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Description: Patent for improvement in account-books by “dispensing a multiplicity of books in keeping accounts and to devise means for combining in one book and upon a single page thereof the features of the ledger, day-book, bill-book and bills-receivable book, said page to be so provided with perforation as to admit of the detachment of certain parts, leaving intake theat part of the page that is intended for permanent record.” (Lines 13-22) Illustration is included.
Date: May 26, 1891
Creator: Huck, Henry J., Jr.


Description: Patent for am adding machine by using two disks, one a units-disk with pins in multiples of ten, one a tens-disk, is an annular disk with pin surrounding the units disk, an outwardly spring-pressed holder having a beveled outer end frictionally engaging the pins of the tens-disk and a carrier having oppositely-beveled ends engaged a supplemental pin and one pin on the tens-disks, teeth in the adjacent faces of the holder and carrier, and an idle-gear between them to enable the adding operation. (Lines 50-62) Illustration is included.
Date: May 12, 1891
Creator: Wright, Joseph W.

Adjustable Fire Guard and Screen.

Description: Patent for a new and improved fireplace screen. This design "is to provide a simple and efficient device which may be suspended in front of open fireplaces or grates for the purpose of preventing the frequent and sometimes fatal accidents which are directly due to the absence of reliable safe-guards. The invention consists of a series of shields or plates of suitable size and material, which are so connected that when not in use they may be easily drawn upward in succession side by side and compactly placed in an appropriate receptacle attached to the front of a mantel or to a wall above a fireplace" (lines 16-29).
Date: May 3, 1892
Creator: Gibson, Nathaniel B.

Adjustable Grate Attachment.

Description: Patent for an adjustable grate attachment that is meant to be used with open grates. It prevents "the falling of heated coals therefrom; also to provide for extension of the grate vertically to facilitate making of a larger fire; and further, to provide an attachment which may be used in regulating the draft to the grate proper" (lines 15-20).
Date: May 23, 1893
Creator: Hutton, Milton Calhoun

Animal Poke.

Description: Patent for a new and improved animal poke. This design "is to construct a device which may be secured to horses, cattle, and other animals, and which will effectually prevent fence-jumping, while at the same time allow the animal free use of [its] head and limbs, doing away with any tendency to cramp the wearer" (lines 17-23). It consists, "with bar and a means for suspending it beneath the animal's body and the bar, which is secured at its outer end to the animal's head, of a hinge to the opposite side of which the adjacent ends of the said bars are pivoted" (lines 78-83).
Date: May 17, 1892
Creator: Stracener, Upton W.


Description: Patent for improvements in animal-traps that would be capable of catching two animals; to set the trap, bait is placed upon the hooked ends of the bait-hooks, the jaws are elevated and retained in a position by the link-catches, which have the lower hooked ends engaging the trigger, which has its free end engaging the eye at the inner end of the bait hooks, thus setting the trap, (lines 66-73) ready to catch animals. Illustration is included.
Date: May 5, 1891
Creator: Anderson, Henry Clay

Ant Trap.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design "compris[es] the sides adapted to encompass an anthill and composed of a bottom, inclined walls, and horizontal top portions, having depending inclined flanges, one of the sides having an opening in its bottom and provided with ways arranged on opposite sides of the opening, a removable receptacle provided with flanges arranged in said ways and having inwardly-inclined walls, and a discharge-tube arranged at one corner of the trap" (lines 77-87).
Date: May 3, 1892
Creator: Royse, John


Description: Patent for a "trap designed to be placed around an ant-hill and adapted to capture ants leaving or returning to the ant-hill." (Lines 11-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 18, 1897
Creator: Bond, William Beebe

Apparatus for Filling Bottles.

Description: Patent for an "apparatus for filling bottles with crude petroleum, turpentine, and other liquids; and its object is to provide an improved construction which shall possess superior advantages with respect to efficiency in operation" (lines 14-19).
Date: May 5, 1896
Creator: McKay, Felix Early

Apparatus for the Treatment of Cotton.

Description: Patent for a machine that puts gins and condensers in a line, which sit over a flue. "The lint cotton in bat form being delivered from all of the condensers in independent bats to a common conveyer, the bat cotton increasing in thickness upon the common conveyer and in its travel to a press, compress or other receptacle, receiving the different bats from the different condensers, one bat lying smoothly upon the other, until at the discharge end of the common conveyer, the bat in which the lint is evenly distributed and which is of considerable thickness, will be conveniently discharged" (lines 13-24).
Date: May 22, 1894
Creator: Zedler, Friedrich

Artificial Stone Block.

Description: Patent for a new and improved artificial-stone block. This design "consists in the particular formation of the protuberances by which interlocking joints or seams of the building-blocks are attained, the object of which is to so form the prolific protuberances of said blocks as to permit joining them in close proximity on all the sides or faces of the seam, to reduce the binding material for the same and increase the strength of the same" (lines 14-22).
Date: May 3, 1892
Creator: Graham, George M.

Automatic Track Sweeping and Oiling Attachment for Street-Cars.

Description: Patent for improvements in automatic track sweeping and oiling attachments to street cars by having a transverse shaft carries a hub which has a series of brushes. When “the street car moves forward, the brushes on the transverse shaft are revolved, which sweep the rails and keep them clean.” (Lines 90-93) Illustration is included.
Date: May 12, 1891
Creator: Nesmith, Robert Henry


Description: Patent for an axle-box for vehicle wheels that "contains a lubricant-receiving recess from which the lubricant is automatically fed to the spindle of the axle as necessity may occasion" (lines 10-13).
Date: May 8, 1894
Creator: Casto, Tony Lo

Axle-Repairing Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a new, simple, and efficient axle repairing apparatus for "facilitating the repairing of worn axles without the removal of the wheels or the axles from the vehicle-body" (line 10 -12).
Date: May 10, 1898
Creator: Hammer, Willie Alice


Description: Patent for an inexpensive and simple concave back-pad meant to be used between the horse and the saddle. The design of the invention makes saddles stay in place.
Date: May 14, 1895
Creator: Powell, John S.

Balance-Staff for Watches.

Description: Patent for improvements in balance-staffs for watches by “strengthen and increase the durability of the pivots or journals of the staff while reducing the friction to a minimum” (lines 16-19), included illustration.
Date: May 5, 1891
Creator: Cooper, Jonathan H.