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Advertising Device
Patent for Advertising Device
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design "compris[es] the sides adapted to encompass an anthill and composed of a bottom, inclined walls, and horizontal top portions, having depending inclined flanges, one of the sides having an opening in its bottom and provided with ways arranged on opposite sides of the opening, a removable receptacle provided with flanges arranged in said ways and having inwardly-inclined walls, and a discharge-tube arranged at one corner of the trap" (lines 77-87).
Apparatus for Cooking Cotton-Seed Meal.
Patent for an apparatus for cooking cotton-seed meal meant to get the maximum amount of oil for the meal used and puts moisture into dry meal and evaporates excess moisture in meal. Meal is continuously supplied through the machine and water-bath. The steam does not burn or harm the meal.
Appliance for Protecting Oil-Wells from Fires.
Patent for an appliance for protecting oil-wells from fires. As stated within the patent, "this invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in appliances for protecting oil-wells from fires; and to this end it consists of the novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more specifically described in the accompanying drawings, and particularly pointed out in the claims herein appended" (Lines 9-16).
Artificial Stone
Patent for artificial stone.
Automatic Trip Gear for Power Presses.
Patent for a new and improved trip-gear for power-presses. This design "consists in providing the lever connected with an ordinary reversible gearing with a cord and weight, so that when in its normal position and not in use the small friction-wheel will not come in contact with either face of the large friction wheel. The upper end of the press is provided with a notched metallic plate connected with the reversing-lever, so that when the follow-block in its upward passage passes the said plate the lever will be released, and, falling back into its normal position by the press, is immediately stopped" (lines 24-36).
Patent for an axle-skein. Its purpose is "to improve the construction of axle-skeins, to increase their strength and durability, and to decrease the wear of the same at the bottom thereof" (lines 10-14).
Back Band for Harness.
Patent for a new and improved back-band for harnesses. This design "relates to back-bands for that class of harnesses wherein chains are used for traces; and [the] invention consists, principally, in providing the back-band at its ends with metal loops through which the traces pass to protect the leather of the back-band from wear. The invention also consists in connecting snap-hoops to the metal end-pieces by means of metal loops" (lines 7-15).
Patent for improvements in bank-protectors by “providing doors, windows, and other openings with suitable metallic shields that may be readily placed in position by a slight movement of the hand or foot of the operator” (lines 19-23), illustration is included.
Patent for a bank-protector that consists of vertically moving shields arranged just within the cashier's and teller's windows and the outer door of the bank, and a mechanism that allows the cashier to drop the shields and sound an alarm. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvments to barrel stands and related to the "object in view being to provide a simple, and convenient stand for holding barrels and casks and permitting the same to be readily turned with slight exertion from a vertical to a horizontal position and vice versa" (lines 9-12) including illustrations.
Box for Presses.
Patent for a box used to house heated metal presses to extract fluid from cotton seeds.
Buggy-Top Attachment.
Patent for improvements in "the construction of buggy-top attachments and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device adapted to be easily and quickly attached to and detached from the top of a buggy or other vehicle and capable of forming a complete extension of the same to protect the occupants of the vehicle from the weather" (lines 11-18), including illustrations.
Patent for a pin-and-link car-coupling that allows "cars to be readily coupled and uncoupled without going between them, and by which a link may be readily guided into the mouth of a draw-head without necessitating a person going between the cars" (lines 11-16). It also has a durable link lifting or guiding device.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the draw-head provided with the hole through its under side and the vertical guide-grooves in its exterior sides, of the stirrup sliding in said grooves and provided with a tongue at its lower and hooks at its upper parts, and a lifting-device—such as a rod or bar—adapted to engage with the upper part of the stirrup for raising it in the said external guide-grooves and causing the said tongue to raise the coupling-link in the draw-head" (lines 4-14).
Patent for "a new and improved car-coupling which is simple and durable in construction and very effective and automatic in operation" (lines 8-11).
Patent for improvements to railroad car couplings granted to Conrad H. Carpenter. Improvements simplify the coupling construction and allow the cars to be couples automatically.
Patent for a simple and efficient churn where "the process of churning is rendered easier, the resultant product firmer, and butter obtained in a shorter space of time than heretofore, while at the same time the milk is left in better condition and rendered free from water" (lines 12-17).
Patent for an improved and simple churn that works easily and quickly. It "is adapted to permit of the simultaneous securing and retention of the cream vessel or receptacle in position in its journaling or carrying frame, as well as the cover upon said vessel, and to provide for the ready removal of said vessel or receptacle and its said cover preparatory to removing the contents of the vessel or the cleaning thereof" (lines 18-25).
Patent for a simple and inexpensive churn that works efficiently and does not take up much space. It consists of a solid upper portion, a lower portion, a horizontal bar that connects the two, a bracing frame, a shaft, bearings, a band wheel attached to the shaft, an adjustable drive wheel, a crank wheel, and a dasher.
Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists "[i]n a working-body churn, the combination, with the churn-body having centrally-disposed turret, and the breaking-frames having their lower ends resting in suitable seats, in the bottom of the churn-body and their upper ends extended into the turret thereof, of the block having sockets and placed on the breaking-frames with its lower side projected above the turret, and the cap or lid, placed on the turret and bearing against the block and securing the same and the breaking-frames in position" (lines 23-34).
Patent for new and useful improvements in coffee plots for "hot water to drain through the coffee" (line 11 - 12).
Patent for "improvements in coffee-pots, and has for its object the provision of an improved coffee-grounds holder, together with a device of improved form for spraying the water thereover, the latter device operating in conjunction with a condenser; and a further object is to provide the pot with an adjustable handle." (Lines 12-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Coffee Pot.
Patent for a new and improved coffee pot. This design "consists in securing a wire diagonally down the side of the pot, and to which wire is attached the cover of the pot in such a manner that the cover can be dropped down out of the way when the condenser is put on without detaching the cover from the pot" (lines 13-18).
Coffee Pot.
Patent for a new and improved coffee pot. This design consists in "the cover, the jointed parts by means of which the cover is connected to the pot, and the guide through which the part has a sliding movement" (lines 79-83). This novel construction "is to produce a coffee pot in which the cover is made adjustable, so as to be adapted to close over the top of the pot, or to be dropped back out of the way when the condenser is used" (lines 17-21).
Patent for a coffee pot that has "a movable handle whereby the same may be placed on the opposite side of the pot from the spout or to one side thereof as may be preferred" (lines 18-21). It also has an acting slide or valve that keeps the spout closed when liquids are not being poured out of it.
Patent for a coffee-roaster for family use, and the roasting-cylinder may be rotated automatically or manually. A pendulum swinging below the table attached to a ratchet is how the cylinder can automatically rotated.
Combination Plow And Stalk-Chopper.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in a combination plow and stalk chopper, including instructions and illustrations.
Combined Quilting Frame and Table.
Patent for a quilting frame which can be quickly set up and collapsed, which folds up to occupy a minimum amount of space, and which can be converted for use as cutting and ironing table. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a copy-holder that is "especially designed for type-writing machines, of any of the prevalent forms, and it has for its object to facilitate the holding of the copy; also to aid the reader or operator to readily retain his "place," in reading the copy line by line, in the usual way, to insure accuracy in copying the same; also to provide for its adaptation to the machine, irrespective of the size of the latter" (lines 16-24).
Patent for a new cotton chopper with improvements that have the ability to raise or lower the height of the blades and keep them nearly horizontal to the ground, including illustrations.
Patent for "a cotton-cultivator which will chop out the superfluous plants and at the same time work up the soil between the rows of plants, the implement being made to straddle the row and produce a fine tilth on both sides thereof" (lines 15-20).
Patent for an improvements in cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Dental Chair
Patent for "a simple and convenient chair which may be folded to render it portable, so that it may be carried from place to place by the dentist when his practice is away from his office" (lines 9-13).
Design for a Fire-Screen
Design patent for a ornamental fire-screen
Device for Sheltering Animals.
Patent for a new and improved animal shelter. This design "relates to a device which may be adapted for use as a hen's nest, a dog-kennel, a stable for domestic animals, or for analogous purposes. The principle of construction prevalent in all these different adaptations for use of the device consists of certain improved means for automatically closing the door as the animal steps into a vertically-swinging compartment, and for automatically opening the door as the animal leaves said swinging compartment" (lines 13-23).
Patent for dish-drainer.
Driving Mechanism For Gins.
Patent for a new and improved driving mechanism for gins, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in extension ladder by using two sliding ladder sections, "these two sections can be secured by a windlass and a hook detachably bolted to the upper rung of the upper section." (Lines 38-40, p.3) Illustration is included.
Patent for a new extension ladder, including illustrations.
Farm Fence
Patent for fence constructed of barbed wire and smooth guard-wire enclosed in the fence wires to prevent livestock of injury.
Farm Gate.
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the posts having therein the pulleys . . . at the upper part, and one of them the notches, the cord, the weight attached thereto and to the gate, the gate, and the bolt in the post extending on either side of the gate and provided with a lug adapted to be moved over the gate and hold it down, or to be removed therefrom at will" (lines 72-80).
Foldable Crate or Coop.
Patent for a new and useful fordable crate or coop, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the gate having a cross-bar, and mechanism . . . for operating the cross-bar and moving it vertically, the weighted levers, and the standards supporting the levers, of the latch-levers pivoted between their ends to the weighted levers and having their front ends engaged by the cross-bar, and the stops for engaging the rear ends of the latch-levers and holding the gate closed" (lines 15-24).
Patent for improvements in farm gates, with description of parts and use and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in baling-presses and is practically adapted to bale hay, in which “the hay may be held at the rear end of the frame against the pressure of the follower and head-blocks or presser-blocks.” (Lines 17-20) Illustration is included.
Hobby Horse.
Patent for a new and improved hobby horse. This design "consists in providing a 'hobby-horse' or a 'stick-horse' with a pivoted head, to which is preferably connected a spring, so that the swinging of the head will give the appearance of the horse pulling on the reins held by the operator. The invention comprises a head pivoted at one end, a spring secured thereto and to the horse, and a lip on said head to limit the downward movement thereof" (lines 14-24).
Holder for Shades and Reflectors.
Patent for a new and improved holder for shades and reflectors. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a lamp-burner and its reflector, of a collar having the female threads, the radial arms, correspondingly threaded at the inner end, and having eyes at the outer end, and the spring-wire or cut ring carrying the reflector on one end" (lines 56-61).
Horse Detacher.
Patent for a new and improved horse-detacher. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the axle, of the arms attached to the front face thereof and inclined downward and toward each other, the spring-actuated pins within said arms, and the cord attached to adjacent ends of the said pins and passed beneath the axle over guide-rollers and connected with a lever pivoted upon the under side of the reach, said lever being arranged to be actuated from the vehicle" (lines 43-52).
Improvement for Machines for Washing Photographs.
Patent for an improved machine for washing photographic prints allowing metallic or other rigid plates to be washed in addition to flexible prints.