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Spring Wheel

Description: Patent for a form of tire designed in such a way to avoid the dangers of a punctured tire. This is done by an arrangement of crossing springs used to support the outer wall of the tire instead of inflatable medium.
Date: June 3, 1913
Creator: Dwiggins, R, Sam & Kelley, E, Lawrence

Saw Gage and Filing Clamp

Description: Patent for a combined saw gage and clamp which can be "applied to a saw blade to gage the depth of the cut as well as reversed and used as a clamp for the saw blade in setting the teeth" (lines 16-18).
Date: April 1, 1913
Creator: Curby, George W.


Description: Patent for a separator-guard for spinning frames. It prevents "the yarn from being entangled in or caught by the devices for attaching the separators to their support" (lines 15-17). Illustrations included.
Date: July 5, 1912
Creator: Pitts, Arthur

Bonham State Park

Description: Map of the Bonham State Park outlining hiking trails and highlighting activities, facilities, and other features such as bathrooms, lodgings, water/electric, etc. It also contains general information for the park and for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Date: February 2009
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.

Bonham State Park

Description: A map of Bonham State Park created by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The map includes the area encompassed by Bonham State Park Lake as well as fishing locations, camping locations, bathroom and shower locations, etc.
Date: 2013
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.

Bonham State Park

Description: This is an illustrated map for the Bonham State Park located near Bonham in Fannin County, Texas. The map provides access routes in the park, arrangement of the hiking and biking trails, and a legend shows the locations of the parks amenities. There is information in the lower right quadrant of the map for visitors to note.
Date: February 2015
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.
Location Info:


Description: Patent for wind motors that has new and useful improvements," is simple and durable in its constructions, very effective and powerful in operation, transmits the force of a series of wind-wheels to a common shaft for driving pumps or other machines" (lines 11-16).
Date: December 16, 1902
Creator: Cochran, James M.


Description: Patent for washing machine. Objective is to make the machine inexpensive and capable of washing clothes with rapid cycles without any harm to the fabric.
Date: August 5, 1902
Creator: Sparkman, William

Farm Fence

Description: Patent for fence constructed of barbed wire and smooth guard-wire enclosed in the fence wires to prevent livestock of injury.
Date: February 19, 1901
Creator: Teague, George W.


Description: Patent for an improved saw set with improved jaw design to improve locking of saw. This saw set makes up part of a saw filing machine.
Date: September 11, 1902
Creator: Smith, John D.

Adjustable Window-Shade Hanger.

Description: Patent for a window-shade hanger that can be "adjusted to fit windows of various widths and shaderollers which vary in length and which may be readily put up and taken down." (lines 18-21) including illustration.
Date: August 29, 1905
Creator: Neale, Albert S.