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Description: Patent for a new and improved bag. This design is "compris[ed of] the body divided down its front, one edge having staples and the other edge having openings adapted to engage said staples, a covering-flap provided with an opening adapted to engage one of said staples, and a flexible fastening device secured to said bag and adapted to be passed through said staples for securing the edges and covering-flap" (lines 62-71).
Date: July 19, 1887
Creator: Franks, Lewis Wigfall


Description: Patent for " a new coin holder that holds coins of different denominations in given amounts for circulating purposes," (lines 8-9) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 17, 1900
Creator: Sledge, Clarence Linden


Description: Patent for "a new and improved cotton-distributer to provide a means for equalizing the distribution of cotton to a series of connected receptacles and for retaining the cotton in the receptacles until it is desirable to deliver it to the hoppers or feed devices for cotton-gins." (lines 5-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 10, 1900
Creator: Parker, Joseph Andrew


Description: Patent for "constructing a fumigator that the fire in the combustion-chamber may be caused to burn more rapidly in one part than in another, whereby the proportions of vapors and fumes may be governed at will." (Lines 45-50) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 20, 1897
Creator: Cock, Lewis W.

Hay Rack.

Description: Patent for a new and improved hay rack. This design consists "[i]n a hay-frame adapted for application to a wagon-body, the combination of the base-bars, the standards or uprights . . . having outward extensions at their upper ends, provided with stop shoulders or hooks, and the side arms having their inner sections pivoted to said uprights at a point in from the stop shoulders and arranged to rest on said shoulders when turned outward . . . and the fastening bolts engaging said uprights" (lines 77-89).
Date: July 1, 1890
Creator: Wilkerson, John L.

Pneumatic Conveyor and Cleaner.

Description: Patent for "a pneumatic cotton conveyer and cleaner designed for carrying seed-cotton from a wagon or the like to a gin-house or warehouse or other receptacle or place of storage and for cleaning the cotton while the same is being so conveyed." (lines 8-13) including illustrations.
Date: July 10, 1900
Creator: Parker, Joseph A.

Quilting-Frame for Sewing-Machines.

Description: Patent for improvement in quilting-frames by providing “screw-eyes on the end pieces of the frame for the purpose of holding the frame together and at the same time serving to run in the rollers to carry the frame along,” (Lines 25-31) and an interchangeable roller-gages would enable either straight or curved or fancy quilting to be done. Illustration is included.
Date: July 14, 1891
Creator: Stukes, John Marion


Description: Patent for a new sash fastener, so that the fastener itself is improved upon by the implimentation of a half-hollow cylindar. "The purpose of this cylinder is more for appearance than any actual service, because when the lock is put on the rail of the sash, as shown in Fig. 1, part of it will be seen through the glass from the outside, and the cylinder can be made ornamental and would look much neater than the lock would without it" (lines 87-89)
Date: July 19, 1892
Creator: McClellan, Stephen