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Box for Matches, &c.

Description: Patent for a new and improved matchbox. This design "relates to boxes or cases of the class having folding securing flaps or covers . . . To this end [the] invention comprises . . . a box or case open at one extremity for insertion and removal of its contents, and provided with a slot or opening extending from its open extremity to or nearly to its opposite extremity to permit access to and removal of its contents, and having a folding flap or cover adapted to close its openings and be detachably secured so as to effectually confine and protect the contents of the box" (lines 8-27).
Date: May 21, 1889
Creator: Marshall, John F.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "the combination, with the coupling-head provided with a central tongue and a socket on each side of the tongue, and the forwardly-projecting spring-actuated hooks pivoted to the said head, with their rear ends abutting against the bottoms of the sockets and provided with beveled front edges of the coupling-socket provided with catches for the said hooks to engage with automatically, and the vertical spindle journaled in the central tongue and provided with flexible connections wound upon it" (lines 86-97).
Date: November 19, 1889
Creator: Jones, Ithamer M.

Combination Railroad Cross Tie.

Description: Patent for a new and improved railroad-ties. This design "pertains to certain new and useful improvements in railroad-ties, having for its object the production of a metallic tie extremely simple in construction, and by means of which a rail can be readily removed or secured in place and a firm elastic bearing is secured for said rail" (lines 14-20).
Date: May 21, 1889
Creator: Bagby, William Henry


Description: Patent for "a machine of this character which will effectively do its work,which will be of great capacity, easy to manipulate, and positive in its desired operation" (lines 11-14).
Date: October 29, 1889
Creator: Channell, Emmet W.

Fence Making Implement.

Description: Patent for a new and improved fence-making tool. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the hooks, the bars between the same, the plate connecting the ends of the hooks and provided with the claw, the lever pivoted between the hooks and having the offset and carrying a supplemental lever, and a lever having one end adapted to be inserted between the hooks, and provided on one edge with a stud" (lines 84-92).
Date: September 24, 1889
Creator: Fisher, Conrad H.

Fire Clay Heater.

Description: Patent for a new and improved fire-clay heater. This design "consists in an improved fire-log burner for oil or other fluid or gaseous inflammable substances, said burner being in form of a tube or hollow cylinder, and made of 'fire-clay,' and provided with numerous jet or burner passages in its periphery, and filled with comminuted asbestus or other analogous absorbent or capillary fluid-conducting fire-proof material . . . The object of [the] invention is to provide a practically-operating and fire-proof fire-log for heating steam-boilers, stoves, grates, fire-places, and for other analogous uses" (lines 17-30).
Date: March 5, 1889
Creator: White, George W.

Fluid Burner Fire Log.

Description: Patent for a new and improved fluid-burner fire-log. This design consists "in combination, a perforated tubular body, metallic removable heads, a fluid-supplying tube, a perforated air-induction distributing tie-tube provided with screw threads and nuts on its ends outside the heads, and a comminuted or disintegrated fire-proof filling surrounding the perforated portion of the air-tube and occupying the chamber of the body" (lines 25-32).
Date: March 5, 1889
Creator: White, George W.

Mattress-Stuffing Machine

Description: Patent "to provide simple means whereby the dimensions of the packing-box, as well as the spout, may be readily increased or diminished, either vertically or laterally, to enable the operator to stuff mattresses of varying sizes, whereby the dimensions of the packing-box and spout shall be at all times varied in the same relative proportions" (lines 12-20).
Date: March 5, 1889
Creator: Stephenson, Edwin N.

Mold for Making Sewers.

Description: Patent for a new and improved sewer mold. This design consists in "[a]n expansible and contractible reversible mold for sewers, in form in cross-section of either a semi-circle, semi-ellipse, or semi-ovate, formed of segmental portions hinged together and provided with stay-braces and thrusting tie-rods" (lines 76-81).
Date: June 18, 1889
Creator: Baade, John

Oil Burning Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a new and improved oil-burner. This design "is in oil burners intended for heating purposes, the combustion being, as in Bunsen burners, so complete as to afford little or no light. The apparatus involves constriction of the flame from a burner to arrest combustion and the admixture of air therewith as the gas rises while still heated through a laterally-perforated tube, at the top of which it is either ignited or conveyed away for subsequent consumption" (lines 11-21).
Date: November 12, 1889
Creator: Streeter, George D.

Watch Case Pendant.

Description: Patent for a new and improved watch-case pendant. This design "is to improve the construction of the bow and crown-holder of stem-winding watches, so that they will be prevented from working loose. Furthermore, to produce a bow and crown-holder which may readily be attached to watches having the ordinary holder thereon, and, finally, to produce a stem which shall be simple of construction, and which may be attached to a watch with but a slight expense" (lines 15-24).
Date: May 21, 1889
Creator: Rohrer, Edmond Charles & Joseph, Isidora