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Description: Patent for an airship that is equipped with gas bags to control the ascent and descent of the airship and make it float in case of landing in the water.
Date: June 11, 1912
Creator: Bradshaw, John F. W.

Anal Speculum.

Description: Patent for a new and improved anal speculum. This design is "to so construct the several parts that there will be no rough or raised edges to interfere with its insertion in the anal passage; secondly, to so construct [the] improved speculum that it may be readily used as a bi-valve or dilator; thirdly, to form a locking-joint on the meeting edges of the shells forming the speculum, whereby the sections are prevented from overlapping each other to avoid pinching or injury to the walls of the anal passage while the instrument is being inserted; fourthly, to provide a plug for [the] improved speculum" (lines 17-29).
Date: March 25, 1890
Creator: Shuford, Quincy Adams


Description: Patent for a foot trap for catching animals known for their furs that will prevent the animal from gnawing the trap or his foot off.
Date: May 9, 1911
Creator: Roberson, Elige L.

Apparatus for Filling Bottles.

Description: Patent for an "apparatus for filling bottles with crude petroleum, turpentine, and other liquids; and its object is to provide an improved construction which shall possess superior advantages with respect to efficiency in operation" (lines 14-19).
Date: May 5, 1896
Creator: McKay, Felix Early

Automatic Band-Brake for Railway-Cars

Description: Patent for "a brake of simple and inexpensive construction, that may be readily attached to steam or tramway cars, that is automatic in its working, and to do away with the brake-beams now employed, which through their breaking down are two-thirds of the causes of car derailments" (lines 19-26).
Date: January 27, 1891
Creator: Inglis, Thomas & Schiermann, William

Back-Band Hook

Description: Patent for "a simple and inexpensive construction of hook which is capable of ready and convenient adjustment and with which different articles of cloth, such as may be on hand, may be used as a back-band, and also so formed as to prevent cutting or tearing of the back-band with which it is used and to be quickly and positively clamped in position on the band" (lines 13-21).
Date: June 25, 1901
Creator: Pool, Robert C.

Bale Tie.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This design consists in "[t]he buckle, having the side re-entering angles, the bars, and the slot the edges at the apices of the re-entering angles being expanded . . . with strengthening-fins formed therein" (lines 65-70). This novel construction and combination of parts allows for "the provision of a tie-buckle that can readily be applied without extraneous fastening devices either with the tie or the buckle itself, and one which can be repeatedly used, and one which can be manufactured at a minimum expense and with the least possible waste of material" (lines 10-16).
Date: June 7, 1887
Creator: Copeland, Eliza A.

Baling Press.

Description: Patent for a new and improved baling-press. This design consists in "the ordinary framing, shell, or case for containing the material and stationary lower platen or bed are used, the upper platen being the movable one to effect the compression. This upper platen is brought down upon the material for its compression by the lowering of screw-threaded rods to which it is attached, such lowering being effected by the rotation of rotating nuts in fixed bearings taking on such screw-threaded rods" (lines 25-35).
Date: January 25, 1887
Creator: Brown, Maurice T.

Brace for Heel-Sweeps.

Description: Patent for a simple and durable brace for heel-sweeps. The wings of the sweep will not close, and "that portion of the sweep through which the heel-bolt passes will be materially strengthened" (lines 14-16). It also braces sweeps whatever their size, and all the brace's parts are adjustable.
Date: January 7, 1896
Creator: Ferrell, Augustus C. & Hamrick, Thomas J.


Description: Patent for a back band buckle that consists of a plate with its ends turned up and two upper longitudinal slit, the lower slit having teeth, and a hook with nibs.
Date: August 29, 1893
Creator: Brown, John Anderson


Description: Patent for a "buckle which may be quickly and readily attached to or detached from the straps and which will permit of the ready and rapid adjustment of the straps and at the same time will positively hold the same in their adjusted positions" (lines 13-18).
Date: September 1, 1903
Creator: Pool, Robert C.


Description: Patent for an improved buckle that will hold straps in place, particularly those straps with irregularly sized and spaced openings.
Date: May 29, 1901
Creator: Pool, Robert C.

Burial Apparatus

Description: Patent for improvements in burial apparatus, relating particularly to linings and coverings for graves, which are designed to do away with all appearance of earth or dirt in the placing of caskets or coffins in the ground.
Date: May 7, 1901
Creator: Spear, William

Car Axle Box.

Description: Patent for a new and improved car-axle box. This design consists "[i]n an axle-box, the combination, with the box having the wedge-shaped projections and slots, of the cover having pins and wedge-shaped recesses formed between said pins and the top of the lid, whereby the gravity of the cover will wedge it to the box when the pins are without a bearing" (lines 52-58).
Date: June 9, 1885
Creator: Scott, James O.

Car Axle Box.

Description: Patent for a new and improved car-axle box. This design "consists in an improved cap for the box, a dust guard or plate, and packing for the same, the object being to render the axle-box dust and oil tight" (lines 14-17).
Date: May 30, 1882
Creator: Scott, James O.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[a] hand-lever and two chains as used in combination with the spring-latch catches. . . . [It further consists in a] brake-lever attached to main lever, a spring and spiral to hold said main lever in place, and a chain to main lever attached to the spring latch-catches aforesaid of each draw-head" (lines 53-59).
Date: September 8, 1885
Creator: Jernagan, Alexander Jefferson