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Farm Fence

Description: Patent for fence constructed of barbed wire and smooth guard-wire enclosed in the fence wires to prevent livestock of injury.
Date: February 19, 1901
Creator: Teague, George W.


Description: Patent for improvments to barrel stands and related to the "object in view being to provide a simple, and convenient stand for holding barrels and casks and permitting the same to be readily turned with slight exertion from a vertical to a horizontal position and vice versa" (lines 9-12) including illustrations.
Date: August 27, 1901
Creator: McClary, Rufus E. & Gray, Thomas S.

Saw-Filing Machine

Description: Patent for a Saw-Filing Machine. "This invention relates to saw-filing machines; and the object of the invention is to provide a simple and effective device of this character which is adapted to sharpen with accuracy and rapidity the teeth of different kinds of saws." (lines 8-13) including illustrations.
Date: August 25, 1903
Creator: Smith, John D.


Description: Patent for a simple and efficient match safe device to "deliver the matches singly to suitable aperture through which they may be withdrawn and ignited during the withdrawal" (line 10 -13).
Date: May 3, 1898
Creator: Villard, John

Curtain Roller

Description: Patent for a curtain roller. The invention is designed to slow the curtains movement so that the curtain can be adjusted. Illustration included.
Date: October 9, 1908
Creator: Tripp, Hamilton