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Description: Patent for an improvement in animal shears to "simplify and improve the construction of animal-shears, and render their operation more positive and reliable" (lines 11-13).
Date: August 26, 1890
Creator: Monday, Robert

Animal Shears.

Description: Patent for new and improved animal shears. This design consists in "mechanism for imparting a combined reciprocating and edgewise play to the cutting knife or knives in order to cause the teeth of said knife or knives to follow or describe a curved or oval path, and thus insure greater efficiency of operation; to provide for the proper lateral contact of the knives in order to insure their proper action and to regulate the pressure or force with which one knife bears on the other; [and] to provide a peculiar form of cutter-teeth which shall be automatic or self-cleaning" (lines 19-30).
Date: February 11, 1890
Creator: Bechtol, William S. & Bessonette, William T.

Animal Tag.

Description: Patent for a new and improved animal tag. This design "consists in an animal-tag formed of a tube provided with a removable cover and an elongated staple for the strap, by which this tube is held to the animal" (lines 11-14).
Date: November 21, 1882
Creator: Queen, Elias G.


Description: Patent for a baling press that holds the material in the press while it is being formed into a bale. It consists of a frame with notches in the back, a resistance bar that pivots across the back of the frame, a latch that holds the bar in place, and a pin to pin the bar to the latch.
Date: December 12, 1893
Creator: Mealer, James A.


Description: Patent for a book-support made to hold large, heavy books used in commercial and government offices. The platforms can be moved up and down by a crank on the side of the support.
Date: January 19, 1897
Creator: Barnes, William A.

Broadcast Seeder.

Description: Patent for a broadcast seeder designed to "cultivate, plant, and subsequently roll or cover the seed, the elements for accomplishing the same being combined in a single device simply constructed" (lines 10-13).
Date: June 3, 1890
Creator: Callaway, Johnathan Asa


Description: Patent for a butter churn with gentle agitation meant to keep butter cells from breaking including illustrations.
Date: October 2, 1900
Creator: McCausland, Joseph H.

Combination Door Check and Alarm.

Description: Patent for a new and improved door-check and alarm. With this design, "[t]he latch normally stands in the engaging position, and when it aligns with one of the notches it engages the same automatically. One of the notches is so arranged that it is engaged by the latch when the door is closed, and when the knob is turned to open the door the cord, wire, or chain draws the latch out of engagement with the notch. . . . [a] bell on the end of the latch will give warning when the latch is moved, and the door cannot be opened without moving the latch" (lines 63-92).
Date: February 12, 1889
Creator: King, Charles Rufus

Cotton Chopper and Scraper.

Description: Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper and scraper. This design consists "[i]n a four-wheeled machine for scraping and chopping cotton, the combination of the two scrapers having their standards connected by a cross-bar at the top to form a foot-rest, and pivoted intermediately to the frame, with the rear rotary choppers connected adjustably with the same shaft, and arranged at an oblique angle thereto" (lines 86-93).
Date: July 10, 1883
Creator: Russell, William R.


Description: Patent for a simple and inexpensive cotton press that gets cotton from a gin, forms it into a soft bat, and compresses it into a bale. The operator can tie a band around the bale. It consists of a frame, rollers, and gears.
Date: February 21, 1893
Creator: Bessonette, William T.


Description: Patent for a crate build specifically for shipping bananas "which will be of light weight, and which can be manufactured at slight cost" (lines 16-17).
Date: November 1, 1892
Creator: Jeanes, Elisha A.

Crayon Holder

Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in crayon holders. This design is to "provide an improved device which may be constructed cheaply, be light, and have a neat appearance" (line 13-14).
Date: December 14, 1897
Creator: Rugeley, Fannie M.


Description: Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the beams having the arms provided with the openings, the beams having openings concentric with [the arms'] openings, the standards, the bolts pivoting the latter to the arms and extending through the openings, the plates having their lower ends secured on said pivotal bolts and adapted to engage the rear sides of the standards, the triggers, and the bolts to pivot the said triggers to the beams, said bolts being adapted to pass through either of the [beams'] openings" (lines 3-13).
Date: August 14, 1888
Creator: Swearingen, Columbus Alexander


Description: Patent for general "improvements in engines, and while one feature of our invention is adapted for use on all styles of engines, the invention in the complete form ...is especially suited for use on locomotive engines designed to exert high tractive power and to attain high speeds" (lines 12-19).
Date: February 19, 1895
Creator: Davis, Philip Z. & Barton, Alexander M.


Description: Patent for a new and improved fence. This design consists of cross-posts pivoted to a stringer, provided with a top-rail, having slats extending from the stringer to the ground, and secured to said stringer by barbed wire and staples (lines 36-40). This design is easily disassembled and moved, and the barbed wire prevents animals from disturbing it.
Date: February 12, 1884
Creator: Messenger, John William


Description: Patent for a fence post made of sheet metal or iron, which does not require extra extra staples to attach wires and is durable.
Date: November 16, 1909
Creator: Mace, John O.

Folding and Self Supporting Ironing Table.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ironing board. This design consists in "the combination of a board, a leaf hinged thereto near one end, and adapted to bear against the same when turned to an upright position, a reach pivotally connected at one end with the leaf, the supporting-feet pivoted to the leaf, the supporting-feet pivoted to the free end of the reach, and the arm intermediate the free ends of the reach and board to support the latter in position when unfolded for use" (lines 24-33).
Date: August 16, 1887
Creator: White, Andrew Asbrey & King, Charles Rufus


Description: Patent for a hay press that is both efficient and easy to use so that the bales may be "rapidly and firmly compressed" (lines 18-19).
Date: October 18, 1892
Creator: Mealer, James A.

Heel Attachment for Plows

Description: Patent for an improvement to heel attachments to "steady the sweep or double-shovel plow in its movements and prevents it from being deflected by reason of obstacles with which it contacts" (lines 11-15).
Date: November 15, 1892
Creator: Woodbury, Amasa O.


Description: Patent for a two-way roller hinge for gates, doors, shutters, etc. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 24, 1897
Creator: Goodwin, Thomas J.