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2015 Texas Transit Statistics, 2nd Edition

Description: This report is the tabulation of information concerning the transit systems throughout the State of Texas. Public transportation agencies involved in the report is Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Texas Department of Transportation, Public Transportation Division.
Date: March 2015
Creator: Texas. Department of Transportation.

Applying the systems engineering approach to video over IP projects

Description: "In 2009, the Texas Transportation Institute produced for the Texas Department of Transportation a document called Video over IP Design Guidebook. This report summarized an implementation of that project in the form of a workshop. The workshop was developed and presented as a pilot in Austin in 2010 and taught an additional four times in 2011 in Fort Worth, Lubbock, Houston, and San Antonio."
Date: September 2011
Creator: Thomas, Gary B.

Austin to Houston Passenger Rail Study

Description: The purpose of the Austin to Houston Passenger Rail Study is to analyze the feasibility of implementing 110 mph intercity passenger rail service between Austin and Houston including possible service to Bryan/ College Station. This feasibility analysis consisted of identifying the characteristics of existing rail infrastructure and operations in the study corridors, analyzing potential alternative alignments for the passenger rail operations, and determining required infrastructure and impacts for potential passenger rail service in the study area.
Date: December 2011
Creator: Texas. Department of Transportation.

Bell/Williamson Regional Water Supply Facility Plan

Description: This document contains the "Jarrel Schwertner Water Supply Corporation (JSWSC)final report for the Regional Water Supply Facility Planning Grant and their response to the Texas Development Boards (TWDB) draft report comment letter."
Date: May 3, 2011
Creator: Texas Water Development Board

Design and application of accessible land-use modeling tools for Texas regions

Description: "This report consists of two parts. The first summarizes key details of the Suitability Analysis (SA) model, while the second illustrates the implementation details of the Gravity Land-Use Model (G-LUM). Both modeling approaches have been applied to the Austing region of Texas, but for different case study examples."
Date: August 2010
Creator: Kockelman, Kara; Anjomani, Ardeshir; Paul, Binny M.; Nostikasai, Dian; Tayyebi, Ali & Kharel, Gehandra

Game Theory and Traffic Assignment

Description: This is a study on traffic assignment and the use of the concept of equilibrium in the field of game theory. The focus of equilibrium solutions of refinement and learning algorithms are discussed in detail.
Date: September 2013
Creator: Center for Transportation Research

H.B. 1711 Implementation Report

Description: This report covers the implementation programs of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for the reentry of offenders par H.B. 1711 requirement.
Date: September 1, 2010
Creator: Texas. Department of Criminal Justice.