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Acetylene-Gas Generator.

Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvement sin acetylene gas generators, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 20, 1900
Creator: Pitts, William Wirt

Advertising Device.

Description: Patent for "a simple and inexpensive advertising device adapted to be placed on street corners and other public places and capable of exciting the curiosity and attracting attention, and thereby directing the attention of persons to the advertisement" (lines 11-16).
Date: March 20, 1894
Creator: Attaway, Henry F.

Apparatus for Trimming Hooves of Animals.

Description: Patent for a new and improved hoof trimmer. This design "consists in an upright standard or support having a concaved supporting-recess adapted to receive the animal's hoof, with parallel guide-ways arranged in rear thereof, a trimming implement moving in said guides, and so constructed as to operate upon the hoof without injury to the frog, and means for reciprocating the trimming device from either side of the animal" (lines 16-25).
Date: December 11, 1883
Creator: Mullins, Joshua C.

Attachment for Cultivators.

Description: Patent for an improved arch-bar for cultivators that allows increasing and decreasing the space between drag bars without having to stop the team of horses.
Date: July 31, 1906
Creator: Weempe, Charles M.

Autographic Register.

Description: Patent for a device to register fares in situations where passengers pay to be transported from one location to another, specifically by train. The fare-collector needs a way to have accurate receipts as fares are collected. The invention is a "small portable ticket-holder and registering device (lines 38-39), that issues valid tickets "which will enable a conductor to keep a correct current amount of fares as received as well as a record of tickets sold and mileage traveled on same" (lines 41-45), and prevents dishonesty in fare-collectors.
Date: November 3, 1896
Creator: Bond, George D.

Bailing Press

Description: Patent for a baling press. This invention combines a truck and horse that facilitates the pressing of hay.
Date: March 12, 1902
Creator: Moore, James Solomon; Adams, Barnett V.; Roy, Ransom J. & Jack, I. Frank


Description: Patent for an improvement in baling-presses that uses a plunger operated press for maximum compression and minimum power.
Date: November 5, 1901
Creator: Hayes, Daniel George


Description: Patent for improvements of patent no. 685838, dated November 5, 1901 by the same inventor George Daniel Hayes. The improvements included “the mounting of the plunger-operating lever, so as to insure a quick and positive disengagement thereof from the plunger-rod at the completion of the stroke and also to arrange for applying the power to the lever in such a manner as to obviate twisting thereof.” (Lines 14-19) Other improvements such as improved tension device for the plunger-operating lever, to provide the press with means whereby all of the bales may be formed of equal lengths and, means for preventing backward movement of the bales. Illustration is included.
Date: May 17, 1904
Creator: Hayes, George Daniel


Description: Patent for Baling-Press designed particularly as a further improvement of the press and eliminate the long operating lever. (lines 12-14).
Date: December 12, 1905
Creator: Hayes, George Daniel


Description: Patent for a bicycle frame that can be used on bicycles in general, but is particularly suited for spring frame bicycles including illustrations.
Date: September 11, 1900
Creator: Mills, Virgel H.


Description: Patent for a new and useful bicycle frame, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 23, 1899
Creator: Mills, Virgel H.

Breast Connector

Description: Patent for a breast connector for horses. Illustration included.
Date: March 14, 1905
Creator: Mills, Virgel H.

Bridle Bit.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bridle-bit. This design consists "[i]n a bridle-bit, the combination, with the bit-bar, provided with the loops of the angle-levers mounted on the said bar and having their corresponding arms respectively connected by the curb-chain and provided with rein loops or rings and the studs or pins on the levers engaging the loops" (lines 70-76).
Date: May 21, 1889
Creator: Bowles, Zachary Taylor


Description: Patent for a bundle tie particularly designed for mail packages. Illustrations included.
Date: September 10, 1907
Creator: Price, Thomas M. & Richard, Jay S.

Calipers and Dividers.

Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in measuring instruments, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 12, 1898
Creator: Taulman, Joseph Edwin

Car Brake

Description: Patent for a rail car brake. Illustration included.
Date: August 4, 1904
Creator: Pepple, John W.


Description: Patent for an improved design for casters, otherwise known as "rollers for bedsteads and the like" (lines 15-16), including illustrations.
Date: April 19, 1881
Creator: Custer, George


Description: Patent for "a clothes pin or clasp which will have a clamping-spring action and which can be conveniently manipulated to apply or remove it to and from a holding position and one wherein the clamping members mainly he within the same plane" (lines 7-13).
Date: May 21, 1901
Creator: Horsley, Robert L.


Description: Patent for a simple and inexpensive clothes pounder that has a conical casing, interior concentric partition, and equal draft and suction. The casing is divided into two compartments, but the divider has openings for air and suds.
Date: July 18, 1893
Creator: Ware, William P.


Description: Patent for a clothes pounder "which will inclose a body of air and expel the same when it is brought down upon the clothes forcing water through the clothes and filling with water an upper chamber, and which when lifted from the clothes will release a body of water at the top of the pounder and cause water to pass through the clothes" (lines 12-19).
Date: March 7, 1893
Creator: Beaver, William G.


Description: Patent for improvements in atmospheric clothes pounders: "Dividing the outer section into compartments so that air in escaping is distributed evenly from all sides of the pounder instead of escaping in a body from one side, whenever the pounder strikes a wad or knot of cloths and is tipped sidewise; it also makes the suction better" (lines 49-55).
Date: May 2, 1893
Creator: Allgaier, George E.

Coffee Roaster.

Description: Patent for a new and improved "culinary utensil primarily intended for use as a coffee roaster, but also . . . of any article which needs to be stirred while upon the fire" (lines 12-16). This design utilizes a crankshaft to stir the beans (or other foods) as they roast.
Date: August 23, 1881
Creator: Walling, Edmund Pendleton


Description: Patent for combination-heater in which it can be submerged directly in a body of water contained in any open-top vessel, such as a bath-hub, bucket or other receptacle for the purpose of raising the temperature of the water to a desired degree. (Lines 12-16) Illustration is included.
Date: March 24, 1903
Creator: Mansfield, Charles Augustus & Hayes, George Daniel