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2014 Emissions Inventory Guidelines

Description: This is a guideline on emissions to assist owner or operators of regulated entities to determine whether an emissions inventory is required for a site and correctly prepare a complete emissions inventory submission.
Date: May 2015
Creator: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Improved Trip Generation Data for Texas Using Work Place and Special Generator Survey Data

Description: This report reviewed and assessed Texas Department of Transportation current work place survey methods and design. The report made recommendations on changes that would enable ITE-type trip generation data to be collected, in addition to the datta collected as part of this survey, to develop trip attraction rates for modeling.
Date: May 2015
Creator: Hard, Edwin; Bhat, Chandra; Chigoy, Byron; Green, Lisa; Dubey, Subodh; Pearson, David et al.

Evaluation of Design and Construction Issues of Thin HMA Overlays

Description: This is a report to address issues from the implementation of thin HMA overlays in Texas. The report addresses the concerns of best practices to achieve adequate bonding and quality assurance test methods through laboratory and field testing.
Date: April 2015
Creator: Wilson, Bryan; Scullion, Tom & Faruk, Abu

Improved Business Driveway Delineation in Urban Work Zones

Description: This is a report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute that documents the efforts and results of a two-year research project aimed at improving driveway delineation in work zones.
Date: April 2015
Creator: Theiss, Luann; Swindell, Steven; Gillette, II, George F. & Ullman, Gerald L.

Managing the TADM Process: Developing MPO Institutional Capacity-Technical Report

Description: This is a report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute on the development of urban travel demand modes (TDMs) to play an important role in model development by providing the demographic data and regional roadway information required for accurate and reliable TDMs.
Date: April 2015
Creator: Lorenzini, Karen; Bhat, Chandra; Geiselbrecht, Tina; Overman, John; Narayanamoorthy, Sriram & Paleti, Rajesh

Traffic Control Device Evaluation Program: Technical Report

Description: This project provides the Texas Department of Transportation with a mechanism to quickly and effectively conduct high-priority, limited scope evaluations of traffic control devices.
Date: March 2015
Creator: Carlson, Paul J.; Higgins, Laura L.; Pratt, Michael P.; Finley, Melisa D.; Theiss, LuAnn; Williams, William F. et al.

Development of Delineator Testing Standard

Description: Technical report developing a new test method for evaluating the impact performance of delineators for given applications.
Date: February 2015
Creator: Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Project Wild

Description: This document covers Project WILD. Project WILD is a supplementary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife and its habitat. Project WILD helps students learn how to think and enable them to develop as responsible members of the ecosystem.
Date: February 2015
Creator: Project WILD Coordinator

Interim Report to the 84th Texas Legislature: Senate Committee on State Affairs

Description: Report from the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs describing the group's goals, activities, accomplishments, and other information, for review by the 84th Texas Legislature. The report examines the negative economic impact on Texas business from legal issues involving threatened patent litigation, examine possible measures to protect the personal privacy of Texas residents from governmental and commercial surveillance, reviews the types and scope of personal data collected by governmental and commercial entities and consider methods to minimize the government's collection of data on its citizens and the study of the emerging negative impacts of the Federal Affordable Care Act.
Date: January 23, 2015
Creator: Texas. Legislature. Senate. Committee on State Affairs.