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Primary view of An alternative transportation fuels update : a case study of the developing E85 industry
Travare, Papa S. & Lewis, Sharon
October 2011
Primary view of Another look at the question of density and rail transit
Hall, Kadijah & Lewis, Carol Abel
July 2011
Primary view of Automated generation of virtual scenarios in driving simulator from highway design data
Zhao, Xi; Nelson, Alicia A.; Chrysler, Susan & Zhang, Yunlong
September 2010
Primary view of Bush School capstone course support: the regional impact of climate change on transportation infrastructure and decision making
Lindquist, Eric
September 2009
Primary view of Characterizing information propagation through inter-vehicle communication on a simple network of two parallel roads
Yin, Kai & Wang, Bruce X.
October 2010
Primary view of Compendium of student papers:  2010 undergraduate transportation scholars program
Hawkins, H. Gene; Almy, Isaac; Ballard, Lance; Brimley, Bradford; Huff, William; Larson, Gregory et al.
June 2011
Primary view of Compendium of student papers: 2011 undergraduate transportation scholars program.
Desorcie, Felicia; Jian, Ruoxin; Kelly, Pete; Larson, Shawn; Rasulo, Marcus; Rivera, Joshua et al.
May 2012
Primary view of A comprehensive examination of heavy vehicle emissions factors
Thompson, Melissa Renee; Unnikrishnan, Avinash; Conway, Alison J. & Walton, C. Michael
August 2010
Primary view of The design of a comprehensive microsimulator of household vehicle fleet composition, utilization, and evolution
Paleti, Rajesh.; Eluru, Naveen; Bhat, R. Chandra; Pendyala, Ram M.; Adler, Thomas J. & Goulias, Konstadinos G.
January 2012
Primary view of Designing Fine Aggregate Mixtures to evaluate fatigue crack growth in asphalt mixtures
Bhasin, Amit; Motamed, Arash & Izadi, Anoosha
April 2001
Primary view of Developing infrastructure for interconnecting transportation network and electric grid
Damnjanovic, Ivan & Kim, Seok
September 2011
Primary view of Development and validation of a testing protocol for carbon sequestration using a controlled environment
Storey, Beverly B.; Foster, Derrold; Johnson, Jeremy & McFalls, Jett
March 2012
Primary view of Development of pedestrian safety based warrants for permissive left-turn control
Guo, Aohan & Yi, Qi
December 2010
Primary view of Development of warrants for installation of dual right-turn lanes at signalized intersections
Chen, Xiaoming & Li, Da
April 2012
Primary view of The economic efficiency of allowing longer combination vehicles in Texas
Walton, C. Michael. & Bienkowski, Bridget N.
August 2011
Primary view of Equity evaluation of vehicle miles traveled fees in Texas
Burris, Mark; Larsen, Lisa. & Whitty, James M.
March 2012
Primary view of Evaluating the effect of street network connectivity on first/last mile transit performance
Chandra, Shailesh. & Quadrifoglio, Luca
November 2011
Primary view of Evaluation of mobile source greenhouse gas emissions for assessment of traffic management strategies
Yu, Lei & Shi, Qinyi
August 2011
Primary view of An evaluation of the effects of transit oriented development in a suburban environment
Lewis, Carol Abel & Lastrape, Krystal M.
October 2010
Primary view of Examining the influence of tolls on commute departure and route choice behavior in the Chicago region
Paleti, Rajesh; Bhat, Chandra R. & Eluru, Naveen
August 2010
Primary view of Examining the Role of Trip Length in Commuter Decisions to Use Public Transportation
Yu, Yao & Machemehl, Randy
October 2010
Primary view of Export growth, energy costs, and sustainable supply chains
Harrison, Rob & Seedah, Dan
November 2010
Primary view of Fracture properties and fatigue cracking resistance of asphalt binders
Bhasin, Amit.; Izadi, Anoosha & Motamed, Arash
March 2012
Primary view of Getting the parking right for transit-oriented development
Zhang, Ming.; Mulholland, Katie; Zhang, Jane & Gomez-Sanchez, Ana J.
March 2012