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Acetylene-Gas Generator.

Description: Patent for an acetylene-gas generator that consists of “a suitable frame, a receptacle positioned within said frame, and a gas-bell” (lines 11-13), as well as a gasometer and carbide feed. As a result, the gas generator “will continually furnish dry, cool gas and at a substantially even pressure at all times” (line 22-24). Illustrations included.
Date: June 4, 1907
Creator: Hays, Parx Orr.

Acetylene-Gas Machine

Description: Patent for an acetylene gas machine designed to " automatically feed different grades of carbid successfully in variable quantities according to the amount required" (lines 9-11).
Date: August 27, 1907
Creator: Wallace, William A.; Bosley, Lee Wooden & Bosley, Daniel O.

Animal Power.

Description: Patent for a new and improved engine. This design has a "tread-wheel on which the animal is placed, and which is provided with a cog-wheel on its under side to mesh with a pinion placed on one end of the crank-shaft, a connecting-rod which is attached at one end to the crank and at the other to a pivoted lever . . . a second connecting-rod which is fastened to the upper end of the pivoted lever . . . a balance-wheel, and the main driving-shaft provided with a number of arms, each one of which carries a planet-wheel for the purpose of moving around a fixed wheel" (lines 15-29).
Date: July 7, 1885
Creator: Yarbrough, Ezekel James & Kyker, John Marshal

Apparatus for Burning Garbage, &c.

Description: Patent for an improved apparatus for burning refuse and consists of a roasting chamber, a garbage grate, grates that slope and carry the product away after combustion, flues that open above the grates, and the wall partly closes on one end to let the products away after combustion.
Date: August 22, 1893
Creator: Garretson, William H. & Tainter, Silas B.

Apparatus for Forcing Beer from Kegs.

Description: Patent for a new and improved apparatus for forcing beer from kegs. This design "relates to an improved method of keeping atmospheric pressure upon beer or other aerated liquid contained in a keg or similar receptacle, so as to prevent the same from becoming stale or flat from the evaporating of its dissolved gas. It consists in improvements in the apparatus by means of which the above-stated result is accomplished; and it further consists in the construction and novel arrangement of parts" (lines 16-25).
Date: September 14, 1886
Creator: Surratt, George & Heyman, Harry

Artificial Tooth.

Description: Patent for an artificial tooth with an improved crown so that "it can be attached to the gold cap that has been made to fit the end of the root that is to be crowned, the manner of attaching being materially facilitated" (lines 15-19).
Date: February 27, 1894
Creator: Harrell, Hardy B.

Back Band Buckle.

Description: Patent for a new and improved back band buckle. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the middle bar having an outwardly-projecting stud, the upper bar parallel to the middle bar and having an under offset recess, and a depending lug-hook and spring-snap" (lines 19-26).
Date: April 18, 1882
Creator: Lowe, Joseph Alfred

Baling Box.

Description: Patent for a new and improved baling box. This design consists "[i]n a baling-box, the bottom board having cleats and end board and fixed standards that reach above the end board in combination with the hinged side boards and end board hinged to [another] board, [those] boards being provided with cleats that reach beyond the edges of the boards to receive the loops" (lines 87-94).
Date: September 23, 1884
Creator: Bulkeley, Oliver

Book-Holder for Reading-Stands.

Description: Patent for "a book holder especially designed to receive large books for reference, such as a dictionary for example, and to so construct the mechanism of the holder that a cradle will be provided for the reception of the book, which cradle will be adapted to be carried upward and outward from the holder in a manner which will bring the book in proper position for consultation, and which mechanism will also act to lower the book, without jar or injury to it, within the holder when the book is no longer required." (Lines 14-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 21, 1894
Creator: Anderson, Francis John & Irick, William Madison

Boot Scraper.

Description: Patent for a new and improved boot scraper. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the inclined bow-shaped upper plate, having a transverse bar connecting the branches of the plate, the inner edges of which are inclined outward and upward from the upper edge of the transverse bar, and in providing, in connection with the bow-shaped plate, an under or subsidiary plate of forked form, having a rounded recess between the forks adapted to conform to the shape of the heel" (lines 18-30).
Date: October 23, 1883
Creator: Collins, Morris A.

Bottle Stopper.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bottle stopper. This design "consists in the combination of the tubular body, having its lower end closed by means of a cork, and having its upper end formed into a measuring-chamber, which is adapted to be closed by means of a cork, so as to protect the measuring chamber from dust and dirt" (lines 13-19).
Date: July 15, 1884
Creator: Cotten, Jefferson Davis

Burglar Alarm.

Description: Patent for a new and improved burglar alarm. This design "consists in the combination of the door provided with a rod for catching under the spring, a cylinder for receiving powder, a spring-actuated cover for the end of the cylinder, and a spring which explodes the cap . . . The object of [the] invention is to provide a burglar-alarm which will make a loud noise when the door is opened, and in which a spring-actuated cover is made to take the place of a wad or ball" (lines 13-24).
Date: August 10, 1886
Creator: Bray, Horace Bradford

Can Spout.

Description: Patent for "new and useful improvements in stoppers and discharge spouts for cans, or receptacles more particularly to cans employed in shipping kerosene oil, cotton seed oil, turpentine syrups and various other liquids." (lines 10-15).
Date: March 25, 1913
Creator: Herblin, William Leonard

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "having [a] bell-mouthed draw-head, pin, plane-faced link, spring, and slide, having transverse plane face laterally secured in the draw-head by means of side guide-plates, [and] inlet into rabbets" (lines 85-90).
Date: November 7, 1882
Creator: Saxon, James W.


Description: Patent for a car-coupling that has a draw head with a link opening, a pin opening that goes across the link opening and has two side recesses, a sliding head in the link opening, a spring that holds the sliding head in place, two lever arms in the side recesses, a catch block that the lever arms move, and an apparatus for raising the coupling pin.
Date: January 1, 1895
Creator: Shwadlenak, August Frank


Description: Patent for improvements in car-couplings known as “automatic” by providing actuate means to “throw the pin downward and locks the link in a horizontal position.” (Lines 24-25) For uncoupling the cars from either the top or either side of the car; “a spring-actuated device is provided for keeping the link in a horizontal position with a yielding force.” (Lines 27-29) Illustration is included.
Date: August 18, 1891
Creator: Cole, Henry J.


Description: Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists "[i]n combination with the standard and bracket, the hinged arm having [a] bearing, oscillating driving-wheel, belt, belt-tightening wheels, dasher-wheel, and socket" (lines 94-98). It facilitates churning.
Date: December 1, 1885
Creator: White, Frank Lewis


Description: Patent for a churn that employs a reciprocating dasher in order to improve all parts of the churn and its operating mechanism.
Date: October 11, 1911
Creator: Edwards, Henry L. & Perkins, William A.