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Baling Press.

Description: Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design is "to place two baling-chambers at a suitable angle to each other and to connect both of the followers to the same sweep; to attach each of the filling-doors of the baling-chambers to the sweep, so that when one door closes from its own weight the other will be opened by the movement of the sweep, and to provide each of the filling doors with an automatically-acting bolt mechanism, whereby the movement of the follower bolts the door, so that it cannot be opened upward by the pressure of hay that is being pressed" (lines 15-26).
Date: March 4, 1890
Creator: Spencer, Anderson Hood


Description: Patent for a beehive that is meant "to provide for the ready or convenient "robbing" of the hive without subjecting the bees to injury , as experienced in the old way, by smoking the bees out of the hive" (lines 16-20).
Date: March 21, 1893
Creator: Hawkins, Jackson D. & Ray, Francis M.


Description: Patent for improvements in beehives: "invention is to improve the construction of beehives and to provide a simple and efficient one, which will permit food to be readily supplied to the bees when desired and enable the apiarian to have him to cut bee entrances to the same." (lines 9-15).
Date: October 19, 1897
Creator: Tucker, John Q.


Description: Patent for a vertical hook car coupling that also couple air-brakes. In the invention "the drawheads are provided with interlocking tongues to prevent the disconnection of the drawheads by vertical movement; the interlocking faces of the drawheads are provided with sockets to receive a plug for completing the air passage for the train pipes; the drawheads are provided with means for receiving the ordinary hose-coupling on cars not provided with [the] drawhead, and finally other features of [the] invention are the means for securing the drawhead to the car and for uncoupling" (lines 14-25).
Date: April 4, 1893
Creator: Ervin, Robert N.


Description: Patent for improvements in car-couplings by enhancing a device called pin-lifter to couple and uncouple rail cars. Illustration is included.
Date: September 8, 1891
Creator: Weathersby, Sarah Ann


Description: Patent for "an automatic clothes washer and soaper whereby the clothes are soaped and cleansed by one and the same operation." (Lines 18-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 31, 1897
Creator: Rylander, William P.

Clothing - Boiler

Description: Patent for a new and improved clothing-boiler. This design is to "provide a device of this character in which there is practically no danger of the water or suds-boiling over to the exterior" (line 8 - 11).
Date: January 25, 1898
Creator: Rylander, William Pitts


Description: Patent for an improvement of a corn-planter using a combinations of, a rotary seed plate that has a circumferential series of perforations, a spherical weight or ball acts as ejector, and a hopper that has a circular opening on the bottom to work together “to prevent too large quantities of seed from entering the seed-cups, but which shall also serve to forcibly eject the seeds at the proper time” (lines 19-22), illustration is included.
Date: February 10, 1891
Creator: Schofield, James Drommond

Cotton-Baling Machine.

Description: Patent for a cotton-baling machine that compresses cotton between two pressure-rolls and rolls it around a core. This invention improves "the mode of applying pressure to the pressure rolls, and [improves] the manner of mounting the core-roll in position within the compress, and for facilitating the removal of said core-roll; and the elevation therefrom of the compress-roll" (lines 15-21).
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Bessonette, Charles Lewis


Description: Patent for a new and useful cotton chopper. The invention "relates to cotton-choppers, and has for its object to provide a simple and efficient device of this class whereby grass, weeds, and the like may be removed from the spaces between stands of cotton, corn, and similar vegetation" (line 8 - 13).
Date: November 2, 1897
Creator: Taylor, William Harlow


Description: Patent for a cotton-compress in which the "cotton is fed to the compress direct from the gin, and is wound into a dense cylindrical bale, and the said invention consists in certain novel means for adding additional pressure to the bale as it is being rolled up, in readily detaching the finished bale from the machine, in providing a reservoir for the surplus cotton, when the gin is running and the machine has stopped" (lines 14-22).
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Bessonette, Charles L. & Bessonette, William T.


Description: Patent for a cotton planter by using a pivoted spring-actuated tongue that has a feed-slot and regulating-slide to plant cotton or corn seeds easily and quickly. Illustration is included.
Date: February 3, 1891
Creator: Schofield, James Drommond


Description: Patent for a simple and inexpensive cotton press that gets cotton from a gin, forms it into a soft bat, and compresses it into a bale. The operator can tie a band around the bale. It consists of a frame, rollers, and gears.
Date: February 21, 1893
Creator: Bessonette, William T.


Description: Patent for an improved, inexpensive, and simple cotton press that is "adapted to compress cotton at the initial point of ginning and in a continuous operation with that of ginning, whereby [the inventor] avoid[s] the expense and labor occasioned by the handling of the cotton during its storage and transportation to the neighboring compress and the expense of said compression, and at the same time produce such compression or condensation of the cotton that I am enabled to secure the cheap rates of transportation accorded cotton which has been compressed to the standard degree of density" (lines 11-22).
Date: November 21, 1893
Creator: Bessonette, William T.


Description: Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design consists in "[t]he combination . . . of the main frame and plow or plows, curved plate slotted and perforated . . . and rigidly secured to said frame, a horizontal lever passing through the slot of the same and pivoted to the main frame, a spring-bolt and operating devices, a vertical bar pivotally suspended from said lever, and a carrying-wheel having one of its spindles bearing in the lower end of the bar, together with a depending bar secured rigidly to the frame and having a pivotal depending link" (lines 1-12).
Date: September 2, 1890
Creator: Stuart, Isom & Stuart, Bronick


Description: Patent for a simple and durable latch hame-hook that holds trace links in place. It is two plates, one of which is slotted to hold the tongue of the other plate.
Date: March 6, 1894
Creator: Dankworth, William J.

Harvester-Platform and Carrier.

Description: Patent for a harvester-platform and carrier that carries forward and elevates the grain. It has toothed bars, a framed, a crank-shaft that is connected to the toothed bars, a cross-rod loosely connected to the crank-shaft, and it is pivotally mounted on grain.
Date: September 17, 1895
Creator: Compton, Silas T.