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Check-Line Buckle.

Description: Patent for "...a novel means for connecting a check-line to the main line..." (lines 11-12) including illustrations.
Date: April 22, 1902
Creator: Snell, David C. F.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a new and useful cotton chopper, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 27, 1900
Creator: Brooks, John Joseph
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in cultivator-plow through the positioning and connection of parts. Adjustable plow for different cultivating functions and different crops, especially for cotton. Illustration and materials recommendations included.
Date: March 18, 1902
Creator: Sheffield, James A. D. & Sheffield, John C.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a door check that holds a door open in a secured position. This particular door securer has a manual operation lock independent of the knob-spindle.
Date: February 24, 1903
Creator: Skidmore, John C. & Tyer, Author
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a saddle. Illustration included.
Date: February 18, 1903
Creator: Moore, Sidney S.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in safety-stirrups by providing a device to release the rider’s foot safely if the rider accidentally fall from a horse; and means to retain the movable member of the stirrup in its closed or open position. (Lines 10-17) Illustration is included.
Date: March 22, 1904
Creator: Parrish, Ezekiel L.
Item Type: Patent

Soil map, Texas, Houston County sheet

Description: Map displays soil types as well as creeks, lakes, rivers, towns, roads, and railroads. Includes legend and soil profiles.
Date: 1906
Creator: United States. Bureau of Soils.
Item Type: Map

Soil survey of Houston County, Texas

Description: Text describes the history, climate, physiography and geology, soils, and agricultural conditions of Houston County, Texas.
Date: 1906
Creator: Carter, William T. (William Thomas) & Kocher, A. E. (Arthur E.)
Item Type: Book


Description: Patent for a stove. This invention has a fire box and directed combustion. Illustrations included.
Date: July 25, 1903
Creator: Moore, Sidney S.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for trace carrier for a plow "especially designed to support the trace adjustably in a vertical direction, so as to vary the line of the draft upon the plow and also provide a guide and support for the reins" (lines 9-13), including illustrations.
Date: September 25, 1900
Creator: Smith, William F.
Item Type: Patent