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Taxiway aircraft traffic analysis at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Description: "The first part of this report assesses the congestion at George Bush International Airport (IAH) by analyzing taxi times and flight data during different hours of the day. The capacity of IAH is investigated by examining the number of departing flights on the ground. It reveals that IAH is operating close to the capacity most of the time. Since increasing airport capacity can mitigate the congestion, the second part of this report develops a surface operation model based on the analyzed results to achieve this aim."
Date: August 2011
Creator: Yin, Kai; Tian, Chunyu; Wang, Bruce X. & Quadrifoglio, Luca

Testing information to improve communication with communities and decision makers

Description: "This work focuses on important concepts in making information available to decision makers and the public, specifically focused on the Transportation Industry. The emphasis is on the PowerPoint presentation and enhancing the message through this medium. Critical elements include adhering to the assigned time limit, incorporating animation, font size, including images, techniques, and preparation. While much information is available on-line about presentations, audiences at too many transportation meetings view substandard presentations, which likely negatively affect understanding and decision-making. Blending available information, focus group feedback and observations yield a foundation for transportation planners in improving presentations to constituents."
Date: September 2011
Creator: Lewis, Carol Abek & Hall, Kadijah

Transportation for humanity: meeting the needs in the colonias

Description: "The goal of the research was to access the current transportation challenges facing residents of the colonias and determine the feasibility of vehicle procurement through donations or at-cost purchases from a variety of entities and/or individuals to support the program, and recommendations for alternative funding mechanisms to support the local community centers in their efforts to provide transportation to the colonias population."
Date: September 2010
Creator: Storey, Beverly B. & Jasek, Debbie

U.S. and Texas international trade and transportation

Description: "This report examines various aspects of international trade, transportation, and foreign practices implemented to facilitate and fund transport-related infrastructure. The report is composed of six chapters. The first chapter provides an overview of the U.S. international trade outlook. The second chapter describes the roles played by air cargo transport, ports and ocean carriers, railroads, and the motor carrier industry in U.S. international trade. The third and fourth chapters focus on Texas-specific international trade and modal gateways. The fifth chapter reviews various transport funding mechanisms, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, and forms of public-private partnerships adopted in various foreign countries. The final chapter describes the expansion of the Panama Canal and its likely Texas impacts."
Date: July 2011
Creator: Anazia, Larry K. & Boske, Leigh B.

Use of Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for roadside condition assessment

Description: "Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (MUAVs) that are equipped with digital imaging systems and global positioning systems provide a potential opportunity for improving the effectiveness and safety of roadside condition and inventory surveys. This study provides an assessment of the effectiveness of MUAVs as a tool for collecting condition data for roadside infrastructure assets using three field experiments."
Date: December 2010
Creator: Gharaibeh, Nasir G. & Hart, William Scott