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Description: Patent for an airship that is equipped with gas bags to control the ascent and descent of the airship and make it float in case of landing in the water.
Date: June 11, 1912
Creator: Bradshaw, John F. W.

Automatic Blast-Generator.

Description: Patent for "a new and improved automatic blast-generator designed for the use of jewelers, dentists, and other persons, and arranged to produce a steady and uniform blast and to permit of increasing or decreasing the force of the blast as required, according to the nature of the work on hand." (Lines 9-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 12, 1897
Creator: Sidwell, Aaron M., Jr.

Automatic Feed for Saw-Setting Mechanism.

Description: Patent for improvements to Automatic Feed for Saw-Setting Mechanism, "particularly adapted to advance the saw into alinement with a setting-punch by reciprocatory movement of a part of the mechanism" (lines 11-14), including illustrations.
Date: May 22, 1900
Creator: Haltom, Samuel & Nadel, Abraham G.

Baling Press.

Description: Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design "is to promote convenience in operating baling-presses and increase the efficiency of said presses. The invention consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts" (lines 16-20).
Date: March 14, 1882
Creator: Smith, William Fredric


Description: Patent for an improvement in belt fasteners, "especially adapted for use in connection with the running belts of planning, sizing, matching, molding and like machines" (lines 10-12) so that belts may be adjusted to tighten or loosen easily.
Date: January 3, 1893
Creator: Noble, John B. & Hensley, Joseph B.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination, in a coupling for air-brakes, of the movable arm having the recess or socket, and the pivoted arm having the shoulder or offset adapted to fit the recess and provided with the [other] arm to direct the said shoulder or offset to the said recess when the coupling-arms come together, the said shoulder and recess forming the terminals of the air-pipes at the ends of the cars" (lines 92-100).
Date: February 8, 1887
Creator: Haltom, Samuel


Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the draw-head provided with a flange upon one of its sides, ways for securing said draw-head in place and allowing it a longitudinal movement, an abutment which is secured to said ways upon one side, a hook which is pivoted in the draw-head on the side opposite to the flange, which hook is provided with a weight for keeping it normally closed, and which has a notch formed upon its pivotal end, and a latch which is pivoted to one side of the draw-head" (lines 64-74).
Date: December 30, 1884
Creator: Haltom, Samuel

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in a jointed rod which has its lower end fastened to one of the hooks of the coupling and its upper end fastened to a vertically-moving ring that slides upon the brake-rod, whereby the coupling hook can be raised upward and supported in such a position that it will not couple when the cars run together" (lines 14-20).
Date: October 12, 1880
Creator: Haltom, Samuel

Cloth-Measuring Machine.

Description: Patent for a cloth cleaning machine to "furnish bagging-reels, so constructed that the bagging can be conveniently unwound from the roll, measured automatically, and again wound into a roll" (lines 13-17).
Date: January 20, 1880
Creator: Dodson, Orson W.


Description: Patent for a simple and effective cotton chopper that leaves the plants in bunches that is easily operated and uses a reciprocating motion to rotate the blades and chop the stalks.
Date: March 7, 1893
Creator: Hyde, Frank Sule

Cotton Cleaner and Condenser.

Description: Patent for a new and improved cotton cleaner and condenser. This design "is to provide a machine that will take the cotton as it comes from the gin and clean and condense it at one operation; and to this end the novelty consists . . . in an inclosing-shell having a foraminous drum revolving about an open-ended shell which has a longitudinal opening in its periphery, so as to remove the sand and dirt, and . . . in a foraminous drum revolving within a semicircular wire cage, whereby the cotton will be carried around in rolls on the drum and inside of the cage, so as to remove the leaf and trash" (lines 16-28).
Date: August 9, 1887
Creator: Hess, Daniel

Cotton Cleaner and Condenser.

Description: Patent for a new and improved cotton cleaner and condenser. This design "is to produce a cheap and simple machine of this class which is adapted for use in connection with a cotton-gin and which will rapidly separate the dirt from the cotton and will also condense the cotton, so that it may be easily handled and baled" (lines 10-16). It consists in "[t]he combination of the case or frame having an inlet and its lower end and a hinged downward-curved hood at its upper end with the endless carrier mounted in the said case or frame with its higher end within the curved hood" (lines 47-52).
Date: June 7, 1892
Creator: Wherry, William B. & Smith, William F.

Cotton Compress

Description: Patent for a cotton compress. This invention "is to produce a compress which will make a condensed bale of the regulation shape and which can be operated faster than the common form of compress" (line 16-20) illustrations included.
Date: June 16, 1903
Creator: Crow, Robert Douglas

Cotton Feeder and Cleaner.

Description: Patent for feeders and cleaners for cotton gins: "provide a combined feeder and cleaner for cotton gins which is not only thoroughly and effectually cleans cotton before it passes to the gin, but at the same time it regularly and positively feeds the cotton to the gin in such cleaned condition" (lines 10-15).
Date: April 25, 1893
Creator: Oliphint, Alfred


Description: Patent for improvements in fanning-machines by making the fanning-machine portable, so that it “can be placed upon a table or other support or attached to a bed, chair, lounge, or seat of any kind;” (lines 18-21) it also can keep away flies and insects from people. Illustration is included.
Date: June 2, 1891
Creator: Wallace, James T.