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Mode of Straining Saws by Atmospheric Pressure.

Description: Patent for the improvement of the reciprocating saw by simplifying the arrangement of cylinders, pipes, and exhaust pumps to produce the necessary vacuum, including illustration.
Date: August 14, 1855
Creator: Brown, A. & Coffin, Abel, Jr.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a paring device for peaches using prongs to hold and rotate the fruit while a blade pares the peach. Includes illustrations.
Date: December 27, 1859
Creator: Hermans, Alva & Hermans, Mary E.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a ring pessary used as a female birth control device, including illustration.
Date: February 22, 1859
Creator: Wells, Francis, F.
Item Type: Patent

Portable Oven.

Description: Patent for outdoor use of the Dutch oven and skillet converting the cover of the Dutch oven as a way to suspend frying pan or gridiron over coals to heat, including illustration.
Date: July 12, 1859
Creator: Morrel, Z. N.
Item Type: Patent

Preparation of Portable Soup-Bread.

Description: Patent for "extracting the nutritious part of flesh or animal meat of every description and combining this concentrated extract with flour or vegetable meal, and baking the two substances in an oven, thereby forming a portable desiccated soup-bread....." (lines 8-14), instruction only, no illustration.
Date: February 5, 1850
Creator: Borden, Gail, Jr.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a simple, efficient, and low maintenance submerged rotary pump, including illustration.
Date: February 22, 1859
Creator: Fagan, James L.
Item Type: Patent

Rotary Pump.

Description: Patent for a "submerged pump of very simple construction... one which will be efficient in its operation and not liable to get out of repair" (lines 16-20), illustration included.
Date: March 8, 1859
Creator: Fagan, James L.
Item Type: Patent

Rotary Steam-Engine.

Description: Patent for the improvement of the rotary engine through the arrangement of passages and system of pistons for a more simple construction with little friction, including illustration.
Date: August 16, 1859
Creator: Montjoy, George J. & Sawyer, J. B.
Item Type: Patent

Spring Bed-Bottom.

Description: Patent for the improvement of bedsteads using a spring bottom-construction with zig-zag wire, including illustration.
Date: August 8, 1854
Creator: Meriwether, William Hunter
Item Type: Patent

Valve-Gear for Steam-Engines.

Description: Patent for improving the cut-off of steam-engines through a simple valve motion, including illustration.
Date: July 30, 1850
Creator: Milner, George B.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a spring lever for fastening sliding windows, including illustration.
Date: August 31, 1858
Creator: Root, Irving
Item Type: Patent

Wire Fence.

Description: Patent for wire fencing using wooden and iron posts to be more readily seen by cattle, including illustration.
Date: November 8, 1853
Creator: Meriwether, William H.
Item Type: Patent