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Animal Poke
Patent for an animal poke which is attached through a nose ring and pulls on the animal if it tries to crawl under or over a fence.
Apparatus for Irrigating Land.
Patent for a new and improved irrigation machine. This design "consists in an irrigating-pipe having lapped side joints and notches in the inner edges of the lapped joints. The invention also consists in the combination, with a tank, of a trough below it, tubes projecting from the trough, and irrigating-pipes connected with the said tubes" (lines 12-18).
Attachment for Planters
Patent for attachment for planters, provides a simple, inexpensive, easily-applied, and effectively operating attachmentc for cotton, corn, or other seed-planting machines in which is included a truck or a carriage whereby a sweep-plow can be connected with the planter truck or carriage for laying out a furrow and covering the seed (Johnson, 1902).
Bedstead Attachment.
Patent for a new and improved bedstead attachment. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the side rails and head and foot boards, of the plates having angular projections provided with wedge-shaped grooves and small inclined recesses at their upper parts, and the plates having the tapering wedge-shaped projections provided with the lugs integrally formed with their upper portions and adapted to engage the recesses, whereby when the projecting engaging portions of the plates . . . wear and become loose they are prevented from disjointure by the engagement of the lugs" (lines 83-94).
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in branding-chutes for "securely holding live stock during the process of branding the same" (line 12 - 14).
Patent for the construction of substantial bridges of wood adapted for long spans, and which can be put up where iron bridges would be too expensive.
Patent for a clinometer. This invention is designed to measure the grades and angles of inclination of structures and objects of various descriptions. Illustration included.
Cold-Iron Straightener.
Patent for a cold iron straightener for straightening wagon axles or pipes while they are still on the vehicle, which allows for more forceful bending than previous devices and restoration of the parts to their natural position.
Combined Ruler and Paper-Cutter
Patent for a ruler that may also be used as a paper cutter. Illustrations included.
Copy-Holder for Record-Books, &c.
Patent for a simple and efficient copy-holder meant for recording things. The invention feeds paper line by line, so the records are straight. The copy-holder also holds the pages of a book in place.
Cotton Checker and Cultivator.
Patent for improvements in cotton checkers and cultivators by “providing a device in which the width of the hills or rows may be adjusted to suit the requirements of various grades of soil.” (Lines 15-17) Another improvement is to provide a “means to which the plows of the cultivator may be simultaneously raised or lowered, and when so raised or lowered may be kept in their adjusted positions.” (Lines 19-22) Illustration is included.
Cotton Checker and Cultivator
Patent for a cotton checker and cultivator. Illustration included.
Patent for a cotton chopper with hoes on a shaft, which turns and that makes a straight furrow.
Cotton Planter
Patent for a cotton planter. Illustrations included.
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design is "for cultivating stubble, sugar-cane, cotton, corn, and other plants planted in rows or drills, which will remove the soil from the sides of the rows without injuring the roots, and will throw soil around the plants, and which shall be simple in construction and convenient in use" (lines 15-21).
Cultivator Attachment.
Patent for " agricultural implements, more especially harrows or cultivators ; and it has for its objects a device which can be conveniently attached to the standards or footpieces of any cultivator and which may hold or carry different numbers of small plows or harrow-teeth for the cultivation of any crops or at any place where a small harrow is needed;" (lines 7-15) including illustrations.
Cutting Mechanism for Display-Racks
Patent for a cutting mechanism for cutting various fabrics such as oilcloth and the like.
Dressmaker's Skirt-Measuring Device.
Patent for a measuring device and stand to locate the proper placement of tucks, ruffles, and trimmings on a woman's skirt.
Electric Alarm System
Patent for an electric alarm system for triggering fire alarms.
Folding Box
Patent for paper box formed from a single blank which can be folded into compact form.
Fred Regulator for Cotton Gins
Patent for a feed regulator for cotton gins. This invention is arranged for distributing and guiding cotton into the feeder. Illustration included.
Patent for a measuring gage for measuring rafters that clamps on the wood, has a saw guide line, and eliminates the use of multiple calculation instruments thus making the process simpler.
Patent for improvements in gang-plows in which the “disks” would contain a flared annulus and, it is formed by the truncation of a conical shell of large base and small altitude. This disk-plow “will penetrate the soil to the desired depth by its own natural draft with the minimum degree of friction and outlay of force.” (Lines 21-23) Illustration is included.
Patent for an automatic gate at railroad crossings, adaptable for use in "farm gates and automatic gates for carriage roads" (page 1, lines 11-12) using "an inclined cam disk, of a spring actuated lever" (page 4, lines 27-28), trip devices, and a bell or other signal, with illustrations.
Gin Saw Cleaner
Patent for a gin saw cleaner. Illustration included.
Patent for "a heater of the above-described character which may be used in connection with a stove or furnace or a fire built on the ground in the open air and be more effective and economic in its heating and more convenient in operation than the usual methods heretofore pursued in such instances where an inexpensive and portable device of this kind could be used to great advantage" (lines 13-22).
Horse Detacher.
Patent for a new and improved horse detacher. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the whiffletree-support, the whiffletree, the hinge connecting such parts having its upper and lower plates secured, respectively, to the whiffletree and its support and jointed at their rear edges, and the arm or lever extended forward from the upper plate, whereby upward draft on said arm or lever will turn the whiffletree backward from its normal position to release the traces" (lines 91-100).
Lubricated Bullet.
Patent for lubricated lead bullets to prevent the deterioration and rusting of the inner barrel of rifled firearms, so as to maintain their accuracy. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Planter Attachment.
Patent for a planter attachment, which allows seeds to be covered with varying depths of soil, that is operated from the seat of the planter.
Portable Water-Heater and Steam-Cooker
Patent for: "This invention relates to a portable water-heater and steam-cooker, and has for its object to provide an apparatus of this class which will be adapted for heating water for a variety of domestic purposes." Staton, John W. (1902). Portable Water - Heater and Steam - Cooker. United States Patent Office. Retrieved from http://edit.texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth508484/view/#page/2/mode/1up.
Patent for a new and useful rein holder, including instructions and illustrations.
Rotary Plow
Patent for a gang-plow to be used when gangs of disks are used to turn over the soil so that it generates minimal friction and thus increasing efficiency.
Rotary Plow.
Patent for improvements in rotary plows which can be used as a subsoil-plow or it can be converted into a cultivator. The “purpose is to provide a novel gang-plow capable of cutting the soil at different depths, as circumstances may require, and in which the angle at which the plows enter the soil may be varied.” (Lines 18-23) Illustration is included.
Safety-Valve for Pneumatic Tires.
Patent for a safety valve for pneumatic tires that prevents the tire from exploding from excess pressure.
Seed-Cotton Cleaner
Patent for a seed cotton cleaner which cleans out foreign matter and defective cotton while the seed cotton is going on a conveyor belt to the cotton gin.
Sheaf-Carrier for Binders
Patent for sheaf carrier for binders which allows sheaves to be gathered without danger of them being dumped or dislodged and allow for automation of sheaf carrier arms.
Spiral Ring.
Patent for a new and improved lap-ring. This design consists in a "lap-ring for connecting the tree-irons of double-trees and single-trees, consisting of the S-shaped lap-ring having the end curves spread laterally from the stem of the S, and carried round on spiral curves to points ninety degrees beyond a line that would evenly divide the figure thus formed longitudinally" (lines 41-48).
Steam-Turbine for Locomotives.
Patent for a compact mechanism related to steam turbines, which has positive geared connections with the driving access of the locomotive, resulting in reduced friction. This increases efficiency of the driving action while reduced the expenditure of elastic fluid in order to run smoothly.
Patent for a car power transmission gearing which is operated by one simple stick that does not require lateral movements and eliminates the danger of stripping the gears.
Transmission Mechanism.
Patent for a transmission mechanism which "provides an improved mechanism by which the motion of of a drive shaft rotating at an uniform speed may be transmitted to a driven shaft at variable speeds and also to provide for the reversal of the driven shaft at different speeds" (lines 8-14).
Tying Attachment For Baling Presses
Patent for tying attachment for baling presses for hay. Illustrations included.
Patent for a new device for typewriters which allows for shifting from lower case to upper case by means of "the one set of keys ordinarily employed, but of modified construction" (lines 14-15) including descriptions of the device, operation, and illustrations
Washing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved washing machine. This design consists in "a boiler, a cylinder journaled therein and having closed ends, its outer periphery composed of a series of open troughs arranged in pairs, the troughs in each pair opening toward each other, a series of open-ended funnel-shaped tubes arranged in a line drawn centrally around the periphery of the cylinder, [and] the said tubes extending inwardly from the outer face of the cylinder and having their contracted discharge ends near the center of the cylinder" (lines 22-32).
Patent for a new windmill design with improvement to the "mechanism for transmitting the motion of the wheel shaft to the pump rods."
Wire-Winding Device
Patent for a wire winding device for repairing wooden bars.