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Acetylene-Gas Generator.

Description: Patent for an acetylene-gas generator that provides an apparatus in which the parts may be readily detached for convenience in making repairs.
Date: June 5, 1908
Creator: Carl, Reinhold A.

Acetylene-Gas Generator

Description: Patent for a large hopper-based device which generates acetylene gas.
Date: April 1, 1902
Creator: Clopton, John B.

Automatic Regulator for Pneumatic Flues

Description: Patent for a regulated valve to automatically maintain air pressure in a pneumatic conveyor flue. Excessive air pressure causes a secondary valve to open and vent the pressure while at the same time impeding air flow downstream.
Date: May 28, 1901
Creator: Caffey, Charles B.


Description: Patent for a bicycle that has a drive wheel, a ratchet wheel attached to the drive wheel, a chain that goes around the ratchet wheel, an apparatus for reciprocating the chain, a guideway from the chain to the ratchet wheel, a knob on the chain that engages the guideway, a pair of levers connected to the chain, and a chord that connects the levers to the chain.
Date: February 19, 1895
Creator: Williams, Elbert D.


Description: Patent for a boat propeller, which is inexpensive and adaptable to small boats. The propeller can go forwards or backwards and use multiple oars.
Date: February 5, 1901
Creator: Caffey, John W.

Buggy-Shaft Brace.

Description: Patent for buggy shaft braces for connecting the shaft and cross bar of a vehicle, in order to eliminate malfunction of cross bar.
Date: September 23, 1913
Creator: Brunken, John H.


Description: Patent for an improved car-coupling, including illustrations.
Date: January 11, 1887
Creator: Young, James D.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in the combination of the draw-heads provided with projections, a coupling-link, an operating-rod loosely connected to each of its ends, and a suitable support or guide through which these rods move . . . The object of [the] invention is to provide a car-coupling in which the two cars are coupled together by means of a link which is provided with an operating rod at each end, both of the rods and the link being attached to one of the cars only" (lines 14-26).
Date: April 29, 1890
Creator: Campbell, Neil Franklin


Description: Patent for an improvement in car couplings "whereby the pin-support is operated not by the links but by the impact of the cars themselves and of a yielding link" (lines 55-58).
Date: June 7, 1892
Creator: Young, James D.


Description: Patent for a cotton chopper with rotating blades.
Date: July 4, 1911
Creator: Prokschl, Mathias


Description: Patent fora dishwasher. The object of this invention is to furnish an improved means for washing dishes in such a manner that all foreign substances, greasy matters, and offensive odors may be readily and expeditiously removed and the dishes restored dry and clean by the operation of the machine without handling them.
Date: January 14, 1891
Creator: Hoppe, J. Frederick William

Folding Lamp Shelf for Pianos.

Description: Patent for a new and improved lamp shelf for pianos. This design "consists in an arm pivoted to the back of a music-rack and carrying a lamp-shelf, the arm being arranged to swing outward into a horizontal position, and the shelf being connected with the end of the arm by a pivotal connection, which permits of turning it outward and downward into a horizontal position in front of the plane of the music-rack" (lines 22-30).
Date: August 31, 1886
Creator: Prause, Reinhard

Furnace-Forming Die

Description: Patent for a die for fashioning a furnace for cooking and ironing. Illustrations included.
Date: January 17, 1911
Creator: Williams, Robert L.

Gin Saw Gummer.

Description: Patent for a new and improved gin saw gummer. This design "consists in constructing a gin-saw gummer of a base-block, having a slot to receive the saw, and carrying the dics or stationary cutters, the guide-bar and shoe, the weight-bar, the pivoted bar, carrying the cutter and the gage, the lever and cam for operating the cutter-bar, and the feed mechanism" (lines 23-29).
Date: March 1, 1881
Creator: Clopton, John Benjamin


Description: Patent for a hay bailing machine. "The invention relates to bailing-presses, and more particularly to that class adapted for bailing hay, straw, &c.; and it has for one object to provide a simple and efficient construction in which a continuous rotation of the bailing-lever will act in conjunction with a retractile spring to reciprocate the plunger" (lines 7-13). "A further object of the invention is to provide a simple and efficient construction of detent for holding the gate after the hay or other material has been compressed and while the piston is retracted" (lines 14-18). Includes specifications and illustrations.
Date: May 1, 1900
Creator: Garrett, Irvin H.

Improvement in Belt-Fasteners.

Description: Patent for new and useful improvements in Belt-Fasteners. Illustration is included.
Date: November 28, 1871
Creator: Olmsted, Marcellus

Improvement in Corn-Planters

Description: Patent for a construction that will act as a plow, and aid in the process of planting corn. The patent includes instructions and an illustration.
Date: September 8, 1868
Creator: Kidd, I. J.

Improvement in Cotton-Presses.

Description: Patent for "cotton-presses of the upright kind; and the nature thereof consists in combining, with a pulley-wheel keyed upon the shaft of a gear-wheel actuating the follower-screw, and a larger pulley-wheel keyed upon the shaft of a gear-wheel actuating a cog-wheel upon the end of an actuating-shaft, having its bearings at one end in the press-frame, and at the other in a vibrating lever, whereby the said friction-pulley can be brought to bear against the larger pulley, for the purpose of running up the follower, or against the small pulley for the purpose of running it down, by drawing the said level inward or outward." (Lines 15-30) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 6, 1875
Creator: Knowles, William W.

Improvement in Cotton-Presses.

Description: Patent for a cotton press that is constructed using fewer parts than other models. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 30, 1870
Creator: Knowles, William Wadsworth

Improvement in Cotton-Presses.

Description: Reissued patent for a new and useful improvement in cotton press: "The invention consists in operating the nut of a follower-screw by means of a drive-pinion, whose own shaft is actuated alternately in opposite directions, by a friction-wheel" (lines 13-16).
Date: March 31, 1874
Creator: Knowles, William Wadsworth

Improvement in Cotton-Scrapers.

Description: Patent for improvement in cotton-scrapers by using the combination of horizontal bars, cams, and a beam which consist of ploughs to construct the cotton-scraper; when the “cams revolve and give a lateral and forward motion to the horizontal bars, the beam and the ploughs. As it works backward and forward, the ploughs each describe a zigzag line which cross and leave a hill in diamond-shape undisturbed.” (Lines 21-24) Illustration is included.
Date: April 28, 1868
Creator: Kidd, I. J.

Improvement in Fire-Tongs

Description: Patent for a part to prevent the legs of fire-tongs from lapping or crossing each other.
Date: January 17, 1871
Creator: George, Alfred M.

Improvement in Pen-Holders.

Description: Patent for new improvements on the design of the pen-holder, including illustrations.
Date: January 24, 1871
Creator: George, Alfred M.