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10 Maneros De Hacer Que A Su Familia Le Encanten Las Frutas Y Verduras
A guide to ten ways to encourage you family to eat fruits and vegetables.
100 Years of Rule of Capture: From East to Groundwater Management
A volume of essays written by speakers at the "100 Years of Rule of Capture: From East to Groundwater Management" symposium.
208 Planning Detailed Work Program
Report detailing the analyses and investigations needed over a two year period, formulates operable alternative subplans for the management of water quality, and resolves environmental problems throughout the Alamo Area Council of Governments 208 Region.
1998 Homeowners Insurance Rate Guide, Territory 19N (Counties of Archer, Baylor, Clay, Foard, Hardeman, Haskell, Jones, Knox, Shackelford, Wichita, and Willacy)
Insurance rate guide for territory 19N (Counties of Archer, Baylor, Clay, Foard, Hardeman, Haskell, Jones, Knox, Shackelford, Wichita, and Willacy).
1st Quarter, 2007 Results New Community Supervision Diversion Funding Provided by the 79th Legislature
Series of charts and graphs representing funding expenses for state felony revocations, early discharge, and CSO employment numbers with comparisons to previous fiscal years.
2002 Lottery Security Audit Report
This report provides an assessment of the security established by management to support the integrity, security, honesty, and fairness of the Texas Lottery's operations, gaming services, and instant and online ticket productions.
2006 Demographic Study of Texas Lottery Players
This report provides the results of a random survey of adult Texas residents aged 18 and older to measure the citizen participation rates, the distribution and frequency of play, and the demographic profiles of the past-year players and the non-players.
2008 Salary Survey
Fact finding survey on the average employee pay, period of employment, and methodology used for the survey.
2008 Turnover Survey
Survey conducted to examine the reason for the high voluntary termination rate among Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department employees.
2010-2011 Suplemento en Espanol del Folleto de Mapas de Areas Publicas de Caza
Brochure with maps showing public hunting lands.
2011 Report on Projects for Traffic from International Trade
Annual summary report by TxDOT on highways projects and ability of state highway system to handle traffic resulting from international trade primarily focused in the El Paso, Laredo, and Pharr Districts.
2011 Texas Sales and Use Tax Rates
Guide to sales and use tax in Texas and listings of the rates for all the areas in Texas with special cases noted at the beginning.
2012-2013 UHCL Graduate Catalog
Catalog of graduate courses offered for the 2012-2013 school year including degree requirements and faculty information.
2012 Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan
Plan outlining conservation concerns as well as outdoor needs as noted by citizens and outdoor professionals when surveyed.
2012 Texas Transit Statistics
Compiled report of individual transit agency reporting of transportation efficiency, effectiveness, and safety for the year 2012.
2012 Undergraduate Transportation Scholars Program: Compendium of Student Papers
This report is a compilation of research papers written by undergraduate students participating in the 2012 Undergraduate Transportation Scholars Program.
2013-2014 Recreational Fishing Regulations
This booklet describes the bag limits of both fresh and saltwater species and the hunting seasons for each species for the 2013-2014 season effective September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014.
2013 Accommodations Guide
This guide lists available temporary travel lodging available in Texas.
2013 Clean Rivers Program Basic Summary Report
Report on water quality date and activities report for the Guadalupe River Basin.
2013 Emissions Inventory Guidelines
This a publication by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality illustrating the mission of the agency and its objectives.
2013 Texas Legislative Council: Annual Financial Report
Annual financial report for the Texas Legislative Council for fiscal year ending August 31, 2013.
2014-2015 Map Booklet for Public Hunting Lands: Including Private Dove and Small Game Leases
This is a guide for hunters seeking to access hunting on public lands. The guide offers information on the various public hunt regions. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides information on Annual Public Hunting permits, rule changes for 2014, and a segment of special reminders. Also included are segments on legal game, prohibited acts, youth hunting, hunter education, and USFS restrictions.
2014-2015 Recreational Fishing Regulations
Booklet giving 2014-2015 regulations based on species for recreational fishing and hunting date ranges for each species.
2014 Annual Financial Report-- Texas Southern University
Annual financial report of Texas Southern University (TSU) for FY 2014.
2014 Annual Report of Nonfinancial Data-- The Office of Injured Employee Counsel
Annual report from the Office of Injured Employee Counsel including nonfinancial data.
2014 Christmas in the Parks
Guide to each event hosted by park with dates and times listed for the 2014 holiday season.
2014 Clean Rivers Program Basin Highlights Report: Guadalupe River and Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basins
Report on the activities of the Clean Rivers Program with the Guadalupe River and Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basins.
2014 Report on Customer Services
Compilation report of performance measures as reported by customers for the 2014
2014 Texas Capitol Complex Telephone Directory
Telephone directory for each office and individual person located within the Capitol Complex for the 2014 year.
2014 Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan: A Report of Progress
2014 update on TxDOT's implementation of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).
2015-2019 Strategic Plan-- Texas Department of Transportation
Agency strategic plan for TxDOT, FY 2015-2019.
2015-2019 Texas Workforce Commission
Agency strategic plan of the Texas Workforce Commission for FY 2015-2019.
2015 Media Directory
This is the listing of all the divisions of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the officers of those divisions with their contact information.
2015 Texas Capitol Complex Telephone Directory
This is a phone directory for the Capital Complexs centralized telephone system. Included in the directory is the listing of Texas agencies, departments, divisions, and offices.
2015 Treasure of the Texas Coast Calendar
This is a calendar for the year 2015 published by the Texas General Land Office. The calendar promotes the adopt a beach program to aid in keeping Texas public beaches clean. The art work in the Calendar was done by Texas youth.
Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks: A guide for owners and operators of ASTs
This is a general guide to laws and regulations for aboveground storage tanks and an aid in minimizing potential risks.
Accessibility Guide to the Texas State Capitol
An accessibility guide to the Texas State Capitol for disabled people.
Accuracy Testing of Gauges Used for Testing Backflow-Protection Assemblies
This publication is for public water system personnel, licensed backflow-prevention assembly testers, and individuals or companies that test the accuracy of gauges used for testing backflow-prevention assemblies.
ACH Payment Instructions
This document is published by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality providing option on how make payments.
Acoustic Monitoring on the Fred Hartman Bridge
Report on TxDOT's tests and investigations on the acoustic monitoring program to "listen" to the structure of the Fred Hartman Bridge in ways that can identify any breaking of the strands of the stay cables.
Active Military Licenses
An information sheet on Texas resident active duty military free hunting and fishing licenses.
Advanced Employment Law Course, 2012
Course materials for an advanced employment law course in 2012.
Affected Property Assessment Requirements under TRRP
This document outlines the requirements for defining the three-dimensional extent of the affected property and protective concentration level exceedance zone pursuant to the Texas Risk Reduction Plan (TRRP).
After A Disaster: Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
Informational sheet about what to do if someone feels that the drinking water is unsafe after a disaster and the meaning of boil water notices.
Agency Strategic Plan
Agency strategic plan of the Texas Funeral Service Commission for FY 2015-2019.
Agency Strategic Plan 2015-2019
This is a strategic plan prepared by the Texas Comptrollers of Public Accounts for the years 2015-2019. The plan defines a strategic plan, how it pertains to the agency and how it effects Texans. The body of the plan covers external/internal assessments, agency goals, and strategies.
Agency Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2001-2005
Agency strategic plan for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for FY 2001-2005.
Agency Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2015-2019
Agency strategic plan by the Texas Facilities Commission for FY 2015-2019.
Agency Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2015-2019
This is the strategic plan of the Office of the Attorney General during the period 2015-2019. The plan states the philosophy, goals, and elements of the State and Agency. Included in the plan are the external/internal assessment, strategies, and technology resources planning.
Agency Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2015-2019
A report Texas Commission on Law Enforcement detailing benchmarks, agency goals, and objectives, for the fiscal years 2015-2019.