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208 Planning Detailed Work Program

Description: Report detailing the analyses and investigations needed over a two year period, formulates operable alternative subplans for the management of water quality, and resolves environmental problems throughout the Alamo Area Council of Governments 208 Region.
Date: April 1976
Creator: Alamo Area Council of Governments

Community Analysis 1974

Description: Report describing the demographics of San Antonio and other environmental and population statistics for the city during 1974, as an update to a similar study in 1972.
Date: October 1974
Creator: San Antonio (Tex.). Planning and Community Development Department. Comprehensive Planning Division.

Development of the Central City District

Description: A report detailing strategy for expanding the city of San Antonio while accounting for inherent issues in city planning.
Date: November 1972
Creator: Hunt, Loyd

EODC Migrant Manpower Project For Bexar County

Description: A report on the Migrant Manpower Project of the Economic Opportunities Development Corporation in Bexar County.
Date: April 10, 1972
Creator: Economic Opportunities Development Corporation

Funding Request- Full Year Head Start

Description: Funding request for Head Start program in San Antonio/Bexar County run by the Economic Opportunities Development Corporation. Includes verification of compliance with federal grant requirements.
Date: October 8, 1971
Creator: Economic Opportunities Development Corp. of San Antonio and Bexar County

History of Water in the San Antonio River Valley

Description: This document provides a history of the San Antonio River Valley, following the development of water use and control with the establishment of San Antonio in 1691 through 1920.
Date: September 1970
Creator: Wilson, William Feathergail

Market Square/El Mercado, San Antonio, Texas

Description: Brochure discussing upcoming development of the Market Square area of San Antonio and the reopening of a market in the historical market building there.
Date: 1975
Creator: San Antonio Development Agency

"On This Day of New Beginnings"

Description: Compilation of select inaugural addresses with brief biographies preceding each speech entry.
Date: 1979
Creator: McDonald, Archie P.

Overall Program Design

Description: This document presents the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) approach and Overall Program Design (OPD) for the establishment of an AACOG Planning and Management (APM) program.
Date: 1972
Creator: Alamo Area Council of Governments

A Preliminary Model of the Structure of the Alamo Area Council of Governments Economy in 1972

Description: In conjunction with a statewide interindustry study of the Texas economy a preliminary 1972 input-output model was estimated for the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) economy. The model examined in this report is based on estimated outputs for 1972 and updates the existing 1967 model. The report provides brief explanation of the development and application of the input-output model. The AACOG economy is divided into 113 economic sectors in the preliminary 1972 input-output model; however, the 113 sectors were summarized into a 15 sector model for illustrating the input-output analysis techniques in this report.
Date: September 1974
Creator: Alamo Area Council of Governments. Regional Analysis Division.

Regional Alcoholism Plan 1978

Description: A regional plan that provides for the orderly development of a coordinated comprehensive network of alcoholism prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs.
Date: March 1978
Creator: Alamo Area Council of Governments

Regional Goals: A Preliminary Statement

Description: Preliminary statement highlighting the plans and goals for each program and facility involved in the planning program of the Alamo Area Council of Governments.
Date: 1970
Creator: Alamo Area Council of Governments

San Antonio City Public Service Annual Report: 1977

Description: The annual report on the financial statements, operations, and future plans for City Public Service, the gas and electric utility serving San Antonio, Texas, for fiscal year 1977.
Date: Spring 1977
Creator: City Public Service (San Antonio, Tex.)