providing emotional support to those with hearing impediments.
[Flyer: Embracing Our Diversity Conference]
A flyer advertising a conference for lesbian and gay students to embrace diversity and learn about leadership tools.
[Flyer: GALPAC Needs Your Support]
A flyer from Gay and Lesbian Association Political Action Committee seeking to raise funds to conduct an aspirin therapy awareness campaign.
[Flyer: HIV+ Support Group for Young Gay and Bisexual Males]
A flyer with handwritten notes from the Dallas County Health Department advertising a support group for HIV positive homosexual and bisexual men ages 25 and under.
[Flyer: Lea Delaria signs 3 album deal with Rising Star Records]
A release from Rising Star Records about Lea DeLaria, a lesbian comedian, signing a three album deal with them.
[Flyer & Photos: AIDS Prevention Project Dallas]
A flyer and photos from the AIDS Education Bureau promoting a four hour training program taking place in Dallas to educate community members about HIV/AIDS.
[Flyer: Pride at work - Stonewall 25]
A flyer from the National Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered Labor Organization advertising their upcoming conference, Pride at Work, pointed at teaching LGBT activists how to carry that activism with them into their workplace.
[Flyer: Protest and Press Conference]
A flyer promoting a protest and press conference in response to a Dallas bailiff, Robert Earl Smith, remarking that the jury should only give a rapist 30 days in jail because the woman he raped was a lesbian.
[Flyer: Stonewall 25 OUT around the world!]
An advertisement for the International Direct Actions and Rally at the United Nations in honor of Stonewall's 25th anniversary.
[Flyer: Tejano Dance]
A flyer from the Austin Latino/a Lesbian & Gay Organization (ALLGO) advertising their Tejano Dance.
[Flyer: The People of Color Caucus]
A flyer from the March on Austin for Lesbian/Gay Equal Rights promoting a reception they will be hosting for people of color.
[Flyer: We're Talking Vulva]
A flyer with a copy of a news article from The Village Voice printed on the back, promoting and discussing "We're Talking Vulva", a feminist, educational, production funded by the Canadian Government.
[Flyer with Handwritten Notes: Dallas Gay Alliance]
A flyer from the Dallas Gay Alliance listing the organizations that are a part of the Alliance. There are also handwritten notes on the back about testing and counseling.
[Folder: Dallas 1992 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival]
A folder full of pictures and information concerning the 1992 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival taking place in Dallas and being sponsored by the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.
[Folder: Progress in Prevention - Press Kit]
A press kit from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services for the Sixth International Conference on AIDS.
[Form: National Endorsement Campaign for n the non-discrimination for lesbian and gay Americans]
Blank endorsement form for the non-discrimination for lesbian and gay Americans written by the Human Rights Campaign Fund.
[Form: NLGJA interest form]
NLGJA interest form, filled out by Dennis Vercher.
[Form: Questionnaire for Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition endorsement in the 1991 city council election]
Questionnaire for the LGPC endorsement in the 1991 city council and mayoral election.
[Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce]
The Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offers free classes in business training and scholarships. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
[Fort Worth International Center]
This article has information on how the Fort Worth International Center assists Hispanic artists to promote their product and services. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
[Fragment of paper]
The following document is a fragment of paper from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It has two names on it and they are: W. B. Spaulding and Mr. John J. Thomas. The document is undated.
[Freight Receipt, December 12, 1891]
Freight receipt made out to C. B. Moore for one box valued at $5.50 and sent to J. K Dodd in Pauls Valley, Indian Territory.
[Funds Request: AIDS Resouce Center of Dallas]
A funding request from The Foundation for Human Understanding on behalf of the AIDS Resource Center of Dallas, seeking monetary assistance to begin a clinical research facility in Dallas.
[Furlough pass for Hamilton K. Redway, February 15, 1865]
Furlough pass for Hamilton K. Redway.
[Gala dinner]
This article deals with the dinner and crowning of a beauty queen at the gala event held by the Federation of Zacatecans of Fort Worth. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
[Gay Games IV & Cultural Festival schedule]
A schedule of dates and times for the sport events at the Gay Games IV (1994). The text includes the locations and announces performers to participate at the Gay Games.
[Gay GOP Leader Bastian's Comments on Supreme Court Ruling in Colorado Case]
A document pertaining to the Republicans for Individuals Freedoms Leader, Gary Bastian, praising the Supreme Courts decision in Romer v. Evans ruling.
[Gay GOP leader Bastian's comments on Supreme Court ruling in Colorado case]
A press release from the Republicans for Individual Freedoms leader, Gary Bastian, urging gay leaders and activists to not dismiss Republican judges as having anti-gay agendas.
["Gay Rich", The Howard Stern Show]
A script from Richard James, "Gay Rich", pertaining to his appearances in the The Howard Stern Show.
[General court martial order, April 12, 1864]
General court martial order sent to Lieut. H. K. Redway summoning him to a court session on April 13, 1864 at 10 o'clock. The session was being held in Martinsburg, West Virgina. Lieut. Redway would be part of the defense in the case of U. S. vs. John Whittey, Jr., 1st N. Y. Veteran Cavalry.
[General orders no. 1, January 2, 1865]
General orders no.1 announces the department staff and details that communications should be addressed to the corresponding heads of different staff departments.
[General orders no. 2, January 13, 1865]
General orders no. 2 specifies five orders that will promote uniformity in reports and returns. These orders will also prevent illegal and irregular details in reports or returns.
[General orders no. 2, January 13, 1865]
General orders no. 2 specifies five orders that will promote uniformity in reports and returns. These orders will also prevent illegal and irregular details in reports or returns.