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Description: Patent for an alarm designed to attach to windows or entryways and sound to alert residents of a burglary attempt, with illustrations.
Date: May 29, 1906
Creator: Hobbs, Francis Marion


Description: Patent for an animal trap that requires the animal to fully enter the jaws of the trap to reach the bait and that reliably springs the trap upon the entrance of an animal but not when refilling the bait in the trap.
Date: March 26, 1907
Creator: Dubois, James Madison

Automatic Air-Brake Coupling

Description: Patent for an air-brake coupling for railroad cars which connects cars automatically and can be fully controlled by the train engineer in the engine.
Date: July 23, 1907
Creator: McMillan, Thomas B.


Description: Patent for a baling-press meant to bale cotton. In this machine, "the power as applied to the plunger is increased in proportion to the resistance offered by the material being baled and whereby the forward movement of the plunger is automatically checked at the limit of its path and is returned to its initial positioin without effort upon the part of the operator" (lines 10-17).
Date: January 5, 1897
Creator: Anderson, Alva E.


Description: Patent for a baling-press for cotton and uses a compression chamber and a head or compressor block to compress the cotton. The invention is more effective and more expeditious than other baling-presses.
Date: June 5, 1894
Creator: Anderson, Alva E.

Bit for Well-Drilling Apparatus.

Description: Patent for an expansion bit for a well-drilling apparatus that can be "adjusted and removed without without withdrawing the well tubing, and to provide means whereby a bit capable of drilling a hole sufficiently larger than the well tubing to accommodate a casing may be introduced through the tubing" (lines 11-16).
Date: April 3, 1894
Creator: Horton, Stephen A.

Buggy-Top Support.

Description: Patent for buggy-top support by providing a device that can “secure the folding top of any vehicle and will protect the bows from strain and breakage, when in lowered position and will also prevent all rattling of and shocks of the folding top.” (Lines 11-15) Illustration is included.
Date: June 4, 1901
Creator: Mason, Everett H.

Buggy Top Support

Description: Patent for a buggy top support. Illustration included.
Date: January 10, 1905
Creator: Mason, Everett H.


Description: Patent for improvements in car-couplings by using a combination of “a rod pivoted at its front end to the side of the draw-head and pivotally connected at its rear end..... when the draw-head is driven to the rear by the force of the blow received in coupling with another draw-head, the lug will be pressed to the front,” (lines 30-40) illustration is included.
Date: March 17, 1891
Creator: Bright, Tom Full

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design relates "especially to that class known as 'gravity-pin supports;' and the object thereof is to provide improved means for supporting the pin so that it can be operated from the top of the car, or so that it will drop automatically when two cars come together" (lines 9-14). It consists, "with the coupling-pin and a supporting-arm pivotally connected to the draw-head and to the upper end of said pin, of a weight carried by said arm, and means . . . for supporting said weight and for tripping it" (lines 6-12).
Date: November 18, 1890
Creator: Epperson, Alexander


Description: Patent for improvements in car-couplings “with means for elevating the coupling-link without the necessity of the brakeman going between the cars, and also to provide means for holding the coupling-pin out of engagement with the link when the cars are uncoupled, said pin being automatically released when the cars come together, so that it will fall by gravity and engage with said link.” (Lines 17-25) Illustration is included.
Date: June 2, 1891
Creator: Hamilton, Weston G.

Carpenter's Jack

Description: Patent for a carpenter's jack specifically designed for "carpenters or workmen in laying flooring, putting up siding, or any similar operations" (lines 9-11).
Date: October 24, 1905
Creator: McCulley, Perry J.

Carriage Top Support

Description: Patent for a carriage top support. This carriage top support is designed "with sufficient resiliency to take up all the jolts and strains between the body and the top" (line 16-18). Illustration included.
Date: August 25, 1903
Creator: Mason, Everett H.


Description: Patent for a chuck used with a jewelers lathe to hold watch crystals in place while cutting them down to size.
Date: November 24, 1908
Creator: Bruton, David A.


Description: Patent for improvements in clevises in which a clevis can be used upon plows or harrows. When it is used, it “will obviate the necessity of using links or open rings in connection with the clevis and the singletree, as well as enable the plowman to cause his plow to run in the soil any desired depth or to cut a narrow or wide furrow.” (Lines 16-20) Illustration is included.
Date: July 28, 1891
Creator: Bruton, Alonzo D.

Closure for Cistern-Cleaners

Description: Patent for a closing mechanism for cistern and well cleaners. Illustrations included.
Date: November 1, 1910
Creator: Moore, Gervias T.

Compound for Removing Grease and Stains.

Description: Patent for a compound to remove grease and stains from wood and fabric. Includes instructions.
Date: August 21, 1891
Creator: Cox, George S. & Lewis, Georgia M.


Description: Patent for "a machine of this class which chall be simple, inexpensive, and efficient in operation" (lines 9-11).
Date: August 27, 1889
Creator: Chambers, Abram

Cotton Chopper

Description: Patent for cotton choppers. This invention is adapted to be attached to a double shovel cultivator so that the chopper will rotate so as to protect plants. Illustrations included.
Date: November 13, 1906
Creator: Connell, Alexander Hardee

Cotton-Cultivator Attachment.

Description: Patent for a cotton cultivator attachment, which allows sections of plants to be left intact or plowed under as desired.
Date: March 24, 1908
Creator: Connell, Alexander Hardee


Description: Patent for a simple cotton press that is adapted to be run from the same source of power as the gin so that the plunger operates automatically (lines 12-16).
Date: December 27, 1892
Creator: Van Dyke, James E. & Stobaugh, Harry

Cotton-Seed Planter

Description: Patent for a new and improved cotton-seed planter. The design "in which the cotton-seeds in the hopper is fed down through the feed-opening of the same by vibrating teeth." (p. 1; lines 15-17) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: September 1, 1885
Creator: Elliston, John J.


Description: Patent for a coupler designed to connect the pipes of train cars. Illustrations included.
Date: June 23, 1908
Creator: Mc.Millan, Thomas B.

Cultivator Attachment

Description: Patent for a cultivator attachment. This invention is used to provide stalk-cutting the stalks and chopping of cotton. Illustration included.
Date: February 26, 1907
Creator: Nicks, John H.