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Attachment for Harrows

Description: Patent for attachment of harrows that facilitate the use of harrows in pilling cotton stalks. This device allows the harrows to be in continuous motion creating efficiency in cotton pilling.
Date: March 11, 1913
Creator: Taylor, David T. & Barker, Felix

Axle Skein.

Description: Patent for a new and improved axle skein. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the axle-spindle having a collar at its inner end and provided with a longitudinal groove at its outer end, and the bushing having a rib which engages the groove and a projection which engages the notch in the collar" (lines 29-35).
Date: September 20, 1887
Creator: Nott, Henry William

Back Band Buckle.

Description: Patent for a new and improved back-band buckle. This design "is to provide a simple and inexpensive back-band buckle adapted to protect the sides of an animal against rubbing, and capable of enabling the tug-chain to be readily secured thereto and removed therefrom and of securely holding the same without liability of the chain becoming accidentally unfastened" (lines 10-17).
Date: September 30, 1890
Creator: McCall, Dugald B.


Description: Patent for "bird-cages of the circular kind, wherein the main-frame wires have a band at their lower ends and a single tie-wire arranged diametrically across the band. . .to utilize the single diametrical tie-wire as a support for an inverted interiorly screw-threaded connecting-cap, and to combine with such a device a pan" (lines 10-12 and 17-23).
Date: September 3, 1889
Creator: Coffield, Charles Hunter


Description: Patent for a new and improved brace. This design consists in "[t]he combination . . . of the cistern or its equivalent having internal circumferential seats and the brace-sections having edge flanges fitted to said seats and having such flanges cut away at one end, whereby the section may fit at one end in the end of the adjacent section" (lines 30-36).
Date: September 2, 1890
Creator: Henderson, William H.


Description: Patent for "improved means for detachably connecting blinds to bridles, whereby the bridle may be used with or without the blinds," and also "to provide a combined double box-loop and blind." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 12, 1897
Creator: Mayes, David H.


Description: Patent for an improvement on car-couplers, "especially to the class of hook-and-catch couplers in which the sides of the jaws of the coupler securely hold a link between the same by means of a downwardly-extending hook, the sides of the upper jaw carrying the said hook extending down over the sides of the under jaw, thus protecting the jaws from a lateral jar or pressure, the lower jaw being provided with a series of recesses at different angles, which are designed to receive the end of the link when held in different positions" (lines 16-27). The car-coupler also has a gravity member.
Date: September 29, 1896
Creator: Krusinski, Ferdinand


Description: Patent for a simple and effective car coupling that is partially automatic, "and in case of accident or breakage the said device is adapted to be used after the manner of an ordinary car-coupling" (lines 17-19).
Date: August 9, 1892
Creator: Felton, Tommas Wesley


Description: Patent for an improved cattle-guard by using a guard that has a plurality of spurs, should an animal step thereon its foot will be directed against one or more of these spurs, thus causing the animal to withdraw its foot and not attempt to pass over the rail. This will prevent the animal from crossing railway-tracks, but the spurs will not interfere with the free passage of trains. (Lines 10-20) Illustration is included.
Date: April 2, 1901
Creator: Steinmann, Herman Werner


Description: Patent for a cattle guard for use at railroad tracks incorporating a depressible platform connected to a closing mechanism which will impede movement of cattle across the track, but allow for unobstructed movement at other times.
Date: March 20, 1906
Creator: Richter, Fred Otto & Richter, Gustav Adolph


Description: Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the body, or receptacle and its cover, of the dasher having a frame provided with inner apertured or perforated corner blocks and journaled in the body or receptacle, and a second apertured or perforated cross-shaped dasher journaled within the other dasher, the tripod-frame comprising the arched meeting side bars, and a third connecting-bar having an aperture, through which the upper end of the inner dasher-staff passes, the three-armed brace having a gudgeon or shaft" (lines 41-52).
Date: June 15, 1886
Creator: Lines, Daniel & Long, Charles T.


Description: Patent for a new and improved clasp. This design "is to make a fastener for pieces of leather by which bridles and other parts of harness may be made with less stitching and riveting, thereby lessening the labor and cost of manufacture" (lines 15-20). To this end, it consists in "two plates, [one] having key-hole slots with beveled side walls, and the [other] carrying studs undercut . . . and provided with top pin, in combination with the spring-plate perforated . . . to receive [the] pin to form the leather clasp or fastening described" (lines 77-83).
Date: December 3, 1889
Creator: Waters, Richard H.


Description: Patent for a clip that may be used to bind paper, plies of fabric, or as a clothes pin. Illustrations included.
Date: June 6, 1907
Creator: Porter, Louis H.